The Quarry: Full List of Characters and Cast


Characters in the quarry – Famous actors and actresses populate the characters in the quarry. The 10 episodes of this survival horror game cast you as one of nine counsellors at a summer camp. Depending on your actions, some, all, or none of your playable characters may perish.

For ease of reference, I have separated the characters in the quarry into their respective categories below. Since most characters are only ever referred to by their first names, we’ll list them alphabetically inside their respective groups. You have been warned that this list contains significant spoilers.

Every member of the cast of The Quarry

This list is going to be split into three sections. The Camp Counsellors are the first to be introduced as the game’s primary protagonists. Next, the Hacketts, the game’s primary villains, will come in at number two. Finally, Harum Scarum, the game’s tragic ancestors, will go last. Each character in the quarry will be listed in brackets.

Ariel Winter’s Abi Blog

Abi Blyg is the group’s reserved creative. She’s shy, oddball, and in love with Nick Furcillo. Ariel Winter’s character, who struggles to express herself due to anxiety and shyness, stutters and often mumbles. But after the game, she has found her voice and her confidence. But, of course, her subtitling would be pink if we were playing a game.

At a critical juncture in the first half, Abi must decide whether or not to shoot Nick, a move that might have lasting consequences for her. If Nick kills Abi, you will unlock the Lovers’ Quarrel trophy or accomplishment. Abi and Emma Mountebank (presuming both are still alive) will spend the night in a hidden observation room.

As Miles Robbins, we have Dylan Lenviv.

Dylan is the voice of the morning and spins tunes for the campers. He is interested in quantum physics later on, but that’s not a “camp Dylan” thing. Some of the characters in the quarry funniest lines are directed at him.

Dylan doesn’t always keep himself safe, often helping in sticky circumstances. Dylan has feelings for Ryan Erzahler as well. His subtitles would be orange on a red colour wheel.

Another possibility is that he and Kaitlyn Ka go to the scrapyard in search of a vehicle component to escape (Jacob Custos having previously damaged the van), assuming he is not a werewolf. Here, Dylan will be attacked from a crane by a werewolf following him. The futures of Dylan and Kaitlyn depend on your choices here.

Caleb Hackett will spend the night at the lodge with Kaitlyn if they make it through that, and she manages to acquire the silver bullet against him.

Halston Sage’s Emma Mountebank

The characters in the quarry’s final destinies are revealed in an epilogue.

If there was a “camp hottie” among the bunch, it would be Emma Mountebank. She can make out with Nick, provoking jealousy from her summer lover Jacob and her shared interest in Abi; therefore, she is both a good and terrible (or chaotic neutral?) agitator.

She believes Abi needs a little “nudge” to get her and Nick dating. Assuming she makes it out alive, she is one of the most skilled counsellors while playing the beauty cliché. Her subtitling would be yellow if you were playing a game.

Emma’s critical destiny scenario occurs while she is alone on the island. She’ll go into the treehouse in search of clothing, but a werewolf who had taken sanctuary there will follow her down (you’ll find out why werewolves avoid water and other such details).

Whether or whether she survives depends on the choices you make throughout the fast-time events and on the zip line. Please pay attention to a specific tarot card, as it may reveal the circumstances of her death in the area of the zip line.

If Emma survives and finds Abi again, they will spend the night in the storm shelter and, subsequently, the surveillance room.

This is Zach Tinker’s character, Jacob Custos.

Jacob Custos is the archetypal brash jock who is somewhat insecure. He has a dubious record for being imprisoned by the Hackett family for the most extended period while spending the most time in the game without clothes on. While Jacob enjoys issuing challenges, he despises losing, making this appear like an unusual mix. Even though they mutually decided to stop things due to physical distance, he still cares deeply for Emma. His subtitles are the green ones in the game.

Only Jacob keeps the seven foremost counsellors at Hackett’s Quarry through all the drama. Early in the game, Jacob gives you an option between two pieces for sabotaging the vehicle; either will do. Later that night, Jacob will get the Nobody’s Fool trophy and accomplishment when he tells Emma the truth.

It’s amazing how the top menu takes on different forms depending on what’s transpired up to that point in the game, such as a bloodied Jacob. Jacob will interact with Bobby Hackett in many situations. You should adopt a peaceful stance if you want him to survive these situations.

 The first run-in is, instead…gruesome and gory. You’ll also run across him in the kennels at the Hackett estate, where your choices will impact his eventual destiny. The werewolf’s blood lingering on his face will help him survive the night in the wild if he escapes the cages.

Brigid Song’s daughter, Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Ka is the most competent of the characters in the quarry and the most likely to trash you or point out when you’re an idiot. However, she is entirely self-assured, even in the face of werewolves. She quickly establishes herself as the game’s top shotgunner, a skill that would prove essential later. Her subtitling is purple if you like that kind of thing.

There are a few moments when your choices directly affect what happens to Kaitlyn. The scene at the scrapyard is one example. After returning from the scrapyard, another guest returned to the lodge. Only if you decide to check on the sounds will Abi and Emma be able to roll the silver bullet to Kaitlyn. 

Then, when Caleb Hackett attacks his werewolf form, you may use the bullet to kill him and protect everyone in the lodge. If Kaitlyn ends up being the only female survivor, you may award her with the trophy or accomplishment of The Final Girl. If Caleb dies tonight, Kaitlyn will make it through the night. This is predicated on the assumption that she made it through her encounter with the werewolf in the junkyard.

Siobhan Williams’s Laura Kearney

The prologue of the game has you teamed up with Laura Kearney. In the game’s second half, you take on her role as she relives the two months she lost (with Max) and exacts her vengeance on the Hacketts. It’s reasonable that Laura’s two months would shape her into a no-nonsense persona, given she starts as one. She is also more self-reliant than her lover, Max, who appears to accept whatever comes his way. Her subtitling, if you must know, is orange.

A couple of key characters in the quarry include Laura. Finding her birthday while roaming the police station will allow her to log on to the computer, unlocking the Bizarre Yet Bonfire trophy or accomplishment for podcast listeners.

Later, if you’d like, you may discover a syringe and use it to sedate Sheriff Travis Hackett. First, however, you may get the Above the Law trophy or accomplishment by subsequently agreeing to cooperate with Travis.

Later, when the virus takes hold, Laura changes amid a game as Ryan and goes for Travis, who is holding a piece of silver glass. Ryan must decide whether to use silver bullets to kill a werewolf (Chris Hackett) and cure Laura of her affliction.

If not, the Mutually Assured trophy or accomplishment will be popped when Laura and Travis murder each other. I Should’ve Gone to the Motel is unlocked if Laura and Max make it through the night.

In addition, you’ll play Laura as the game’s last character. Laura, Travis, and Ryan (presuming they made it) meet the first werewolf. Either Laura shoots him, or she doesn’t. The White Wolf trophy/achievement will be unlocked if you decide to take his life.

Skyler Gisondo’s Max Brinly

Following his assault in the prologue, Max recovers. Max Brinly is one of the two camp counsellors you encounter in the quarry cast game who have gone missing. Max is quickly irritated but otherwise appears to go with the flow and give Laura a lot of respect and authority. Unfortunately for Max, a werewolf attacks him in the camp’s storm cellar the night before they are expected to arrive while the moon is full.

 It turns out that Chris Hackett impersonated a werewolf to assault him and infect him. Travis arranges for Laura to see Max’s change in prison, and as a result, Laura loses her left eye. Max brings up the topic of werewolves with Laura before anybody else does. His subtitles would be a bluish-purple if you wanted to be creative.

Laura confesses that Max is the one holed up in the treehouse the quarry cast on the island that Kaitlyn saw earlier in the night via her binoculars and from which Emma (maybe) fled. Since werewolves are afraid of water, Laura claims that they stranded him on the island with an additional pair of clothing (which Emma “borrows”).

The chapter with the weightiest choice involving Max comes relatively late in the game. You had the option of swimming back to the island or staying. Stay on the island if you care about him. If not, he will be dead the moment he hits the floor.

Evan Evagora’s Nick Furcillo

Nick Furcillo is a very easygoing person. He is neither a follower nor a leader. Early on, he is spotted following Dylan. After the entire Truth or Dare debacle with Emma, Nick was the unlucky first counsellor to be attacked by a werewolf in the woods while chasing after Abi. In Abi’s chapter, he eventually transformed into a werewolf.

But he can make it through the night as a werewolf or turn back into a human. Nick’s subtitling is a bright yellowish orange if you’re like that kind of thing.

As Ryan, you’ll rush to Nick’s aid if he ever comes under assault. If you find the quickest way to Nick, you’ll unlock the trophy or accomplishment Nick of Time. To do this, always use the shortcut and always succeed in finishing a fast-time event.

Bobby Hackett will be seen hauling him away. If you don’t shoot Bobby, he’ll bite your fingers off and disappear.

Justice Smith, played by Ryan Erzahler.

The introverted and pensive Ryan Erzahler. He is not very gregarious, but he is intelligent and resourceful. You’ll spend a lot of time in the role of Ryan, a stoic hero who is called “Mr. Counsellor “H” (Chris Hackett) trusts the most. Ryan gets much done throughout the game and becomes essential in the final chapters. His subtitles are blue if you want to be technical.

In addition to the interactions with Nick and Laura described above, Ryan must make several critical choices. First, a pivotal moment is after he gets stabbed in the mansion.

Either remove the knife from his side or leave it there. Keep it in his system if you’re serious about his making it. If not, he will bleed to death. The second primary choice is Laura’s offer to turn into a werewolf by biting her. 

If you choose to accept this, the Phlebotomy badge or trophy will automatically unlock. And if Ryan is the last one standing, you get some prize or reward for that. In addition, Ryan will be healed of his virus if he makes it through the night and Chris Hackett is dead. In the last scene, he is with Silas, Laura, and Travis (presuming all are still alive).

Performers in The Hackett

Mother Constance Hackett scolded her son Travis.

The Hackett clan is the subject of this subsection. Not all of them are what they seem initially, and some may even have selfless motivations. Nevertheless, even though you may cooperate with one of them, they are the primary enemies.

They “caught” the “curse” that turns certain family members into werewolves every time the moon is full. For the last six years, they’ve spent every full moon trying to track down the first werewolf in hopes of curing the family. Unfortunately, the werewolf they’re looking for was seen in the area of Hackett’s Quarry. If you eliminate every member of the Hackett family, you will be awarded the Family Matters trophy or accomplishment.

Ethan Suplee’s Bobby Hackett

In the Hackett household, Bobby is the strong one. He fits the kind of person who isn’t the sharpest or the most socially competent. He first displays bravado as he pursues Kaitlyn around the lodge.

Still, he subsequently shows the extreme terror of infected people by running away and calling out for Travis when he witnesses Laura’s impending transformation. He constantly learns from his father, Jedediah, especially the finest methods for hunting werewolves.

To shield Jacob, Bobby spills blood (later discovered to be werewolf blood) on his face. Later on, Bobby helps in the search for Ryan. Unfortunately, he is the one who stabs Ryan and later returns to get his knife, which he claims Ryan stole.

You and Ryan will be in a couple of “don’t breathe” situations while hiding from Bobby. Bobby is beaten and placed against a wall during the last battle at the manor, where Chris and Laura may murder each other, but he may be killed if the werewolves are successful.

Hackett, Caleb

Chris Hackett has a kid named Caleb, who seldom makes an appearance. After Caleb and his sister Kaylee attempted to rescue Silas from prison, he became the first member of the Hackett family to get infected. Caleb lit a hay fire as a diversion, but as Travis puts it, “everyone was dead in minutes” because of how rapidly hay burns. Caleb was bitten and infected, and he passed it on to his sister and father while Silas ran away.

It turns out that Caleb is the primary werewolf lurking in the woods. If Max swims back to the island, he will be killed by the same man that assaulted Nick and Abi.

The werewolf Caleb who approaches Kaitlyn at the lodge is the one who will live through the shooting if Kaitlyn doesn’t manage to get the silver bullet from Abi and Emma beforehand. There is no conversation from Caleb since he is only seen in the photo and as a werewolf and because he is revealed dead in his human form in the Epilogue.

David Arquette’s Chris Hackett

Chris Hackett, often known as “Mr. H,” runs Hackett’s characters in the quarry Summer Camp on his ancestors’ quarry site. Because he pretends to be a “no technology” kind of man (he still has a landline in his office), he confiscated everyone’s mobile phones for two months.

However, he loses his cool when the counsellors inform him that the van is broken and they cannot go; we learn later that this is because he is a werewolf.

He ambushed Max in the storm shelter, and Travis had to shoot him to save his brother’s life. Later on, it’s revealed that Chris has a hidden monitoring room with cameras that constantly scan the camp to track down Silas. Your choice about Ryan’s fate at the mansion will determine the fate of everyone he has bitten and infected, including Max and Laura.

Ling Shaye’s Constance Hackett

Lin Shaye’s dramatic portrayal as Constance Hackett may be the most memorable of all the characters in the quarry, despite her little screen time. The family matriarch and ultimate decision-maker, she is initially seen bringing Nick (from the werewolf’s point of view) to the manor’s holding cages.

The next thing you know, she’s hurling obscenities at Travis like they’re gold coins. She also displays ruthlessness and stubbornness by refusing to accept her granddaughter’s confession that the family is under a curse.

Constance will seize the shotgun and fight you for it once Laura enters the mansion. It would help to press the X or A buttons to advance repeatedly. If you manage to take over, you’ll leave a ghastly sight behind when you mistakenly blast off the top half of Constance’s face in a vertical direction. When she dies, the other Hacketts in the manor will become aggressive towards you.

Lance Henriksen’s Jedediah Hackett

Jedediah Hackett, the family patriarch, sleepwalks through the night without a care in the world. He is often seen with Bobby, apparently instructing him in the finer points of werewolf hunting. The first scene with the two of them nearly makes you think they’ll be on the lookout for the counsellors.

If Jedediah learns that Laura murdered Constance, he will grow outraged and begin firing at Laura as she runs down the corridor (requiring a successful fast-time event to avoid being hit). After Laura cuts the power, he goes looking for her, and he and Bobby are later seen defending the mansion from a werewolf, who turns out to be another of his kids named Chris. Chris will murder them all if Ryan doesn’t end this situation now.

A. Kaylee Hackett

Like her brother Caleb, Kaylee Hackett only appears in a photo and, presumably, as one of the werewolves. She aided Caleb in “freeing” Silas, but her brother was bitten by the sick dog and spread the disease to their mother and father.

Not much is mentioned about them other than that Ryan likes them and Dylan finds them strange. Being cursed with the form of a werewolf undoubtedly has its downsides, so you can’t blame them for feeling that way. After being slain as a werewolf by Laura, who mistook her for Chris, Kaylee reverted to human form and was last seen floating face down in the pool.

Hackett, Travis (Ted Raimi).

Travis Hackett is the sheriff of North Kill and uses his position to cover up his family’s activities, making him the game’s initial villain and someone who may swing between villain and accomplice. Among the characters in the quarry are the killings on each full moon and manipulating the books at their junkyard following Max and Laura’s abduction in the prologue.

The combination of his authority and the remoteness of North Kill allowed him to put Max and Laura in jail for two months without charging them or giving them a lawyer.

At some point during the flashback play with Laura, Travis reveals the truth about the curse that has befallen his family, albeit he is vague regarding the origins of the curse. He informs the two prisoners that his family has gone on a hunting trip every time the moon is full for the last six years. 

If he makes it through the first encounter with Laura, he’ll be among the people who set out to find Silas and decide what to do with him. You may also murder Travis at least once more. You may kill or lock him back up if you don’t utilize the tranquillizer before escaping his cell.

“Harum Scarum”

Eliza Vorez took her play, Harum Scarum, on the road. She used tarot cards and a crystal ball to give readings while her son, Silas, was confined to a cage as “Silas the Dog Boy.” If you find enough clues, the game will reveal that the Hacketts believed they had buried or destroyed all Harum Scarum artifacts, but you’ll eventually uncover some.

Grace Zabriskie’s Eliza Vorez

Six years ago, in the aftermath of the Harum Scarum fire, Eliza wiped werewolf blood from her face only seconds before she was killed in an explosion. The tarot card reader you see between chapters is Eliza Vorez. She was the show’s producer and Silas’ mother.

After Harum Scarum arrived in North Murder and attempted to liberate Silas, only to have their “distraction” hay fire ignite too rapidly and murder everyone there (including the prior sheriff), Caleb and Kaylee Hackett felt awful for Silas. Numerous characters in the quarry can astonish you immensely.

In a flashback triggered by discovering The Hierophant card, Eliza discovers the crime scene after everyone else has perished, mistaking the burned remains of the sheriff for Silas until seeing the badge. The subsequent explosion claims her life. Hers are the white ones if you’re like that kind of thing.

Vorez, Silas

Although many would argue that Eliza’s behaviour toward her son Silas Vorez would not be maternal, he is her son. Furthermore, everything learned about werewolves in the quarry cast game up to this point suggests that Silas is the first to have any impact on the Hackett family. 

What werewolves are like in the eyes of the quarry?

Silas is the last “boss” of the game, despite being shown as nothing more than a victim of his environment who is desperately attempting to hold on to his own life. Another anticlimactic moment occurs when Laura fires at and maybe kills Silas, who is still curled up in the charred remnants of his cage from six years ago despite having never gone.

When Silas dies, the curse on Hackett’s Quarry and its occupants, including the Hackett family, is broken, unlocking the accomplishment or trophy known as “The White Wolf.” During the Epilogue, a human version of Silas is shown; if you shot him with Laura, he would die.

Here are some crucial details regarding the characters in the quarry.