Best Puerto Rican Tattoos 


Best Puerto Rican Tattoos: If you want to show off the pride of the Caribbean, then flaunt your body art with Puerto Rican Tattoos. You have heard about the rich culture of Puerto Rico and its Taino people. The rich heritage of the island and the stories that passed since ages, everything found in red, white, and blue inked tattoos. Tattoo of a country’s flag and the national emblem is a great way to show your heritage and love for your country.

Puerto Rico is a city in San Juan; the Taino tribe is proud of its heritage and culture. They use the medium of tattoos to express their love for the culture. For centuries, the country was under many world powers. Despite this, people have managed and protected the culture and heritage.

In every Puerto Rican tattoo, there is always something common. It can be the common color scheme of the Tattoo, or the Puerto Rican flag is the most common idea among people.

Other common ideas include God’s religious icons like Moon Goddess, Sun, lighthouse, Hibiscus, Coqui Frog, Landscape, Lizard, Turtles, snakes, etc. 

You are on the right page if you are looking for similar tattoo designs. We will introduce you to some of the Best Puerto Rican Tattoos you can bring to any store in Puerto Rico and get inked. Designs are::

Half Sleeves: Puerto Rican Tattoos

If you are Boricua, this Tattoo would be the best way to express pride and respect for your heritage. Puerto Rico is an island in San Juan, located in the Caribbean sea. It has a history of conflict and trade. In Puerto Rican culture, the lighthouse tattoo has a special meaning, and they express the beauty of the place and highlight the importance of hibiscuses and lighthouses in the culture of Puerto Rico. 

Skull Colored: Puerto Rican Flag Tattoo

The Tattoo is extremely versatile and cool. It is considered one of the best Puerto Rican Tattoo for the Taino Tribe. If you think of getting a skull tattoo that tells a story about the tribe, Taino, then this Tattoo is surely for you. The skull tattoo, which has two crossed bones, symbolizes death or danger. The difference is that the two bones are replaced by the two weapons of the Taino tribe. The skull has inked the color of the flag of Puerto Rico.

The flag of Puerto Rico is a blue triangle, red stripe, and a white star, where the white star symbolizes the “commonwealth.” If you visit any store, you can ask your tattoo artist to ink on any other body part.

Hibiscus Arm: Puerto Rican Tattoos

This Tattoo is a bit small but a great way to express Caribbean pride. It is best if you are Boricua and want to get inked on any part of your body. Hibiscus is the national flower of the country Puerto Rico. The Tattoo includes the flag of Puerto Rico and the flower hibiscus. These both are commonly used designs by the Taino tribe. The flag is of three colors: red stripes represent bloodshed, white represents the sign of freedom, and blue represents Puerto Rico’s government.

Jayuya and Atabey’s El Sol Tattoo

El Sol De Jayuya is a sun god who is very powerful and gives strength and Longevity to culture and people. It is a common Puerto Rico Taino symbol as a tattoo design. Many other tattoos have the symbol of God or a religious symbol. Mostly Taino people inked this Tattoo on the chest or hands since this Puerto Rican Tattoo has a symbol of God, so it cannot be inked on the leg or other parts of the body.

Hibiscus and Taino Symbol Tattoo on sleeves and chest

While doing this Tattoo, the artist should be careful about it, as it represents the components that have great importance in Puerto Rican culture.

It looks like cloth; it runs down to the chest and forms half sleeves on the biceps. If you are the one who likes big tattoos, then this Tattoo is undoubtedly made for you. Go for it without any doubt.

Shoulder Tattoo: Puerto Rican Tattoos

It is another creativity with the flag of Puerto Rico has a flag and the sun god symbol that represents strength and Longevity. It is a simple, near, and widely used design in San Juan. If you are the island’s resident, then it adds meaning to the status of Boricua, and it is one of the common choices of everyone to symbolize the Caribbean heritage.

Minimalist Outline: Puerto Rican Tattoos

If you are fond of Minimalist designs, then you can show your love with this tiny Tattoo on any part of your body. This Tattoo is commonly incorporated on the wrist, hip, arm, collarbone, and any part of your body. 

Other Puerto Rican Tattoo Ideas 

Apart from the above designs, there are some other popular tattoo designs in Puerto Rico. look out these:

Frog Tattoo playing Guitar

Frog Calf and Floral Design Tattoo

Long sleeve tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tattoos popular in Puerto Rico?

The population of Puerto Ric is largely catholic. Therefore the iconography of Christine is widely inked in the city, like Scared hearts, cross tattoos, and Rosary tattoos. Other than these, flags and hibiscus tattoos are commonly inked.

How much does the tattoo cost in Puerto Rico?

The average price of a tattoo starts from $50-100 for a small tattoo, $200-250 for a medium size, and $250-300 for the large one, and the rest depends on the size and design of the Tattoo.

What is a female Puerto Rican called?

La Boricua

What is the meaning of Taino Tattoos?

Every Tattoo of the tribe, Taino, has a different meaning. Like, frogs display the symbol of strength and Longevity. Other warriors like lizards, snakes, and turtles represent strength and survival.

The Takeaway

In this article, we have looked at the best Puerto Rican Tattoos. We hope this collection of best tattoos helps you in getting popular Puerto Rican designs for tattoos. If you are dreaming of having a tattoo, you can for the given ideas; otherwise, it is best to consult the artist wherever you are ink. For more information, stay tuned with us.