Get Your Car Scratch Repair Done Quickly!

how to repair scratches on car

Car scratches are those unwelcome guests that every car owner has to face someday or the other. But the silver lining here is that we can fix a lot of car scratches ourselves and also prevent some. The following articles bring a depth understanding of the:

-Various types of scratches

-Ways to fix them ourselves

-Ways to prevent them

Know the types of scratches and identify the Scratch:

To identify the intensity of the scratch for analyzing the type of Car Scratch Repair, you can run your fingers over it.

type of scratches on car
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  • If you cannot feel it at all- it is a light scratch (Point A).
  • If you can feel it slightly, but your fingernails are not catching it easily, then it is a deep clear coat scratch (Point B).
  • However, if your fingernails are able to catch the scratch, then it probably means that the paint layer, if affected, and more advanced methods are required to fix the Repair Paint Scratches on Car (Point C).

How can you fix a Light Scratch?

Fixing a Car Light Scratche

Sometimes, the scratch is only on the topmost layer of the car paint. In this case, there is no need to repair paint scratches on the car by sending it to the repair shop. You can fix this degree of car scratch repair yourself. As in this case, only the clear coat repair has to be given attention to. For this, you would need a good quality Scratch Remover. This is available on Amazon too. You would also need a clean microfibre towel. The following steps will guide you on how to fix a light degree scratch:

  1. Clean the surface around the scratch and make sure it is completely dry.
  2. Put a little amount of scratch remover to your towel and start polishing the scratch with it.
  3. Use circular as well as side to side motions while applying moderate pressure on the microfibre towel.
  4. Wipe the area with a dry microfibre towel and Voila! Your scratch is repaired.

Please note that this whole process can be repeated once more if you feel a little more finishing is required.

How can you fix a Deep Scratch?


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Sometimes when you are looking for solutions on How to fix Scratches on Car, you notice that it is a deep scratch. It means when you are touching the scratch, your fingernail can slightly feel it. This requires a little more treatment to be repaired fully. Here you do not only have to do a Clear Coat Repair but work on the Colour Coat layer also.

You would need a good quality Scratch Removal Kit for fixing this kind of scratch. You can find many such good kits on Amazon. You would also need a microfibre towel as it is very soft. Go through the following steps to get a clear understanding of the whole procedure:

  1. Thoroughly clean up the area around the scratch and let it dry fully.
  2. Use the sandpaper provided inside the Kit, and sand the scratch with it while simultaneously lubricating it with water. Patiently do this step till the scratch has been removed.
  3. Use the compounding pad and the rubbing compound to remove the haziness on the scratch area. You may notice there is still some finishing that has to be done to make it flawless.
  4. Use the polishing pad and apply that polish with the help of a drill and continue with this step until you achieve the desired shine.
  5. You may notice the magic already happening in front of your eyes, but just one more step for extra protection is to be done. A generous layer of paste wax has to be applied so that it seals everything. Now the scratch and the area around it are fully homogenous with the rest of the car surface.

How can you prevent the need for Car Scratch Repair?

Preventing Scratches
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No one intentionally puts scratches on their beloved and valuable cars. But sometimes, because of a little careless attitude, we end up contributing towards putting scratches on our cars. There are many places in your car where you may notice frequent scratches happen.

For example- Door Handles.

It is because sometimes your nails, your keys, or any other sharp object in your hands may accidentally rub against the car door handle. So the best way to prevent your car from getting scratches is to take extra care while opening or closing your car door handles.

Sometimes when we wash our cars either by hands or at the car wash, it does more harm than good. This is because the dirt in the sponge that you use acts as a gritty element and scratches the surface of the car. Therefore, to prevent your car further, it is advisable to avoid Touch Car Wash and using a sponge. Using a soft cloth instead is highly recommended to safeguard the car surface.

Please remember, that ‘Caution is the key.’ You may not be able to control all the scratches, but you can surely minimize the frequency and degree of them by your actions.