Who stole the flour dying light 2?

Who stole the flour dying light 2

Who stole the flour dying light 2? – Prior to giving a conclusive result, it is important to do some research since there is a clear solution to the question of who took the wheat. Aiden is ready to incriminate the incorrect individual. Someone needs to bear the cost of their misdeeds. If you play your hands poorly, Aiden may be a certain individual.

Although Aiden will acquire valuable knowledge with these “alternative” decisions while investigating this puzzle, some white conversation options are purely aesthetic. Gamers didn’t realize the breadth of the suspicion or obtain a solid start if they didn’t choose these before even the yellow conversation choices.

After finishing the mission, you’ll have the option to chat with Anna and Teresa.

You may find Anna at Pumping Station. When you’re finished, you’ll proceed to the barn to search for evidence and spend some time investigating them. Follow the instructions and then have another conversation with Anna.

Afterward, when visiting the market and speaking with Dodger there. You’ll be requested to explore the stores in the Northern and Southern States. Go to the signpost for the southern target. You’ll run upon Teresa’s son Benny and engage in conflict. Then he’ll order you to F off and shove you, forcing you to fall through the tower’s lowest story. This article here will answer who stole the flour dying light 2.

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Dying light 2 stolen goods

The talk includes Theresa and Anna since they have theories regarding who took the grain. Next, talk to Dodger by following the instructions. Afterward, Aiden will see the sons of Teresa and Dodger and look into several warehouses.

Get the best combat experience by being prepared since there will be multiple tussles and a comprehensive undead fight. After being attacked, Aiden will eventually reach Teresa’s son.

Following a brief exchange, it’ll become apparent that something has gone wrong. The child is desperate for money and is violent, but notwithstanding the chance and the purpose, he lacks the intelligence to carry out a heist. Dying light 2 stolen goods is a mystery to be solved.

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What is the hardest mission in Dying Light 2?

Instead, who motivated him to do it? His mom, Teresa, was the person who initially had her wheat “taken” from her. Her kid did the dirty work while she falsely accused her closest friend. At this stage, it might be quite acceptable if gamers have a less-than-positive attitude toward her.

There are a couple of diverse approaches heretofore touted. The two might be transformed into Carl by Aiden, presumably resulting in their deaths or he could tell Dodger where the flour is, leaving them penniless. Players who want to treat criminals nicer than they ought can offer a more cooperative resolution.

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Conclusion (who stole the flour dying light 2)

Move on to the Northern Storehouse after leaving the structure. Benny will appear, and you’re going to battle him once more. After speaking with him, Teresa arrives and reveals that she stole the wheat. Run as well as expose yourself to risk?

This evidence has helped us identify the perpetrator of the flour theft. However, there remains the matter of paying Dodger what is owing. However, this strategy offers the least advantages; one publicly identifies Teresa.

You can also participate in the marathon. The advantages are the same, but there is no cost to you. I hope this article on who stole the flour dying light 2 was helpful.

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