Can’t Download Sifu, What Should I Do?

Can't download sifu

Can’t download sifu:

The game is not downloading as expected, so those who purchased early access to Sifu through the deluxe edition may be in for a surprise.The problem is caused by the PlayStation’s pre-load panel in the United States, the developers claim.Unlike the rest of the world, which uses a Day-Month-Year system, the United States uses a month-day-year format.Despite their assurance that they have collaborated with Sony to resolve the issue, you may still be stuck in the download.

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PS4 and the PS5:

  1. Try adding a PS+ game to the library (it doesn’t matter which game) 
  1. Go back to the queue and try to download Sifu again 
  1. Tests on PS4 and PS5 demonstrate that this restore license trick works on both consoles. 
  1. Launch Sifu after your console has been restarted. 
  1. Head to Users and Accounts in the console Settings section.
  1. Click on Other and Restore Licenses.

The developers have expressed their regret for the disruption they caused.In recompense, they will provide Deluxe Edition owners with a one-of-a-kind in-game item.

On February 8, the public will be able to play the action-adventure game.It tells the story of a student of kung fu who is trying to get revenge on their family for killing them.Due to its distinctive combat system, which features 150 attacks, the game has attracted a lot of gamers’ attention.

Early users of the game praised the game’s AI, story, and design.As you progress through the game, both the combat and its stylish charm shine through.

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