Is the Blasphemous Claw by Elden Ring Useful?

Blasphemous Claw

The Blasphemous Claw can be found after Crumbling Farum Azula in Elden Ring has been thoroughly investigated. The Blasphemous Claw you acquire upon defeating the intruder Recusant Bernahl has only one feature: to aid you in defeating Malekith, the Black Blade. We have such a comprehensive tutorial on the Malekith fight accessible. Still, in addition to simplifying the whole thing, we’ll go into depth here about utilizing the Blasphemous Claw in Elden Ring.

Whatever we understand about Elden Ring’s “Blasphemous Claw” will indeed be covered in this post.

How to utilize the Blasphemous Claw by Elden Ring?

It would be best if you equipped the Blasphemous Claw on Elden Ring before you may use it. Instead of keeping it in your bag, we advise putting it in one of your quick equipment slots so you can quickly obtain it by keeping Triangle on the PlayStation or Y on the Xbox while the boss fight is still going on. 

Only during precise moments of the Malekith boss battle in the Black Blade may the Blasphemous Claw be employed. Whatever you’re aiming for during phase 2 (which comes after the Beast Clergyman) are attacks that cause Maliketh’s blade to shine a bright yellow color. Whenever the blade begins to flash yellow before a hit, you must use

Here is an example of how to parry utilizing the Blasphemous Claw in action: 

Maliketh’s main attacks that the Blasphemous Claw can parry are its leaping slams off pillars, and his follow-up strikes to his aerial Black Blade missiles. Both times, Maliketh’s weapons may glow yellow before striking, alerting you to the necessity of using the Blasphemous Claw first.

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Recusant Bernahl / Knight Bernahl / Questline: How to Locate Elden Ring’s Blasphemous Claw?

1. Warmaster’s Shack: Knight Berhnal can be found in the Stormhill shack known as the Warmaster’s Shack. 

2. Volcano Manor: Recusant Bethnal will reside in Volcano Manor ever since you make your ally promise to him. 

3. Volcano Manor Quest # 1: Speak to Recusal Berhnal and finish Volcano Manor Quest #1. 

4. Volcano Manor Quest # 2: If users move on to Crumbling Farum Azula, users can skip Volcano Manor Quest No. 2 (not necessary).

5. Leyendell, Royal Capital Quest: Users can skip this if they move on to Collapsing Farum Azula. You would receive Gelmir’s Fury for finishing this quest, a sorcery item. 

6. Rykard: Kill Rykard, then speak with Bethnal. There will be an invasion of Starting to crumble Farum Azula and the emptying of Volcano Manor. 

7. Collapsing Farum Azula: After having killed Rykard, their head to Start to crumble Farum Azula.

8. Getting defeated Recusant Bernahl: After defeating Recusant Bernal, several objects and the Blasphemous Claw would be dropped. 

9. Volcano Manor: His abilities and sword are still at Volcano Manor. 

Malekith Black Blade could now be combated with Blasphemous Claw while armed.

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In conclusion, the “blasphemous claw” article has attempted to give you information about “. I hope the language is clear and understandable.

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Q1) What is the point of the Blasphemous Claw?

Ans- Its function is to support the player in the battle with Maliketh by having the ability to “parry” particular assaults.

Q2) Is it worth using Blasphemous Claw?

Ans- This is crucial because specific objects the player will discover in the world may aid in taking down difficult bosses.

Q3) Where do you get the Blasphemous Claw?

Ans- When Bernahl decides to invade there at Crumbling Farum Azula, you must fight him to receive the Blasphemous Claw.

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