Are You Looking For the Best paintball hoppers 2022?

Best paintball hoppers 2022

Best paintball hoppers 2022 – For those new to the sport, paintball is a lot of fun. It’s a game where you can test your skill and show off your guns if you have them. But what makes it all different is that when you see some best paintball hoppers 2022 on someone, whether it be their skin or clothes, you shoot them with a paintball gun. Paintball hoppers come in different shapes; the most important thing is to know the size before buying one. There are typically two types: those that hold 100-200 rounds at 10-12bps speed and hoppers with locking feeders that hold 300-400 rounds at 6bps speed. 

The average gun can shoot up to 15 bps, but you should choose a hopper with the same bps or higher. For a beginner, you need to know what models are best and how they work. You also need to know how many paintballs each different hopper can hold. If this is your first time purchasing one, it is always recommended that you don’t go for big hoppers unless you have a high bps weapon or paintball marker since they can weigh down your gun and make it shoot slower. 

Hopper size is essential since it determines how many rounds can be carried at one time. There are two common shapes, rectangular and circular. You will have to choose which one best fits your needs. Large hoppers are usually more expensive, but if you have a lot of paintball players in your team, you may want to consider this type of hopper. There are also different types of paintball markers for different kinds of play and benefits.

Dye Precision Loader Rotor R2:

It is one of the best paintball hoppers 2022 on the market. It comes in a black, green design with a metal “locker” that holds up to eight hundred rounds and controls easy to use. Unfortunately, the loader speed is slow, making it harder for people to get a shot off. It can annoy some players, especially if you have more than one person shooting at once. Some people agree with this, but some don’t, which could be a problem if everyone is trying to get their shots off in one go.

This hopper can shoot up to 15bps and hold up to 50 rounds of paint at a time. The speed is slow and designed for people who play with the same team. It has a lockable feature which makes it impossible for people to steal your ammo or someone else’s. This loader is a perfect choice if you want an excellent hopper but don’t want to pay a lot.

Dye Rotor R2 Color:

It is one of the best cheap paintball hoppers guns on the market, especially if you are looking for something durable and reliable, especially for new players buying their first gun. It is a great gun to buy, especially if you want to upgrade your current weapon. It’s easy to use and feels comfortable in your hands. It’s also easy to maintain, especially if you are new at buying paintball guns.

This type of marker is lightweight and has a smaller ammo capacity, but people can upgrade it for better performance. If you are starting with the sport, this is a perfect piece of equipment for you. 

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – Black:

It is an excellent choice for new players who want a high-quality gun. It has a smaller ammo capacity than the Dye Rotor R2 and feels better when you use it. It’s sturdy, solid, and well-made. The only downside to this gun is that it does not have a sound lock system for your paintballs. However, the gun has excellent feeders that allow you to shoot more efficiently without getting out of energy. If you are starting with the sport, this is an excellent choice for a great price.

GOG eNMEy 2 – Electric Blue:

It is another best electronic paintball hopper choice for people who want a high-quality gun for a low price on the market today. It has a small ammo capacity, but it is easy to reload. It is an excellent model, especially if you are new at buying guns and need a gun that doesn’t cost much. You can buy this type of gun without worrying that it might be too expensive or not last long.

This is the best option if you are new to the sport and have a problem with using high-power paintball guns. It has a small ammo capacity but feels great in your hands and does not give out too much recoil, unlike other hoppers on the market today. It is another one of Planet Eclipse Hoppers with exceptional features for a low price.

Virtue Spire IR Paintball Hopper:

It is one of the best small paintball hopper models on the market today. It has a reasonable price and can shoot up to 11,000 bps. It also comes with different versions, which you can choose depending on your preference. Some versions include one that holds 250 rounds and a variety with a paintball marker or two. You also have options to buy it from different suppliers and get it at different speeds. The Virtue Spire paintball hopper is one of the best in terms of speed and price.

HK Army TFX:

For a powerful marker, this is a one-hopper that you can buy for a low price. It has a range of speeds from one bps to 18bps and a good capacity for holding up to 400 rounds at 12bps. This hopper has a fantastic design, mainly when using an electronic gun that HK makes. The body of the hopper is robust and built to last for years, even during continuous gameplay.

Players who want to get the most out of their money without spending too much can choose this one on the market today. It is cheap, with great speed and performance, which makes it one of the best on the market today.

Valken Paintball VSL Tournament:

It is a high-quality and good paintball hopper that will give you the paintball experience you have been looking for. It has a small ammo capacity, which makes it great for new players because it is easy to manage. It also comes with different features and speed settings that people can adjust depending on their preference. This hopper has an easy-to-use speed adjustment system that gives accurate and fast speed adjustments.

The gun is suitable for both beginners and advanced players, so it’s a good choice if you are new at buying paintball guns or want to upgrade your current weapon with a high-quality one like this one. It is a good choice if you are starting in the sport. 

It has a small capacity that increases with every round of paintball. It also has different speeds that allow you to adjust depending on how you want it to work. Two thumbscrews are on each side for easy loading and unloading, and an additional speed loader for easy loading. It is one of the best paintball hoppers on the market today if you want quality and performance without spending too much money. The price is affordable, and the performance is excellent, considering its low price range.


1. How do paintball hoppers work?

A paintball hopper is a device attached to a gun, allowing you to shoot multiple rounds of ammunition in a single burst. You load the paintballs into your hopper, and then when you pull the trigger of your gun, the balls are shot out one after another.

2. How many shots can an electronic hopper shoot?

Electronic paintball guns usually hold about 300-400 balls before reloading them again. It depends on how much speed you need for shooting and how often you will play with it. 

3. What are the advantages of using a paintball hopper?

Some players prefer using a paintball hopper to standard paintballs because they feel it’s easier and less messy than reloading individual rounds. A ball hopper also allows you to shoot much faster, which is why many people like it, especially if they are playing with their friends or against another team.