How To Check Burlington Gift Card Balance


Burlington gift card balance – Previously referred to as Burlington Coat Factory, Burlington is a Burlington Sprinkle Factory Warehouse Corporation division that operates 631 stores across 45 states and Puerto Rico.

Burlington’s corporate headquarters are in Burlington, Vermont Township, New Jersey. It was taken private by Bain Capital, Inc in a takeover in 2006, and Tom Kingsbury was appointed president and CEO in 2008. In 2013, the company again went public.

Check the Balance on Your Burlington present card and Get Cash Back Within a Few Clicks

A gift card from Burlington Coat Factory is excellent if you enjoy shopping there. Gift cards spent but still have some balance are frequently forgotten. Did you know that some extra money can be converted to cash?

DoNotPay can help you quickly check the balance on any Burlington gift card and get cash for it!

What Is a Gift Card from Burlington?

Gift cards from Burlington can be purchased at any 740 Burlington locations nationwide. They are available in physical and electronic forms and support loadings of $25 to $200.

How to Check Your Burlington Clothing Factory Gift Card Balance

Check the harmony on your Burlington gift card balance

  • Online Method for Verifying Balance InformationVisit the Burlington city website and:
  • The Home page’s bottom by scrolling down.
  • Select “Gift Card Balance” from the menu.
  • Type in the PIN and gift card number.
  • Fill out the captcha, then select “Check Balance.”

Call 773-227-1247 and do the following:

The real make use of the Burlington Store Finder and

Visit the neighbourhood shop

Give the Burlington staff at the counter where you register your photo identification and gift card.

To find out how much is still on your gift card, call.

  1. When you join up for DoNotPay, follow these instructions to check the balance on your Burlington gift card.
  2. Select “Check Gift Card Balance” from the menu.
  3. Send images of the front and reverse of your gift card.
  4. Validate your email address.

How to Use Your Burlington Gift Card Remaining Balance?

You can put your remaining funds to use in several ways after checking your balance, including:

  • Using the funds
  • Online card exchange
  • converting the card into cash
  • How to Use the Balance Left on The Burlington Gift Card
  • Since coats can be pretty pricey, you can’t use this strategy if you’ve employed a gift card without enough money. 

However, you might be able to obtain:

  • a purse
  • a few pet products
  • Different accessories
  • products for babies
  • Internet-based card sales
  • You might try selling your gift card online if you would like to gain some cash for it. Find a website that buys gift cards from its users, then sell the gift card you received there to get cash immediately.

The drawback is that you won’t get the entire sum left over.

Cash is exchanged for the Card.

Gift card exchange kiosks are available in several states where you can swap gift cards for cash. Locate one nearby, slip the gift card you received into the device, and you’ll be paid.

What Is the Return Policy for Burlington Gift Cards?

Gift cards from Burlington never expire, and the firm is not liable if your credit card is misplaced, stolen, or broken. Unless allowed by state law, you cannot return the gift card you received to the merchant and receive cash back.

Some laws enable you to receive cash back with your gift card in the island of Puerto Rico & 11 U.S. states.

Your gift card must have a balance of less than a particular amount to receive the money back.

You can exchange the gift card you received for cash if you reside in one of these states, but you must:

  • Visit a local Burlington store.
  • Tell one of their staff about the law.
  • Utilising DoNotPay is simpler and more efficient because we will handle the work against you!

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About Burlington gift card balance


These cards are also redeemable for members at Burlington Coat Factory retail locations and on


If your gift card is lost or stolen, please visit the closest store using the original receipt. Only the original receipt can be used to replace it.


You cannot use a gift card sans a PIN online; however, you can utilise it in-store. Your gift card cannot be used to check the balance without a PIN, but you can use it to activate a new card in a Burlington Coat Factory location.