Reasons Why Sleep Is Important To Your Health – Amazing Benefits Of Good Sleep

reasons why sleep is important

This post includes on the amazing health benefits and reasons why getting good amounts of quality sleep is important.

Getting daily a good and tight sleep during the night is what now everyone bothering for.

These days most of the population is suffering from such sleeping issues and finding it hard to get a good sleep.

Doctors say that getting sleep for a minimum of about 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours is highly good for one’s health.

A good and restful good night’s sleep is extremely important for keeping the body and brain functions efficient.

A night of good sleep leads to keep one away from chronic diseases and heal the body from internal injuries.

Thus, a night of good sleep is incredibly important for your health, like eating a portion of healthy food and exercising to your body healthy.

However, the western lifestyle is interfering in the natural sleeping pattern, inviting so many chronic diseases to your body.

As social media interactions and communication over screen increase day by day, all these lead to a decrease in the quality of sleep.

What Is Good Quality Sleep?

Experts from the National Sleep Foundation releases the key points that indicate the quality of sleep.

Increased interaction with technology devices leads to the cutting of sleeping hours and hampering the quality of sleep.

The key indicators that define the indicators that define what quality and good sleep are:

  • Falling asleep under 30 minutes or less than that
  • Sleeping for more time on the bed
  • Waking up for once time per night
  • Being awaken for about or less than 20 minutes before falling asleep

Thus maintaining a good sleeping pattern is so important for keeping the healthy body update and lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

Max Hirshkowitz, Ph.D., DABSM, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NSF, speaking with the reports, say that “Millions of Americans are sleep technology users.

These devices provide a glimpse into one’s sleep universe, which is otherwise unknown.

The National Sleep Foundation’s guidelines on sleep duration, and now quality, make sense of it all—providing consumers with the resources needed to understand their sleep.

These efforts help to make sleep science and technology more accessible to the general public.  To those who are eager to learn more about its health in bold new ways.”

Here are some reasons that show why sleep is important to any individual and how it improves the lifestyle quality.

Here are the five most incredible benefits of good sleep that one must be aware of. These benefits will surely help you to motivate about getting sleep early.

  1. Lower The Risk Of Gaining Weight

A night of sound and tight sleep helps one in lowering the risk of gaining weight. Some researched studies show that obesity and poor sleep patterns are linked together.

These show that the lack of good sleeping pattern increase the desire to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle, in which overeating is common.

Thus, ultimately wrong sleeping pattern contributes to increasing the weight. So having a good sleep is important to keep your body lean and not gaining weight.

  1. Good and Greater Athletic Involvement

Adequate amounts of sleep for about 7 to 9 hours every night for adults increase the ability to do effectively work out and athletic performance, as per the National Sleep Foundation.

If you regularly take a good quality sleep. Then you may get benefits in doing your workout properly with a more active brain and muscles.

Good sleep helps in lowering the tensions from muscles that result in easy movement of the body part.

  1. Good Sleep Lower The Risk Of Heart Diseases

Another benefit of good quality sleep is that it lower and regulate the blood pressure levels in the body. The risk factor that is associated with heart diseases is high blood pressure. Thus regular quality sleep hours help in regulating the blood pressure that leads to control of any risk that further causes heart diseases.

  1. Poor Sleep Leads To Increase The Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

Poor sleep patterns lead to an increase in the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, as disturbed sleep habits reduce insulin sensitivity.

A study conducted on one man, restricting his sleep hours for about four hours only for six nights, leads to the symptoms of prediabetes.

These sleep symptoms can be reduced after a week of proper quality sleep. Thus it is important for you to take care of sleeping patterns that help in reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes in your body.

  1. Good Sleeping Pattern Lower The Risk Of Depression

Studies show that mental health issues like depression and anxiety are mostly linked with poor sleep quality and sleep disorders. Poor sleep patterns are also associated with a high risk of suicides.

Poor sleep increases the levels of unhappy hormones that make one feel angry and unhappy throughout the day.

It also come forward that most of the people who are suffering from depression, all of them complain about the poor sleep.

Thus, quality and good amounts of sleep are essential for one to keep his or herself away from any diseases and improve the lifestyle patterns.

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