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Jasmine Williams, Brad Williams wife, is a skilled martial artist. Brad Williams, a well-known American speaking-up comedian, was created on January 13, 1984, in California’s Orange County, and the couple named their daughter Elway Williams after she was born in January 2020. 

He has achondroplasia, a hereditary congenital disorder. Achondroplasia slows down the continued development of skeletons in the organism by affecting a person’s bones. A form of dwarfism, it is.

While many people might be discouraged by his disability from pursuing their goals or appearing publicly, the Brad Williams comedian found remarkable success despite it. As a result of pursuing his passion, the star has achieved success as a comedian and actor.

William has been mistaken for professional skateboarder Jason “Wee Man” Acuna from the Jackass series because of their similar appearances. Other times, because of their striking similarity, he has been mistaken for WWE professional wrestler Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl.

Martial artist Jasmine Williams

Brad Jasmine Williams, William’s wife, is a trained MMA fighter and professional martial artist. Fourth-degree the art of Tae K black belt holder Jasmine.

In Baltimore, Maryland, the United States, on July 28, 1990, Jasmine Gong Johnson was born. She is of Chinese ancestry and American citizenship.

The MMA fighter also holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has second-degree training in Hapkido, Arnis, Judo, and Eskabo Daan.  Jasmine additionally instructs Tae Kwon Do for Jefferson Elementary. She also offers martial arts instruction in San Francisco at two different clubs. She also took home two gold medals for the junior division in the 2007 Provincial Tae Kwon Do Championships and Olympics.

Like her spouse, Jasmine’s clan is a discreet one. Instagram and other social media platforms that Brad uses have posted some images of Jasmine’s mother, but the details of those images remain unknown.

The couple met in what way? Brad Williams wife and him-

Williams claims on the 98 Rocker Ravens YouTube channel that the comedian found his partner using a Feeld app created especially for those looking to form threesomes.

With two women, he struck an arrangement to hold the threesome session. However, the women failed to appear, citing a different excuse for skipping the meeting. Jasmine was the only one who arrived.

As long as their agreement was upheld, William and Jasmine could converse with one another. The two each other began seeing once the sparks between them erupted. 

Even during their first three years of dating, the pair participated in 13 threesomes.

The stand-up comedian said he and his buddy both had a passion for women and were skilled con artists.

Family Life

Despite their turbulent relationship, the pair wed in September 2017. 

Jasmine occasionally enjoys going on adventures as well. As a result, the pair occasionally took trips to different locations. Jasmine like dogs in addition to all of the above. She, therefore, frequently brings their dog along when they Her partner must travel to numerous cities because of his work as a comedian and the scheduled shows. Travelling together enables a couple to spend quality time together. 

Jasmine Williams and Brad Williams Height Disparity

  • Jasmine is considerably taller than her spouse at 5 feet 6 inches due to Brad’s dwarfism.
  • Compared to her spouse Brad Williams, Jasmine is taller by more than only one foot plus three inches.
  • They are both in love with one another despite having different heights. The comic occasionally boast about his wife on stage or in interviews.

Elway Williams, his daughter by Elway Brad Williams, was born on January 13, 2020. Elway, like her father, is also a dwarf.

Even when both parents are dwarfs, there is occasionally a chance that their offspring will not carry the gene and grow to be an average height.

Peet Montzingo, an American TikTok star, is well-known on social media for sharing that he is the only member of his family that is not a dwarf. Elway, on the other hand, inherited her father’s DNA.

On Twitter, the father exposed his daughter Elway’s dwarfism. 

Brad’s Professional Career

As a comedian, Brad has achieved remarkable career success. People wait in queues to see his shows.

Before Brad found fame and the limelight, he was just a regular kid attempting to finish college. But things changed after the child arrived to see Carlos Mencia’s live comedy show.  

Mencia was cracking dwarven jokes on the broadcast. Despite how funny the joke was, everyone saved William refrained from laughing since they felt it would be impolite and embarrassing to do so in front of others. Mencia invited William on the stage to perform after spotting the predicament. He took advantage of the situation by telling a few funny jokes everyone enjoyed. Mencia was impressed.

Mencia approached him afterwards and asked if he wanted to attempt stand-up comedy and serve as his opening act while touring. Given this opportunity, William stayed true to his trade and has been a part of Mencia’s organisation ever since. He was a very well-liked opening act on Mind of Mencia and Punisher tours.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Wrapping up on brad williams wife 

  • Does Brad Williams still have a wife?

Jasmine Gong, a Tae Kwon Do instructor, and Williams were married in 2017. In 2017, they were wed. The couple gave birth to a daughter in January 2020, who is likewise an achondroplastic dwarf. He has also appeared in several films.

  • With whom did Jasmine conceive a child?

The 32-year-old ex-Victoria’s Secret Angel and her husband, Snapchat executive Juan David Borrero, the grandson of Alfredo Borrero, the vice president of Ecuador, welcomed their first child together on Thursday, the model said on Instagram. She reported that the couple’s daughter Mia Victoria was born on Thursday, February 23.

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