BRACES FOR HORSES – Our backs must be able to tolerate tension from carrying, twisting, jerking, sitting, and bending while caring for and riding a horse on a routine basis. Long-term back pain, a prevalent issue amongst riders of all skill levels, can be brought on by these repetitive tasks.

Back pain may significantly impact our posture, competence, and confidence while riding. The abdominal musculature so important for riding will be inhibited, causing rigidity and a tense position.

Fortunately, back discomfort is typically a transient condition that may be treated with physiotherapy, massage therapy, or by putting on a back brace. 

Several back braces for horseback riding have been created to treat pain in the upper or lower spine. Additionally, riders who desire to acquire ideal posture can benefit from equine back braces. They assist in retraining particular muscle groups to uphold proper posture by gradually moving the body into the proper spot.

The Top Equestrian Back Braces are listed below.

1. Equestrian Back Brace

The Equestrian Back Brace, identical to the above equipment, provides upper back support and assists the rider in sitting up straight in the saddle. It has iron bars down the upper back and movable adjustable straps to avoid hunching and increase body awareness.

The back braces for horses had the rider’s comfort in mind and did not impede motion while the rider was seated. It comprises breathable, light materials ideal for year-round, intense exercise. The bracing, among many other things, aids in balance, eliminates backaches, and enables you to adopt the ideal position while riding without the assistance of a riding teacher. It accomplishes this by bringing the shoulder blades, opening up the chest muscles, and supporting the lower back. The brace provides an altogether better and healthier pedaling experience. Off the saddle, though, you could also work on having the ideal position. The Equestrian team advises wearing this for 15-20 minutes at the start, then increasing each session’s duration by twenty minutes after several days.

Wearing the back brace for three to four hours throughout the day until people can hold the ideal position without thinking about it to reap the best benefits. The brace is offered in sizes XS to 4XL and accommodates all types of bodies.

2. EquiFit ShouldersBack

Orthopedic experts created the EquiFit ShouldersBack, especially for horseback riders. Its name is derived from the common instruction riders hear from their instructors: “Shoulders back!”

This cutting-edge horse riding back brace includes velcro straps that can be adjusted to fix rounded shoulders and stabilize the back muscles. It can be utilized while walking, sitting, or standing as well as while saddling and on the ground.

The absence of a metallic structure makes the EquiFit ShouldersBack bracing superior to conventional horseback riding braces. This gives the rider more flexibility and range of motion. The thin, elastic fabric guarantees the highest level of comfort whenever the braces are worn over a shirt.

Equestrians can presently choose between the Original and Lite editions. The shoulders back Original version is constructed of a denser material than the Lite and is available in black and grey.

3. Back on Track Back Brace

Horse riders experiencing lower back problems should use the Back on Track Back Brace. The substance’s distinctive polypropylene composition contains clay particles that collect body temperature & reflect it as infrared rays. This heating effect enhances the passage of oxygen and blood through the lower back musculature.

The equestrian back brace’s main advantage is its unique ceramic material, even though it offers positional support. The braces for horses ease stress and pain, guard against microbial infections, and hasten any recovery by keeping the body warm.

Prominent equestrians like dressage rider Isabell Werth, display jumpers Meredith M. Beerbaum and Ludger Beerbaum, and the Back on Track Back Brace are all proponents. It is available in sizes S to L and suits many body types.

4. Alignmed Posture Shirt

The Alignment Posture Suit is a unique item that helps with posture while restricting movement. Horse riders who’ve already worn the shirt for several months have reported significant changes in their posture, although it isn’t an equestrian-specific item.

Scientific research has demonstrated that the tension panel Neurobands of the Alignment Posture Shirt enhance postural and shoulder stabilization. A team of 25 medical & sports scientists created the device utilizing cutting-edge clothing design technologies.

The Alignment Posture Shirt corrects posture while simultaneously easing back & shoulder pain, organizational effectiveness, lessening tiredness, and hastening injury prevention. The business offers a variety of anatomically fitted clothing and serves both men and women. The size varies from XS to XXL.

5. EquiBelt

Lower back pain in horse riders can be treated with the EquiBeet horse riding back brace from 4DflexiSPORT. A unique solution that provides riders with the assistance they require for just a comfortable and stable seat has been developed with the collaboration of health & equestrian professionals. The EquiBelt fits the curve of a body and therefore is comfortable to wear while riding due to the premium fabrics used. Due to the substance’s lightweight and breathability, the musculature is kept warm enough to promote increased circulation & nerve flow.

The back braces for horses are simple to modify for the amount of supporting your lower back needs. The additional hip pulls help you ride straight by keeping your stomach tucked within. Utilizing it will also make your abdominals work harder and enhance your riding position. The EquiBelt can reduce the likelihood of back problems, rigidity, and muscle spasm and ease the discomfort caused by diseases, including bursitis and sacroiliitis. The brace may be used to speed up recovery after a back injury in the part of a rehab facility.

Riders can carry the EquiBelt straight on their skin or underneath a back protection thanks to its covert design. The bracing is permitted for use in contests and has received accreditation from the International Sports Commission.

6. Applied Posture Riding Lumbar Back Brace

The Applied Posture Riding Lumbar Back Brace encircles the abdominals to stabilize the lower spine and enhance core strength. It effectively dissipates the abrupt force of riding a horse, shielding your back from harm and discomfort.

The brace strengthens the pelvic and abdomen muscles, making it particularly helpful for riders with weaker core muscles. Flexible supports into the device wrap your lumbar curvature and support the nearby bones. In contrast to other designs, it could seem stiff, but it is easy to wear & secure to ride with. S through 2XL is indeed the sizes that are offered.

7. Truveo Posture Corrector

A simple yet efficient upper back brace that eases cervical, back, & shoulder pain seems to be the Truveo Posture Corrector. Even though the gadget was made for regular athletes, horseback riders can also use it. Walking, sitting, or lying on the ground are all acceptable positions to use the posture corrector. Begin using it for 20–30 minutes daily, then expand to 1-2 hours to prevent unnecessary pressure.

High-quality, flexible, lightweight, and easily washable material makes the Truveo Posture Corrector. Thanks to their adjustability, you may modify the straps’ tightness when your muscle memory grows.

For the most convenience, put the brace over the clothing. Since the Truveo Posture Corrector comes in one size that accommodates all, sizing is unnecessary.


It is crucial to determine the issue before picking whichever back brace to buy. Do you have curved shoulders or even a hollow, inflexible lower back? Whereas the latter asks for bracing that supports the upper back like an equestrian, the former would necessitate a lower back brace. Make absolutely sure to follow the sizing guide when purchasing the item accurately. The back brace would serve no purpose if you get the right size, and it can even worsen your pain. The braces for horses should also be adaptable and should support you, especially if you are among sizes.


Q1) How do horses maintain good teeth?

Ans: Horse teeth are intriguing and very dissimilar from human teeth. While a horse might not even require daily tooth brushing, YOU must wash your teeth twice weekly, floss once daily, and clean your tongue daily to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Q2) What does bracing with your legs entail?

Ans: A leg brace is a tool used to support mobility, lessen weight-bearing stresses, immobilize a joint body segmentation, limit mobility in a specific direction, immobilize a joint or bodily portion, or alter the contour of the body.