Your Ultimate Guide for Buying Shower Curtains


If you think of a household item that has great importance, and that is expected to be in decent condition for years to come, you will have many answers in mind. But when it is the time of purchasing these goods, one of the items that people just buy without giving much thought to it, in the beginning, is a standard shower curtain. This may result in dissatisfaction from the shower curtain after a point of time. Therefore, it is extremely important to give ample time and thought before finalizing the shower curtain for your bathroom. Each and every component like the shower curtain rod, shower curtain liner, it’s fabric, etc. should be chosen properly.

Some of the points that you should consider to choose a shower curtain are:

Go for water repellent shower curtain liners:

As the bottom of the curtain liner gets a lot of water exposure, there are chances of mold and mildew building up gradually. Therefore, it’s advisable to go for a highly water-resistant material for curtain liners, which is PVC Vinyl. These liners are easily washable and repel the growth of mildew. For those who wish to use environmentally friendly products in their house may choose to go for different materials for the shower curtain liner. Some of the options to consider here are polypropylene liners and fabric liners. While polypropylene liners are still made of plastic, they are degradable in the long run, thus making them relatively environment friendly than PVC liners. And while fabric liners are undoubtedly the best environment-friendly option out of all the options, they are less water-resistant and, thus, more prone to mildew.

Unleash your creative side while selecting the shower rings and hooks:

Shower curtains rings hold the liner and the curtain itself in place. Individual rings are attached to the grommets on both the liner and curtain. Then they are looped around the shower curtain rod. This mechanism allows smooth back and forth movement of the shower curtain rings, which helps in opening and closing the curtain easily. You may find shower rings in plastic as well as metal. Plastic shower rings sync well with the plastic rod, and similar is the case for metal shower rings.

Now comes the fun part! You can choose the shower rings according to the décor of the rest of the bathroom. Feel free to experiment with the designs of your choice to personalize the space more. The options are endless in the market. For example: for a tropical theme, you may go for shower rings that have embossed palm tree designs. This will elevate the look of your bathroom at a much higher level.

Choose the pieces with weights and magnets at the bottom:

Most of the people wish to keep their curtain liners hanging straight and not be blown away by hot steam while taking a shower. This can be done by buying shower curtain liners that have small magnets or even weights sewn at their bottom. This also helps the liner to come down to the length of its standard size.

Choose the fabric for shower curtains that best matches your preferences:

The fabric shower curtain has on the taste and preferences of the user. Since the curtain part of the shower curtain is out of the tub, it is not directly exposed to moisture. This helps the user to choose any type of fabric for the shower curtain. They can go for less expensive materials like PVC or choose to select a little more costly material like lace for the fabric of their shower curtain. Materials like plastic, cotton, and polyester are easily machine washable. However, these materials come with different washing instructions that are to be taken note of by the user. 

Cleaning and maintenance of the shower curtain:

If you want your shower curtains to last long, then their maintenance is mandatory. Both the shower curtain as well as the liner need to be washed occasionally so that they are devoid of any mildew. A bath or shower spray that is used to clean tiles may also work well for cleaning your curtain liners. However, this spray will only work for plastic and not fabrics because of the chemicals present in these types of sprays. Ideally, the polyester fabric should also not be washed in hot water as it can ruin the material. Remember, once mildew comes on the curtain, then it can hardly be removed completely. So, it is better not to wait for the curtain to become dirty, and it should be cleaned regularly. 

Meticulously examine the shower curtain details:

What makes a quality product stand out among the regular products is its details. Look for the neatness in hemming around the edges of the shower curtain. See the finishing in the weaving of the holes at the top of the curtain, which are for the shower rings. Measure your bathtub size and see if you need a standard 70 inches by 72 inches’ shower curtain size or a customized one. You can also choose to go for a hook-less shower curtain for a more elegant look. If you wish to buy a curtain for a shower stall, then you may go for a shower curtain that hangs 6 feet above your bathroom floor. 

Choose the colors and patterns that best suit your taste:

Every bathroom in your house can have a different color and material of the shower curtain, according to the users. For a child’s bathroom, you may go for a vibrantly colored plastic shower curtain with cartoonish designs all over it. For an adult’s bathroom, you can go for a solid color with intricate woven patterns or lace around the trim. Colors and patterns are a great medium to showcase your personality. Although curtain liners are generally not colored, they can be bought in basic solid colors too. If you need shower liners for a hotel or a hospital, then heavy-duty liners are also available in the market that is treated to be mildew resistant in the long run.

Conclusion: Buy a shower curtain that stays for years…

Now that you have all the points in your hindsight that are to be considered before finalizing the shower curtain, you will make a better choice. Remember not to compromise on the durability of the material. All the three parts- the outer curtain, the liner, and the rings should be chosen to keep your budget and your availability for their maintenance. Go for prints that do not give a jarring feel in your eyes. The shower curtain that you choose can sync with the décor of the rest of your bathroom, which includes your bath mats, bathroom tiles, and also the size of your bathtub. This will give your bathroom a complete look. The most important thing is to clean your shower curtain timely to prevent it from any mildew. The better you consider caring of your shower curtain, the better it will be able to serve you in the coming years. This is like an investment, where you need to give thorough attention to various factors before buying your product and then provide the necessary maintenance. Only then, the quality of your product will remain intact in the long run.