Blackjack’s Increased Popularity With Female Audiences

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Gender and gender equality are topics have never been more relevant than they are in this day and age. Women, men and individuals who identify in other ways, are fighting to be seen as equal, and fighting to be represented in every industry. 

Although these lines are becoming increasingly blurred, women are, for the most part, still trying to be recognized in areas that have been seen as predominantly male for many years. Online sports betting and online blackjack are some of these places. Although land-based casinos have seen their fair share of female players, online gambling was always thought not to be the popular choice. 

Perhaps that had to do with a sexist view that technology and females simply don’t go together. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Online gaming is growing amongst the female population in popularity and preference. The increasing trend has a lot to do with many women being forced to work from home in the last few years and looking for a way to enjoy and entertain themselves whilst still taking care of the family.

Games of skill like Blackjack and Poker are intriguing to women who enjoy strategy combined with the thrill of the chase. 

There are actually a few female blackjack players who have made history and made huge winnings off of the game, although these are mostly at land-based casinos and tournaments. Nevertheless, online female gamers are definitely not far behind. 

Women Make Better Blackjack Players

It’s a bold statement to make, but hear me out. Firstly, women tend to be less impulsive with money than men (this has to do with women generally earning less than men despite having the same qualifications and doing the same jobs… but that’s a whole other topic), so they like the idea of playing online where you could practice first for free at most casino sites and you tend to lose less due to the variety of games available. There are also bonuses and promotions that can make your money go further.

As beings that are generally more connected to our emotions than the male species, females are great at reading body language and non-verbal cues. This goes a long way when you have to decide if someone is bluffing or not during a live game!

Women can also engage with different parts of their brain that require action and decision simultaneously, in other words: multitasking. Playing a game of skill like online blackjack requires you to make decisions while deciding whether you should double down or split, and also being aware of the dealer’s hand. Seems like child’s play when you are running a house, doing your job and taking care of dependents (be them the furry or human kind).

Our natural instinct to assess a situation where we may be threatened or at a disadvantage can also be applied to something as simple as blackjack – but with a great payoff.

That’s not to say men don’t have advantages in other areas when it comes to gambling. And they have been doing it for much longer. All in all, taking all casino games into consideration, it comes down to nature versus nurture. 

Why Do Women Enjoy Playing At Online Casinos?

When it comes down to it, the anonymity afforded by online casinos makes it easier to focus on the game at hand without feeling judged or discriminated against. The fact is, gambling (online or on land) is still very much a male-dominated space, so to be able to do it at home is a huge positive for women. As mentioned, you can also practice the game until you feel comfortable enough to wager real money.

Improvements in mobile apps and casino sites themselves also make it more appealing for the fairer sex. Easy-to-use interfaces and popular culture relevance contained in the graphics for slot games makes it fun and entertaining. 

Comfort! No need to wear make-up, put on high heels or a fancy outfit. Females can play wearing whatever they want, in the safety of their home. You can drink, eat or take a comfort break and there is no one to see you. You can even play a game before dinner or after everyone is down for the night… giving most women much-needed downtime themselves.


Online casino gambling and games of skill like Blackjack are experiencing an upward curve of growth amongst the female population, and it is only growing more and more with every year that passes. What is so important and so needed, is that females will finally take up space in this industry and contribute to the growth in market revenue. That matters.