The Bob Saget Controversy You Didn’t Know About

bob saget controversy
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JUNE 16: (L-R) Actors Jodie Sweetin, Bob Saget and Candace Cameron Bure attend the 30th annual Scleroderma Benefit at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on June 16, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Bob Saget controversy – The father-of-three Danny Tanner in the well-known sitcom “Full House,” which ran for eight seasons and contained many “You got it, buddy” moments, is one of Bob Saget’s most notable performances. It’s impossible to imagine “Full House” without Bob Saget, and it’s even harder to imagine the actor-comedian falling into mischief because he plays the father so nonchalantly. Despite this, Saget’s comedic career after “Full House” was incredibly crude. It was eventually discovered that he had always had a wild streak; he was just good at hiding it on television.

He was nonetheless chosen for a regular role in “Fuller House,” Netflix’s “Full House” reincarnation, which ran for five seasons and five seasons before ending in 2020 (with a triple wedding in the finale!).

Saget’s actions during the original show’s taping, particularly his interaction with the Olsen twins, have generated Bob Saget controversy ever since.

Revelations from Bob Saget’s Roast

The Bob Saget Comedy Central The 2008 roast went beyond the typical politically incorrect jokes made during roasts. With each new comic on stage, the jokes, inquiries, and even accusations (although softer) about Bob Saget’s inappropriate behavior grew. Bob Saget has contributed greatly to this nation. Pedophiles were kept off the streets for all eight seasons of “Full House,” which aired for 30 minutes each week. There were three of them on the program! Brian Posehn, a comedian, stated.

Jeff Ross, a comedian, explored Saget’s connection with Mary-Kate Olson contradicting Posehn’s claims. Even John Stamos, who portrayed Mary-Kate on “Full House,” got involved, suggesting that Saget had sexual desires that were at odds with how he was portrayed on the show.

The night’s jokes frequently referenced Bob Saget’s sexual tendencies. Throughout the event, even more horrifying “jokes” involving murder and narcotics were told. However, it’s important to remember that Comedy Central featured a lot of this kind of “humor” in the mid-2000s. The goal was not to disclose the truth but to upset as many people as possible.

Saget acknowledged that he behaved inappropriately on the Full House set.

Bob Saget claimed that the actors on Full House would occasionally practice with a doll of Michelle’s size, around the same height as the Olsen twins, to be ready for scenarios when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen weren’t accessible. Isn’t that logical? Despite being cast in the same role, it’s feasible that one of the twins would grow tired or irritable, and the other wouldn’t be able to operate through the passages with them. However, Saget was more likely to abuse the practice doll.

There were times when the cast’s sense of humor helped them get through a clean-cut show that at first drew criticism but ultimately became a staple of family-friendly television humor.

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