Spy X Family: 11 Things Only Manga Readers Know About Loid Forger

loid forger

Loid Forger – One of the most watched anime shows of the season was Spy x Family, and the Forgers had a significant impact on the show’s popularity. As the father, Loid Forger is one of Westalis’s top spies as the WISE agent known as twilight. To prevent a conflict between the two nations, he is now stationed in Ostania. Unfortunately, only a few people are familiar with the twilight spy x family concept, as there is no reliable source to find information about these aspects. 

Despite his prominence in the show, viewers learn virtually little about Loid because of his covert position as a spy. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding his origins, but the manga has shed some light on his personality and background. Only manga aficionados would appreciate these insider details about loid forger.

On November 8th, 2018, Danny Guan updated: Many episodes of the second season of the Spy x Family anime may now be found online since it has just begun airing as part of the fall 2022 anime season. Although viewers are learning more about loid forger with each new episode, many aspects of the manga still need to be covered. As the second season of the manga is expected to shed more light on the enigmatic WISE spy, here are more details about Loid that are now known only to manga fans.

The loid forger anime!

Loid is a highly trained spy with incredible strength, speed, and disguise skills. Although his talents have made him an excellent spy, loid forger is versatile enough to play almost any part. Loid has shown himself as a top-notch spy, and his recall is second to none. However, the skills he has shown are more peripheral to espionage, such as cooking. Loid has even managed to make an animated short with just Franky’s guidance.

Becky’s crush on Loid 

Anya’s closest friend and one of the only individuals she talks to at school is Becky Blackwell. Though they hail from different worlds, they are as close as two people can be.

Because she is fascinated with soap operas, Becky is unusually mature for her age. Upon first laying eyes on Loid, she is completely obsessed. Becky’s dog obsession is only taken seriously by her, but even she finds it amusing to see her imagination go wild.

Twilight Is Training Bond To Be A Guard Dog

The family dog, Bond, also happens to be an esper who can predict the future. Bond enjoys a quiet existence as a member of the Forger household. On occasion, though, he joins twilight on the dangerous missions that are part of his job description, demonstrating his superior intuition and intellect.

As a result, twilight has begun preparing Bond for duty as a security dog. Twilight may not want to utilize Bond in his secret operations, but he does want Bond to safeguard his family if they ever come under threat.

Twilight Has An Associate Called Nightfall

Despite popular belief, twilight is not the only spy working for WISE; the intelligence organization is filled with spies dedicated to maintaining peaceful relations between the West and the East. Nightfall, one of these spies, learned his trade from twilight and is as capable as he is. However, Nightfall is secretly over heels in love with twilight, despite her icy exterior. She wants to replace Yor in Twilight’s phoney family, and her only excuse for not marrying Loid is that she is currently on a mission.

 Loid Works At A Real Hospital

The fictitious Dr Loid Forger is Twilight’s hospital-based alter ego. However, due to the covert nature of the narrative and the fact that viewers never see loid forger animego to work in the anime, it might be argued that this is merely a cover story to explain what he does.

Yet it turns out that spy x family loid a real psychiatrist at Berlin General Hospital, respected by his peers for being competent and dedicated to his field. Moreover, WISE has planted spies within the medical personnel to aid twilight in his mission.

Loid’s Boss At The Hospital Dislikes Him

Loid Forger is a psychiatrist at Berlin General Hospital when he is not doing his espionage responsibilities. Though it’s all an act, Loid does an excellent job and has the respect of practically everyone who works at the hospital.

On the other hand, the hospital director hates to loid forger because of envy and the fact that he is not well-liked by his employees. Loid has tried his hardest to win over the director’s favour, but the director’s jealousy has only increased due to Loid’s pleasant disposition.

Twilight’s Father Was Abusive

Twilight’s father was not the easiest person to get along with when he was a kid. Twilight’s father was a strict disciplinarian who forbade his son from spending time with friends in favour of studying and called him a coward the military wouldn’t want to serve.

Twilight’s father was quite aggressive; he struck his son when he wanted to chastise him and regularly fought with his wife, despite his claims of desiring peace between the East and West. Even though twilight’s father was multi-faceted, she only recalls him as a menacing figure.

Twilight Used To Be A Soldier

Twilight’s family and friends were killed in Ostania’s repeated assaults on Westalis, and he became hopeless. Finally, twilight became a soldier under the name of a deceased man after a long life spent frantically trying to stay alive.

Twilight’s primary motivation in the military was a desire for vengeance for losing his loved ones. However, after maintaining his military career after WISE detected his impersonation, he was recruited to become a spy. His combat experiences have affected his determination to keep the two nations from going to war.

Twilight Met Franky In The War

Even though Franky probably won’t ever confess it, he’s twilight’s only real buddy. Franky is twilight’s go-to source for intelligence, and he also helps out babysitting Anya and, on occasion, Bond. Franky often grips about working these jobs, yet he has never tried to escape them.

Franky and twilight’s first meeting occurred during the conflict between Westalis and Ostania. They wouldn’t fight one another even though they were on opposite sides. Before long, they had to split ways, only to cross paths again in their respective roles as spy and informant.

Twilight Doesn’t Remember His Name

Twilight’s pseudonym in Ostania, loid forger anime, is not his actual name. And, of course, twilight isn’t even his actual name; it’s just a pseudonym designed to keep his identity secret. Twilight has never disclosed his true identity to the audience.

Because twilight himself can’t recall his name, it’s conceivable we’ll never know what it is. Friends in the past speak of him by his old moniker, Advisor, and his real identity is obscured whenever possible.

Loid Still Doesn’t Fully Trust Yor

Although neither spy x family loid nor Yor has told the other about their separate lives, they appear to have formed some relationship despite this. Fans of the show are anticipating the day when their sham marriage will turn out to be accurate.

Loid still doesn’t fully trust Yor, so that that day might come later. Loid can’t help but wonder whether Yor isn’t more engaged than she seems whenever a peculiar event involves her. Although loid forger is usually good at putting his fears to rest, the fact that he can’t bring himself to believe in Yor is illuminating.


What is twilight’s real name?

The fictitious Dr Loid Forger is Twilight’s hospital-based alter ego. It is only a cover narrative to explain what Loid does, as viewers never see him go to work in the anime.

Who is the wife of loid forger anime?

The Westalian master spy Loid Forger, whose secret identity is “Twilight,” takes in an orphan child with telepathic abilities called Anya, marries an Ostanian professional assassin named Yor Briar, and eventually takes in a canine with precognitive abilities named Bond.

Is loid the birth father of Anya?

Loid and Yor Forger have an adopted daughter named Anya.

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