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Breland Emory

Breland Emory is a YouTube vlogger who has over 6 million subscribers. He is perhaps best known for his channel “Crazy Cabbie,” which talks about personal and social topics, such as relationships, personal growth, and mental health. Born in 1992 in Auckland, New Zealand, to an American mother and a Kiwi father, Breland Emory enjoyed a normal childhood with two loving parents until his mother died when he was 12 years old from breast cancer. 

The family moved to Connecticut after Breland’s mother’s death so his father could pursue a career as an aerospace engineer at NASA in their human resources department. To cope with the loss of his mother, Breland faced a significant mental health crisis which eventually led him to the hospital, and he later gained attention online after revealing that he had suffered a mental breakdown. After returning to school and living with his father, Breland began YouTube in 2010. In 2015, Breland began a relationship with fellow YouTuber (and Emory’s cousin) Bianca Lee. 

They have a daughter together who was born in February 2015. In addition, Breland has been known to hurt himself in several public videos. For instance, in a video about his mental health, he said, “I might sometimes act like a fool in front of the camera, but I do not want my loved ones and friends to ever feel stress or pain over me”. In 2016, Breland won YouTube’s “Drama King Award” at YouTube’s Creator Awards, which was presented to him by fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson.

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All about the career:

Breland Emory has been in several YouTube reality series, including “A New Beginning”, a docu-series containing short skits written by Breland and Bianca, his girlfriend at the time. During the show, Bianca and Breland are shown to struggle with the delicate line between love and hate. The two broke up during the production of A New Beginning, with Breland commenting that he thought they had become too self-absorbed while filming the series. In 2016, they released another spin-off series, “All About Us”.

On 31 January 2017, Breland Emory announced he would end his relationship with Bianca Lee because they could not bond over the years, stating that the distance between them has made it impossible for them to continue their relationship. In the summer of 2017, Emory was sued by Gregory Gourdet in an unsuccessful attempt to have him removed from his YouTube channel “Crazy Cabbie”, citing copyright infringement on Gourdet’s copyright of a song by American rapper Eminem.

Who is Breland Emory?

Breland Emory is a popular New Zealand YouTuber who began his YouTube career at 22. He is best known for his Youtube channel “Crazy Cabbie”, where he regularly makes videos about his life and personal subjects such as mental health, relationships, and personal growth. In an interview with INSP, Breland said: “I’ve never considered myself a YouTuber first or a vlogger second. I’d say the opposite has been the case.” He continues: “I just figured it was something that could be fun to do.”

As of 2018, Emory has over 6 million subscribers. In his interviews, he stated that he intends to keep making videos and uploading them to YouTube even when he is old.

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All about Outfit:

Breland Emory wears a T-shirt with the name of his channel, “Crazy Cabbie,” on it. He often wears the same outfit in all his videos: a light blue t-shirt with a red stripe and a white hoodie jacket, black jeans, green socks, and white trainers. In some videos, he wears just a black shirt. Also, Breland has multiple tattoos, which include one on his arm called “Ace.” Emory also has a scar under his eye from an accident when he was younger. He also has various jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. His channel name is displayed as “Crazy Cabbie.”

All about Personal life:

Breland Emory grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, with his older brother, who had moved there from Miami. Emory attended an international school early in his life and enjoyed sports such as rugby and cricket. In 2011, he began uploading videos to YouTube, where he first started making a series on his life called “My Life”. He later worked on other projects such as “Crazy Cabbie”, which focuses on self-improvement and personal growth content. He is currently in a relationship with Bianca Lee, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, and lives in New Zealand.

Emory has been known to hurt himself while filming. In one of his videos, he stated that he has the mentality that “he is going to come off-camera happy because it will be better.” Emory admitted that he sometimes enjoys hurting himself on camera, which acts as a form of self-harm. He also said: “I also have a habit of lying down on concrete barefoot when I’m angry.

About Meteoric Rise To Stardom:

Emory’s first YouTube video was called “My First Video”, which went live on 9 May 2011 and was viewed by three people. He currently has over 6 million subscribers, and his videos have been viewed over 1.1 billion times as of 2018. He has also worked with other YouTubers, such as Bianca Lee and Jon Cozart (who also feature on my channel).

Emory has never disclosed exactly how much he earns from his YouTube channel. Still, he once said in an interview that he was earning a six-figure salary from YouTube alone each year, which does not include his income from other projects.

All about Family:

Breland Emory has one brother, Mac, who is the same age as Breland and lives in Auckland, New Zealand. His brother is also in the film industry. Emory’s mother died when he was eight years old. He said he was very close to her and always said they would do something together before she died. He stated that his father and brother were overprotective of him, but this only helped him become more independent. Emory’s father often worked away from home for long periods, which made it hard for them to stay in touch with each other throughout those times.

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1. What is your real name?

I’ve been using Breland Emory as my screen name for a while. It’s kind of not my real name, and it’s not a real name (laughs).

2. Is Breland Emory your absolute first or last name?

It’s not my last name. It’s just the only one I always go by.

3. What is your height/weight?

I’m 5’9″, but my weight has changed over the years due to gaining, so what’s listed here hasn’t always been accurate.