How To and When To Decide To Begin An Ideal Mental Health Day


It is the start of the week, and we feel like taking an off for the day. It feels like you have worked a lot throughout the week and drained your entire storehouse of energy. You be like having the third cup of coffee that is increasing your heart’s palpitations, and by 11 mornings, you crying on your desk for feeling drowsy and cannot able to concentrate on your work thoroughly.

Is it sound familiar to your condition? Do you also feeling fatigued at the beginning of the week and distracted by your miserable state. The answer to such questions is that you are not sick; you need to give some time to yourself and avoid all other distractions of the world.

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Despite any chronic mental illness, everyone needs to take out some time and have a mental health day for themselves. As our hectic schedule running on, work pressure, interactions at the office and outside, hanging over with friends, and other essential house chores increase the level of stress in our mind.

World Health Organization officially stated on the ‘occupational phenomenon’ as burnout process and defined it as an “a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.”

So how do we know when to begin our mental health day?

For instance, if you are suffering from trouble to sleep and hard to focus on work, its perfect time to take out some time for yourself. Steven Siegel, MD, PhD and chairman of the psychiatry department, stated that, “Do what works for you so that you can put aside your worry and not have 50% of your consciousness wondering all day about what you’re missing because you’ve put plans in place that says, ‘I’m not missing anything,’” You’ve done the proactive work to secure all the things that will distract you, so go ahead and relax.”

Sites like BetterHelp can help you to find the right mental health therapist.