All You Need To Know About Fashion Footwear

Like jewelry and clothing, footwear has also entered the world of fashion. Footwear also stands on equal position when it is about selecting fashion accessories. As in case of other things, when it comes to fashion footwear selection choices vary from person to person. For some, high heels are a fashion footwear symbol while for other flats is their choice and no doubt every style carry fashion in one or the other way. It is just that it should prove to be an appealing combo when summed up with your outfit.

Though there are numberless stores proposing footwear of all types that are in vogue but Fashion Footwear store is such a destination that will surely help you to make the right choice out of many. It can be said, the ones with every taste and color as per your desire. If your footwear is a perfect choice it is sure to embellish your whole personality along with your outfit too. In today’s busy schedule, every customer wants all things with different taste under one roof so that different choices can be satisfied at the same time. For an example: If a person wish to purchase a casual and a formal footwear, he need not to search two different stores rather getting both tastes at one place will make him more happy and satisfied.



When we talk about ordinary footwear for men all these are marked under one list like: sport shoes, tennis shoes, regular ones, sneakers, sandals etc but when we talk about fashion footwear for men it could be anything apart from or imbibed in these that add a style statement along with a comfort level to the wearer. Similarly, everything from sandals to flats, ballet to boot shoes, formal to casual shoes, wedges to flip flops when blended with the tinge of fashion and style become fashion footwear.

Stores like Fashion Footwear offer a huge variety of footwear with endless diversity for every age group. If you wish to compeer with your wearing you can go for any color that matches your dress color and adds grace to your personality. It could be any black, white, pick, red, yellow etc. But if you want something that suits ‘one in all’ you can go for multicolor footwear that will also give a chic look to your each and every attire.

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Four most important factors that cannot be ignored while purchasing fashion footwear for any age group is that it should be qualitative, comfortable, and durable and justify their pricing. It is worthless to buy any such fashion footwear which does not meet these factors and this is only possible in case if purchase is made from trust worthy store. It should not matter even if it is little costlier because what you get in return is a complete package of happiness and satisfaction.

Last but not the least, one thing that only you can take care off is, the ‘maintenance’ of your footwear. All you need to do is: Take good care by keeping them neat and clean. Secondly, place them at the right place where they do not get cut or rugged. This will increase their long lastingness.



Lip piercing

There are several varieties of lip piercing in the market to go for. Lips are the most delicate part of our body so it takes a little more time to heal. Approximate healing time of lip piercing is about 2 to 3 months.

Lip piercing needs extra care as there are high chances of infection if the piercing is not taken care of properly, bacteria in and around the mouth may increase the risk of infection to much larger scale.

At times it is peculiar just after piercing as your jeweler can hit your teeth and gums directly, therefore to settle it or to make it habitual,you may need some time. Try to keep your mouth clean and dry so it is preferable to avoid crispy food mostly.

In lip piercing, swelling and bleeding is quite normal and here are some new and effective ways of reducing lip swelling:


  1. COLD COMPRESS AND ICE CUBES: The best and easy way to reduce swelling is applying cold compress using ice cubes. Put some ice cubes in cotton cloth or a paper towel and place it on the affected area. Do it till your swelling gets down and repeat it after every 10 to 15 minutes. Never use ice cubes on affected area directly as it can damage the lips tissue.



  1. TURMERIC POWDER: Turmeric is highly known for its healing property. You can use turmeric powder to get rid of swollen lips. For this, you will need turmeric, cold water, and some fuller’s earth. Mix all of them well and make ointment, apply it on affected area and let it dry then wash it carefully with warm water. Repeat this twice a day for quicker and better results.



  1. ALOE VERA GEL: If your pierced area is highly infected, then aloe Vera gel is best to opt. Aloe Vera is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. To use aloe Vera gel you can either buy ready-made gel or you can extract some juice from fresh aloe Vera and massage it gently on the affected area for two to three times a day.



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  1. TEA TREE OIL AND ALOE VERA: Instead of directly using tea tree oil, you can mix tea tree oil and aloe Vera gel in 2:1 proportion and apply it on affected area, washing it off with cold water after it gets dry. You can use this mixture numbers of times in a day if your swelling does not reduce.



  1. BAKING SODA: Baking soda is also a good option to reduce swelling. To use it, take about one tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with water till it turns out in the thick paste. Now apply it on affected area and let it stay until it dries then wash it with cold water. Use it till swelling subsides.



  1. HONEY: Honey has antibacterial properties which lead to getting rid of swollen lips. It will keep your lips moisturize, prevent infection and reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. Dip a cotton ball in honey and apply it on affected area, leave it for about 20 minutes and rinse it with cold water. Repeat it 2 to 3 times a day.



  1. BLACK TEA BAG: Black tea contains astringent quality and a compound known as tannins which can reduce swelling particularly in the soft tissues of the lips. For applying it, soak a black tea bag in warm water for about 10 minutes, remove the bag from water and let the water cool down. Gently rub it on lips for 10 minutes. Repeat it several times in a day for better results.



  1. SALT: Salt contains natural disinfectant property which helps to kill germs that may cause infection in a cut. Add a tablespoon of salt in warm water and apply it on affected area with the help of a cotton ball. Initially, there will be a burning sensation, but this is very useful in lowering down the swelling. You can do this once or twice a day.



  1. WARM COMPRESS: Similarly to cold compression, hot compression is another effective way to treat a swollen lip. It will improve the blood circulation in the lips and reduce the accumulation of blood in the swollen area, which will help in reducing swelling and inflammation. If you have heating pad, you can use that otherwise soak a clean cloth in warm water and wire out the excess water. Apply it over your lips for 10 minutes. Repeat it after every hour.



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  1. WITCH HAZEL: Witch hazel can do wonders to reduce swelling. It can soothe the pain and clean the cut. Mix one tablespoon of witch hazel with one-half teaspoon of salt. Now take a cotton ball and apply it on affected areas and leave it for about 30 minutes then wash it off with cold water. Repeat it frequently to get the best results.




Some tips about healing aftercare of lips piercing:

  • Avoid eating, smoking and drinking within the first three hours of the piercing.
  • Avert alcohol, tobacco, and drugs just before and after piercing and till the wound is completely healed.
  • Wash your hands every time before touching your piercing.
  • Use a new and soft-bristled toothbrush and keep it clean.
  • Brush twice or thrice a day and try to keep your mouth clean and dry.
  • Don’t share your cups, plates and other eating utensils.
  • Always keep your mouth sanitized.


Tips on how to clean infected lip piercing:

1)   Wash your hands before cleaning your affected area. It will reduce the chances of re-infection.

2)   Use an antibacterial mouthwash that is alcohol-free, clean the area around the piercing at least twice a day.

3)   On the outside part of your mouth, you can use antibacterial soap or warm water to clean that part.

4)   Keep your lip jewelry clean all the time it will reduce the healing time.

In the conclusion, we would like you to try these basic and effective tips to take care of your piercing. These tips should be followed by everyone who got pierced to reduce chances of infection. So take care of yourself and stay safe. Happy piercing!

Eyebrow piercing

Body piercing is getting immensely popular among the youth nowadays, and out of all the different kinds of body piercing “eyebrow piercing” is the most famous. Eyebrow piercing is also among the most visible body piercing. Eyebrow piercing has become a fashion statement among the youths. There are lots of people that have got and want to get eyebrow piercing performed. Ordinarily eyebrow piercing is done in a vertical pattern and commonly pierced at the end of the eyebrow, but it can be done at any extent of the eyebrow as one desire.





Basically, three types of jewelry are available for eyebrow piercing and mixtures of colors are available in each type of jewelry. The pressure of piercing depends upon the type of jewelry. And the types of jewelry which often used are:

  • Barbells
  • Curved barbells
  • And captive bead rings.



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Pain of eyebrow piercing:

Trying or experimenting something new on our body gives so much of excitement and Goosebumps. The nervousness level can be high and so many things cross our mind at that point of time. But believe me after getting pierced your pain will change into excitement and you will feel good. The hurting level is not as one thinks and it’s the same amount of pain which you experience while eyebrow plucking. On scale of 1 to 10 hurting level of eyebrow piercing is 3 and aren’t we mature enough to bear that much of pain? So if you are thinking about eyebrow piercing than go and enjoy the experience. You need not to be anxious at all.



Aftercare is so important while getting any kind of piercing; else your piercing can lead to infection or may require extra time to get healed. There are some normal things of which you have to take care; you need not put any extra effort on that. Some of the tips are:

  • My mother used to say don’t eat “Bengal gram” on the piercing day, otherwise your piercing will definitely get infected and it’s so true.
  • Don’t touch the pierced part without washing your hands.
  • Clean the piercing spot regularly by applying warm saline water with the help of cotton ball.
  • While taking shower or washing your face, clean the pierced area with mild soap or body       wash.
  • Use disposable tissues or paper towel to clean your pierced area. And always try to keep your pierced area dry.
  • Avoid plucking or threading your pierced eyebrow.
  • Do not apply makeup, lotions, cream and antibiotic ointments over the piercing.
  • Avoid sleeping on the pierced side.
  • If you use hair spray on regular basis then always make sure it doesn’t affect your pierced area.


Cost of the piercing depends on so many factors such as:

  • The location and popularity of the piercing studio. If a studio is flooded with the customers every time and is highly popular than be ready your artist will definitely charge high.
  • Another factor on which price depend is on the material or jewelry which is used while performing piercing. The healing time is directly proportional to the jewelry selected.
  • The cost of piercing can range anywhere between Rs. 2333 to Rs. 3000 and the additional cost of jewelry which are used to pierce can vary anything between Rs. 1000 to 2333 rupees and by adding all the different costs, the approx cost of eyebrow piercing can range anything between Rs. 3655 to Rs. 3998.



Approximately 6 months are needed to heal piercing completely, but the initial 6 to 8 months after piercing are quite critical and requires extra care. After 10 to 12 months, you can change your jewelry. It is quite normal to have the white crust or yellow discharge at the area of your piercing during healing period. One can have some makeup on daily basis but should try to avoid the pierced area, it can cause irritation and excess use of makeup may lead to infection.





  • With the help of a hollow medical needle, eyebrow piercing can be performed.
  • The needle is put into that part of the body where the piercing is to be done, but it does not penetrate all the way through.
  • When eyebrow piercing is performed, the jewelry to be worn is shoved through the opening, dragging the rear of the needle.


RISKS OF EYEBROW PIERCING: Some common eyebrow piercing risks are:


    INFECTION: Lack of care could lead to serious infections such as blood poisoning.

    ALLERGIC REACTION: Some people are allergic to a particular metal, so usage of such metals can lead to severe allergic reactions.

   NERVE DAMAGE: If a piercing is not positioned cautiously, it can penetrate a nerve, detaching it and making the adjoining area devoid of any sensation.



1)   VERTICAL EYEBROW PIERCING: This is a most popular type of eyebrow piercing that is done vertically on your eyebrow ridge. This piercing is usually performed on 35-degree angle from the side corner of your eye. This type of piercing is done just below or above the eyebrows.


2)   HORIZONTAL EYEBROW PIERCING: In horizontal eyebrow piercing, the jewelry is placed horizontally on someone’s upper eyebrow ridge. This is done commonly on the surface bar, thus making the surface bar go perpendicularly into someone’s skin.




3)   ANTIEYEBROW PIERCING: Anti eyebrow piercing is also known as teardrop brow piercing, where a piercing is placed as if you had an upside down face. The anti-eyebrow piercing is therefore done on the lower side of eyes instead of the usual eyebrow position.



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This is all about the eyebrow piercing; if you are interested in changing your look and opting for some cool look, eyebrow piercing can be a good choice. Always choose a good artist to get yourself pierced. Be safe and keep experimenting with your look. Have fun!!!!

For any queries, do ask in the comment box below!

Be Photogenic… 25 Hacks To Ace A Perfect Picture Click

With the trending phones and the urge to have good display pictures for social media websites, all of us are somehow becoming picture freaks. Well that’s fun too, isn’t it? Whether it be selfies, groupfies, snap chats or solos we always try to look our best. However, it isn’t that easy to ace the perfect click which is an obvious reason that behind one profile picture there are 99 or more non-satisfying pictures which deserves an immediate delete. In situation like such, we usually wonder what all those models and magazine queens do to portrait their best in every picture. Well, this need not to remain a secret anymore. We reveal to you some mind-blowing tricks to get the perfect shot in one go; all you would need to do is to read and understand them carefully and then apply while you click your next photo. If you note down these tricks and follow them then we can assure you that next time when you will get ready and look the most beautiful these pictures won’t be able to ditch you by not displaying the same.

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  1. If your eyes are sensitive and you often blink your eyes frequently while taking a picture which ruins the click, then to prevent this just shut your eyes close exactly before the click then open your eyes slowly and immediately click the picture. This will ensure that your beautiful eye gets captured in the shot perfectly and doesn’t give a half asleep look.
  2. While we try to experiment with the angles of the camera to get a stunning picture, he double chin often restricts the creativity, thus to make sure your double chin doesn’t show up; just keep your neck elongated and stretch your chin a bit forward, also try to click pictures from a relatively higher level to your face this will help to enhance the look of your face bones and avoid double chin.
  3. Patchy and pale makeup can also lead to imperfect pictures, thus make sure to put up makeup that matches your skin and blends well in your skin.
  4. Always focus on the beauty of your eyes. To any still image eyes are the focal points so the deeper and bigger your eyes look in the picture the more mesmerizing the picture will look. Therefore decorate your eyes beautifully with a good quality mascara, kohl and eyeliner.
  5. If you will assess the best pictures of yours who would be noticing some pattern, which means that there would surely be an angle from where your picture looks much better than from others. Attempt to replicate those angles and possess along with some creativity to get some great shots.
  6. As it is said Stratum always works thus one prominent way to ensure a flawless grin on your face while you pose for the perfect picture is that while you smile place your tongue at the back of your teeth, try it!
  7. Do not ever underestimate your features specially your eyebrows, at times the density of the eyebrow sharpens the features and appears better in images.
  8. Hair, the most important aspect to be looked upon because they have both the tendency and audacity to destroy any picture. Therefore make sure your hair look shiny and are well untangled before you click the picture.
  9. Red eyes that sometimes get reflected in pictures make you look no less than a ell dressed monster, but don’t worry we have a trick to avoid this. What you can do is look straight to the light exactly before you face the camera. You might be wondering how will it help, right? The light will help your pupil shrink, so when the photo will be clicked the flash wouldn’t reflect in your eyes.
  10. Another amazing way to make your eyes look wider and fresh is to pour a few drops of Visine in your eyes.
  11. It sometime you get caught into a sudden photo session, then to get immediate glow on your face, take a napkin or tissue and cleanse your face with it. After the cleansing is done to get a glowing, rosy red appearance on your cheeks just lightly pinch the area of your cheek bones.
  12. We suggest you to apply light pink blush on your bones of cheeks. This color variance will get a better texture to the skin and add dimensions to it.
  13. Experiment with the angles you click your photo in, instead of trying the hit and trial method notice which profile is the best when it comes to capturing and pose accordingly.
  14. If your problem is that your body looks wide and broad in pictures, trying this cliché pose can make you appear thinner and leaner. To get into this pose your body should be angled sideways with face facing the camera straight and the hands should be place on the hips.
  15. No, where we recommend you light soft blush oh cheeks to appear better on the photo, on the other hand we would strictly say no to put on something shimmery. It is because even a pinch of shimmer on the face can appear to be a lot in pictures, so if you use a shimmer ace powder or concealer either be very sure of how much and in what ways otherwise don’t do it or you will overdo it instead give a matte look to the base and contour sharp bones like the nose bridge and temples with highlighters of soft sheen.
  16. However, not on the face but a touch of shimmer of soft sheen under your neck will help you portray a better and smooth complexion.
  17. Not just your face, posture, camera angles etc. defines the beauty of a picture, but a background plays an important role too. So while opting a background choose the lighter one, say a white wall for an instance. It is because if the background is light the focus gets onto the ace and it helps your face look bright and glowing.
  18. Do not go with dark lip color shades instead choose the brighter ones. The reason behind this theory is that dark lip colors have belittling impact on lips and doesn’t make them outstand therefore opting bright and beautiful colors would be a better option.
  19. If you think that you are not that photogenic like others are, then it is just your misconception. Because people who feel that they do not fit into photographs tend to click lesser photographs and that’s why they could not explore all the dimensions, angles and the best profile of their faces. Therefore begin it and in the starting let the photographer take numerous pictures, notice the pattern among them, see what can be corrected and pose again, soon you will be better than a professional.
  20. Another cliché note is that the pictures taken from higher angles are more likely to look good that the one taken from angles below your face level. Consider this old school trick to crack the code to a mesmerizing picture.
  21. While you pose for a picture, lights around you do matter. So if there is direct source of light we would suggest you not to stand facing towards it or even underneath it because it will lead to formation of unearthly shadows on your face. But if you find a natural source of light such as sunlight it will really make your face shine and help you hack an aced photograph.
  22. Holding a beautiful property such as flowers in hands and posing along with it can help you attain a better and relaxed posture leading to more beautiful appearance in pictures.
  23. To add a gleam to your eyes, focus your eyes to a source of light, make sure not too bright one but a subtle small source of light such as a lamp. This will make your eyes lit up adding a flattering sparkle.
  24. Be simple yet stylish while clicking any pose as Simplicity displays beauty at its best. For a perfect pose, it is important your hair to look equally amazing. So, for this you can apply dry oil or a nice pomatum with light hands and give a distinct look to yourself.
  25. Undoubtedly, a smile looks so fake when you make it appear by saying ‘cheese’, so let go off this age old method and instead actually joke around with the photographer this will help you get that natural, pretty and spellbinding smile.

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So here you go!! Get up and try a few tricks among them. We hope that they will help you for sure and next time when you get a perfect display picture, it will definitely remind you of us.

Stay beautiful, look beautiful. Happy clicking!

Image Source : Pinterest

Find A Swimsuit Online To Compliment Your Curves

Finding the right swimsuit is always difficult no matter what size you are, but if you are a plus size woman it is almost impossible to find a flattering suit at a department store. Normally, there are few if any plus size swimsuits in your size and if you do stumble upon a few items, they are some of the worst looking swimsuits ever seen. Tucked away in a dark corner of the store, plus size swimwear is often dowdy and matronly, and certainly never flattering to the curves of a bustier woman. But, now thanks to the online shopping revolution, it has become a little easier now that there is a different method to find plus size swimsuits. The internet has made the search for plus size swimsuits a lot easier. No longer do plus size women have to contend with poorly lit fitting rooms and impatient sales associates. Instead, a plus size shopper can now enjoy the hunt for the right swimsuit with just a few clicks of the mouse.

By shopping for plus size swimsuits online you will find a nearly endless supply of styles in sizes that actually fit and compliment your curves. Online retailers know how hard it is to find plus size clothing and some retailers are stocking more plus size items so that their customers are not disappointed.  There are even a number of online retailers who cater exclusively to plus size women and offer swimsuits that range from sizes eight through thirty-four. Whether you are going to a tropical island for a warm and sunny winter retreat or staying at a hotel with an inviting swimming pool or a hot tub, you can find plus size swimsuit deals online anytime of the year. This means that you won’t have to deal with fitting room dread or the stress of trying to find a swimsuit off-season — after all, there are no seasons online!


Visit a plus size retailer online like swimsuitsforall and start browsing through sexy plus size styles that you can be proud to wear to the beach. Peruse the latest trends intankinis, skirtinis, swimdresses, or high-waisted bikinis, and explore the latest in color trends, like stripes, polka dots, and even color blocking to accentuate your curvy, busty, beautiful body. No more looking and looking for your size only to find just one or two in boring old black. At swimsuitsforall, there are countless swimsuits for you to try in florals or solids, with ruching, or skirt-bottoms, or boy shorts, all designed to complement your curvy figure.

It’s time to see if online shopping for your next swimsuit is a solution for you. It has worked for so many women — now it’s your turn to find shopping satisfaction online. Start your search with an online retailer like swimsuitsforall and you’ll be able to find a racerback style flared tankini top with a high-waisted bottom or a daring, high-waisted bikini, which offers conservative coverage while still being sexy, flirty, and fun. For the best deals in tankinis and other great styles, visit to find the latest trends in sexy swimwear. Take advantage of fall clearance deals as the styles shift from summer to winter — you’re guaranteed to find deals in your preferred colors and styles that you won’t want to pass up.

Nose Piercing : how much time will it take to heal?

Want to go for nose piercing? It is one of the most common and kind of compulsory custom for Indian females to get their nose pierced before marriage. But, do you dread getting this thing done? Well, if you are, let me tell you some tips and facts about this not-so-happy practice.

After an earlobe piercing, nostril is the second prominent place to be pierced. Getting your body pierced is always a rousing inclusion to your look. This excitement can change into incubus if the area gets infected after piercing. Having your nose pierced is such a wonderful way to adorn or accent your face but wait, are you pampering it right?


Healing process after nose piercing takes quite a time. Familiarize yourself with genuine care techniques so that your piercing heals as quickly and uneventfully as possible. It’s very important to follow the aftercare tips provided when you pierce.


  • Touch your piercing as less as possible. But when you touch it, always wash your hands and do not let anyone touch your piercing at least for six weeks.
  • Cleanse your piercing regularly with an antimicrobial or antibacterial soap. Antimicrobial soaps work better because they eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungus. Use branded antimicrobial soap. You can also try to speed up your nose piercing healing with Almay’s Hypo-care. Soaps with high content of dyes and scents can irritate your piercing, so make sure to avoid them.
  • Never use hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol. Both of them are excellent germ killers, but they are only use for unbroken skin. They will dry out your skin or otherwise hinder your nose piercing healing.
  • Avoid putting makeup on your piercing and remove stale makeup that’s been placed near it. Dry the area by patting it with a paper towel or facial tissue as cloth towel carry too much germs.
  • Do not use cosmetic products such as hair sprays or skin lotions unless you are sure that you have taken appropriate measure to protect your piercing. They contain ingredients that can irritate your healing skin.
  • If you smoke, then slow down or stop until your piercing heals. It’s true that tar, resin, and smoke residue can accumulate on or around the piercing site.
  • If your piercing begins to look infected, you might see a yellowish boil or a pimple. If you have oily skin, antibacterial soap is used but you can also use warm salt water soaks to relieve discomfort and to help the skin heal. It’s best to look for a saline product that contains sea salt; the iodine in table salt can irritate your piercing.

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Do not remove your jewelry unless your piercing professional instructs you to do so, because you run the risk of trapping the infection inside your skin.



  • A sea salt solution is a good idea while your piercing heals if there is no infection. It provides a good way to remove the crusts that accumulate around the piercing or on the jewelry. It will also draw impurities from the skin. Many people also say it feels comfortable and relieves itching during their nose piercing healing process!
  • If you choose a nostril screw as your first jewelry at the time of the piercing, take extra care that it doesn’t get caught in your clothing or on your towel.
  • Avoid swimming while your piercing heals, but if you must go then cover it with a water proof bandage.
  • Try to sleep on your back or on the side; away from your piercing. It will heal faster if you don’t have your face on the pillow and the jewelry will be less likely to pull on your healing abilities. Drink plenty of water, eat extra protein as it helps your body to build new skin tissue. These are really good recommendations while you are recovering from a healing!
  • Always look for fine quality jewelry for your piercing. Nothing less than 14k gold or possibly stainless steel should be used for your first nose jewelry.



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Sometimes a piercing will obviously be infected. Other times, the infection might not be so easy to identify. When you first get a piercing done, there might be some initial bleeding, swelling around the piercing site, sensitivity, bruising, itchy irritation, and a whitish-yellow discharge (which is not pus) coming from the piercing. The discharge can form some crust on the jewelry, but that crust formation is okay and normal. Knowing the difference between normal side effects after having a piercing done, infection side effects can help you treat your infection better. Some of the most common signs that your piercing is infected are:

  • Persistent itchiness and/or redness that continues after the normal healing period.
  • Persistent soreness and tenderness that continues after the normal healing period.
  • A hot, burning sensation.
  • Yellow-green seepage of liquid, such as pus or blood, from the hole.
  • Bad smells coming from the piercing site.

Healing time of piercing largely depends on the professional who did the piercing. Nose piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely and it also depends on the skin type. Once you are pierced, you should not change your jewelry at least for 6 to 8 weeks and if you want to change your jewelry in the healing period, you should proceed to professional piercer to do so. Do not do it by yourself.

Well, to sum up, you need to take these proper measures to let it work for you or if something bad happens, immediately consults a doctor. But, do it all without fear!

Because as they say: Girls, you need to bear some pain to have some gain! Cheers!

Feel free to leave the comments or any query below! Happy piercing!

How Tattoos can harm your skin ?

What comes in our mind when we hear the word “TATTOO”?
Probably some bikers or rock stars showing off their skin, tattoos on celebrities ranging from name tattoos to something that they strongly believe in or idolize and even young girls showing off their butterfly tattoos or angel tattoos. This is the picture that comes in our head almost instantly and it also appears quite intriguing to some who even admire these people and their tattoos. Tattoos weren’t in people’s interest earlier but now, they have entered the mainstream and people from young adults to old ones, children to teenagers, all think of getting a tattoo at some or other point in their life. There are plenty of tattoo shops boards flashing a red light that says: “tattoos for men” or
“tattoos for women” to brag some attention from the people passing by.
But BEWARE! We should ponder some words of wisdom to begin with: “Always think before you ink”. People sometimes take just a fraction of seconds to think with their own head rather than just following the crowd. They are never bothered to even know the complications that might occur after getting tattooed and then after it is all done, they rant about themselves being ill-informed and blame it all on the circumstances. You don’t want to do the same, right?
The image might be appealing but it is quite deceiving too. You actually aren’t aware of the threats it hides within. So, here is a quick guide to tell you everything you need to know when it comes to your safety and if you are planning on getting inked!

1. To start, first of all it hurts!! It is a really painful process to get a tattoo and one needs to be strong enough to go through all that process which, in fact is no less than a torture on skin.
Let’s dig it more deeply: The tattoo process involves penetration of ink needle into the skin repeatedly and a tattoo takes about 1-2 hours at least and if the figure or symbol to be tattooed is complicated, it might even take more hours sitting that awkward way and taking up all the pain. So, just imagine it as multiple hours of needle penetration into the skin which is traumatizing for you. Not all are brave and strong enough. Are they?

2. The agony doesn’t end with the pain during the process, it is much more sometimes after the tattoo is been made.
Let’s come to the complications it might lead to: Getting a tattoo done is not safe. I repeat, it is not at all safe!
It might lead to some infections. The reports from various surveys indicate the involvement of Mycobacterium bacteria which is the cause of many serious skin problems ranging from mild rash to even serious abscesses that require surgery and several months of antibiotic therapy. Some infections aren’t common but they do occur, so they cannot be overlooked. Evidence suggests presence of some bacteria which is difficult to treat and it infects the whole body making the tattoo its base. These infections do not find a way with everyone but yes, in many cases they certainly are present. The most common reasons of these infections are:

a. The artist and his studio: Not all the artists have license to run their tattoo shops and practice this profession. They might not be registered with the concerned authority nor are their techniques acceptable in some cases. Many don’t use sterile techniques and this gives home to the infection and it can spread quite easily. Sterile techniques refer to the use of sterilizing tools, sterilized needles, washing hands, using gloves and even using sterilized water to dilute the tattoo ink. Some states and countries have even set standards but not every artist follows that.

b. The tattoo ink: Tattoo ink is nothing but a cosmetic product. It needs to get approved before being used but as certain standards have not been laid down properly, people aren’t aware of the good or bad products and are mistaken sometimes. This definitely is quite bad as someone might end up getting into inevitable circumstances. Also, a proper authority has not been formed regarding this act, so no proper check holds the place. After all, the tattoo is just a puncture wound made deep into the skin filled with a cosmetic ink.

What can be done to ensure you are undergoing safe tattooing?

a. First, get the tattoo done only from a licensed or registered tattoo artist. This would reduce the complications to a bare minimum.
b. Always ask the artist about the sterilization techniques he/she uses and make sure he/she has the experience tattooing.

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c. During the process, always see if the artist uses sterile new needle and wears a new pair of gloves. If he doesn’t, make him do that immediately.

Having a tattoo done without infection is a testament to safe practices of an artist and the ability of human body to resist the infection. But after the initial care, it is important to prevent any kind of infection from haunting you later in life. So, here are some measures you should follow:
a. After a tattoo session is over, take off the bandage within three to five hours. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water and then wash the tattooed skin. Pat dry with a paper towel or clean cloth towel.
b. Allow the skin to air dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Then apply a very thin layer of Vaseline, Aquaphor, or other ointment.
c. Repeat the washing, drying, and moisturizing process three to four times a day for four days.
d. When the tattooed skin starts to shed a thin flaky layer of skin, do not scratch or pick at it. At this point, you can switch to a moisturizer—don’t let your tattoo dried out for the first few weeks.

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e. Call your doctor—not the tattoo artist—if redness or swelling persists after a few days or you have a fever or you notice a rash in or around the tattoo.
6. Last but not the least, quite a few people are fickle minded and they don’t stick to their decisions for long, they might do something one day and the other day regret it. Tattoos are permanent, once done, it is nearly impossible to get it removed. So you need to be double sure before getting a tattoo as it would be a mark on you forever. Though nowadays, some techniques for tattoo removal have queued up but they are not only expensive but the pain they deliver is excruciating and not in the least terms delighting or easy; to be honest!


So, you have been told what all it is and what all harmful effects it may cause. So now, it is your call and your wish to decide but you should always know the repercussions of your actions and should accept the situations it might lead you to. So to conclude with: Happy and safe tattooing.*sarcasm intended*
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What is the new talk of the fashion town, these days? It is none other than the Aztec Prints which has captured the hearts and minds of one and all. Aztec prints are said to be inspired from the tribal prints which appear to look graciously graphic and extremely stylish yet elegant. To acknowledge you, Ancient Aztec clothes were introduced to the world by the tribal people who formed the Aztec Empire in Central Mexico. This print which has been originated from the cultural group of Central Mexico has superbly succeeded in stamping the ramp and retail permanently. It adds attribute and character to the look of wearer in abundance. The Aztec prints are so cool and funky that they can be accompanied with anything and the best part is, they will still bestow you with a vibrant look. These prints imbibe of different solid shapes like triangles, circles, outlining etc with any of the two, vibrant and decent colors on the fabric, as per your choice. Though, even being listed on the top in the rating of latest trend, this print is not worn by many, but once you wear it with a proper styling, you are sure to fall in love with it. This Aztec print is a mixture of polkas, dots, stripes, chevrons and many more. The debut of the Aztec print was conducted on the modern runway in the year 2009 at the famous Matthew Williamson Spring /Summer Show.


Aztec prints have been highly successful in capturing the fashion industry too and hence turned up to be a great source of inspiration for all the fashion divas out there throughout the entire world. The attractive color combinations, the distinct looking shapes and the combination of various styles and patterns have been the reason behind its craze and cult. Any simple or trendy accessory when added to the company of Aztec Prints, gives it a complete look. Nothing has been left untouched by the hue of such crazy looking print. Right from head to toe, everything you wear can have Aztec print involved in it. So, one can imagine the popularity and increasing love for these. Here we will guide you on how can you pop up your look with Aztec printed leggings, Aztec printed skirts, Aztec tops, Aztec scarves, Aztec nail prints and various other Aztec accessories. For instance: If you have planned a Saturday night out at disco, Aztec printed shoes or sandals with any of your attire will add to the eve. Its morning and your boss ring you to call office immediately for an urgent meet, just get ready with any Aztec formal wear and be there on the given time. The meeting will have all eyes attracted towards you. Moreover, if it is about your meet with your beloved, carrying an Aztec printed clutch or handbag will also mark a statement of style. Anything and everything goes perfect when it comes to Aztec.

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One need not to be bounded by any peculiar occasion, event, and seasons or time to wear this print. You can enjoy wearing it whenever you wish. Even if it is your personal choice to go according to the seasons of the year, you can introduce a style statement in every season of the year.

Aztec Prints for summers: In summers, when you want nutritious Vitamin D for your body and want to enjoy the hotness too, you can opt for an Aztec printed bikini. Turn fresh and saucy hottie, for a hot weather! You can even try for Aztec printed cotton kurtis, if you have planned a date out during summer.


Aztec Prints for winters: During winter, Aztec printed leggings will go best with a short leather jacket. In addition, you can encircle an Aztec scarf around your neckline to become the head turner wherever you walk. Another idea could be to flaunt yourself by wearing an Aztec printed sweater along with simple denim jeans. Any of such ideas can make your winters go trendy.




The style celebrity and famous Singer, Beyonce is a super fan of Aztec printed dresses especially the Aztec printed crop tops with high waists skirts. In the year 2012, March, during Paris Fashion Week, the brilliant fashion designer, Manish Arora also captured the rich hue of bright and vivid Aztec prints in the dresses designed by him. They had fuzzy edges as if designed with spray paint, was his creativity. The renowned accessory designer, Mallini Agrawalla from accessory label Malaga, quoted in her words, “”The beauty of Aztec prints is that they are adaptable and flexible. They come in gorgeous shades that appeal to the Indian sensibility and recent western fascination with colors that pop.” The Bollywood movie, Cocktail featuring Diana Penty and Deepika Padukone, also captured our attention with both of them wearing many Aztec printed outfits. Their simple and trendy look respectively made many audiences to fall in love with them. Such is the magic of Aztec Prints. On one hand where Deepika showcased the Aztec printed tops on miniskirts similarly on the other hand Diana showcased Aztec printed playsuits. You can even witness this by looking at the poster of the film. All in all, the celebrities love for Aztec prints is reaching its peak. So, are you all set to flaunt in a celebrity style look?


Not only ladies, but men can also enjoy the magic of Aztec Prints. There are various options for men too like: pair of socks, handkerchiefs, T-shirts or even backpack. If you do not love the bold prints much then there is a variety that can exhibit one color with all type of shades to choose any. You can even go for a simple and elegant T-shirt with an Aztec Printed pocket. How about sober jeans with Aztec printed pockets at the back? Designers are working hard on creating Aztec printed menswear that is really subtle for men to wear.



Aztec printed leggings can go well with any of these: large sized T-shirts, subtle looking tees, knit tops, crop tops and even chiffon blouses. Depending on your choice, you can go with either multiple colored legging or with single or dual colored Aztec printed leggings. To add on, a simple clutch in the shape of envelope is the best accessory to carry with such Aztec attire. When it comes to choosing footwear, you can either go for high heels or ankle boots. So from top to bottom, you have come to know how to wear Aztec printed leggings.


Though denim is the first choice of everyone because of its comfy feel and trendy look but Aztec Printed Cardigan can also be best accompanied with skirts and leggings, any of the two even. Prefer bold prints, if you have no objection. For more stylish look, long length necklace or funky looking pendants can also be worn. High heeled footwear will add five stars to your complete personality.



Introduce a chunky style accessory embellishing your neck or your wrist, with any Aztec printed attire of yours. You can even opt for necklaces fastened with strikingly different buttons to become the centre of attraction. If your top is Aztec printed, make sure the bottom you wear should be simple and decent and vice-versa. In addition, always wear single colored footwear with any of your Aztec printed dress.



Aztec printed skirts looks lovely when you wear them with wither denim tees or buttoned chiffon tops. Funky looking bracelet and thick long neckwear will be the best accessory to go with Aztec printed skirts. Though high toes shoes will look awesome but also carry an additional pair of flats, if you are heading towards a disco party. This will help you to relax your aching feet which happened due to dancing.



Apart from Aztec printed clothing, can you imagine that the fashion world brings you uncountable Aztec printed accessories too? You will be shocked to know that the list is too long to describe all of them but to highlight, few amongst them that have these prints are: phone covers, watches, earrings, phone cases, handbags, scarves, frames of spectacles, hair bands, clutches, hair pins, flats and many others. The good part is that one can carry any of this anywhere and anytime. No special occasion or event is required to do so. Such Aztec printed accessories also make a valuable and unique gift to your loved ones on any of their special days.



No one could have ever thought about this! Nail art has gained a unique place in the fashion world and has firmly conquered the hearts of uncountable young girls. For the ones who are die-hearted fans of Aztec prints; you will be glad to know that there is Aztec styling nail art also. It imbibes of a huge variety of Aztec printed nail designs. So, now the famous Aztec print is not only limited to clothes and accessories but nail art has also become a major part of it. You can apply this aesthetic nail art for any of the special occasions or any simple day of yours. Do try any of these for your kitty party and see the magic!

So, this is just the beginning of this modernized Aztec print and with the passage of time there will be lot more o come in the same regard. Bestow your look with a change that will be loved by everyone and be ready for more.

Here, we are anxiously waiting to know about your fashionable Aztec look, so please comment about your experience. Also, share if you have any new ideas and style related to trendy Aztec prints.

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Have you ever come up with such a situation that you feel kicking out some of the old T-shirts just because you are too bored of wearing them? Even, adding different accessories or anything else is not helping you much? Well, many of you… right? But did you ever try to think differently apart from getting rid of them? So, think now. Inspite of wasting new money on the same sort of T-shirts, you can design creative T-shirts with artistic cutting ideas. This can be done to alter and give a new look to your old boring tees. Mind you, one does not need to be a fashion designer or skilled in stitching and sewing. One just needs to be sure that she will do it because it is really very easy. You must also be thinking why to do so when you have so many options available in the stores of the market? Because there are many such designs which are not a part of market too and even if they are, you are priced heavily for them. To add on, this will not only re-utilize the old T-shirts but also lend them a brand new stylish look. Hanging them in your wardrobe will make you feel happy just like when you feel while wearing your own designer creation. When your friends will question you that from where did you get this stuff, you will be the one to proudly answer that you created it yourself. Imagine that feel which will make you star of your group. Doesn’t this sound great? So, what are you waiting for!! Begin it right now.


Here we bring you a superb solution to your boredom of wearing same attire repeatedly. These nineteen different artistic T-shirt cutting ideas that are really creative and simple to be executed will turn you a designer overnight. You just need a passion to do it along with little patience and time. Check them out:



Are you fed up wearing the same style T-shirt every time but you do not want to leave it as it is one of the best in your wardrobes? Not to worry, there is an idea which is just the perfect one for you and this I, designing a T-shirt simply without sleeves. Mark five inches from the bottom and let it remain the way it is. Right from the sleeves cut the t-shirt till the point where you have marked five inches. The breadth of the shoulder strap can be cut according to your wish so you have the right to make decision. Now, elongate the cut properly else the whole look will get spoiled. Hence, your simple yet stylish sleeveless T-shirt is ready to wear!



Crop tops are one of the most loved by the youth of today and when purchased from the market they cost you a good amount. Why not you try to design your own Fashion project? Sounds to be a great idea! In order to accomplish this simple DIY fashion project, you just need to pick any of your top from your wardrobe which you think will look great when turned as a Crop top. To begin with, cut the sleeves of your T-shirt in the same way as it is given in the picture below. If you want to wear the tee with a broad neckline, you can cut the neck broader like a boat neck but keep the front longer and the sides shorter in comparison. With an idea, to give your designer tee a stylish yet original look, do stretch the cuts evenly. Isn’t this an awesome idea to turn oneself as a designer instantly?



Well, if you are really good at cutting and stitching, this one is suitable for you. But this is not a good idea for the beginners at all, as it needs enough practice on scissors. Accumulate any of your old t-shirt which you want to renovate along with a pair of scissors and a marker. Now pick up your marker and at the backside of your tee, draw stencil like style. You also have an option to search any such image online and then trace it on your t-shirt back. This idea is for the ones who are not good at drawing or need no extra effort to put. With sharpen pair of scissors, start cutting the designs one after another with such perfection that they give you the best look rather than any sort of messy look. Though it is quite tough, but you can take any rough piece of cloth to practice before you do it on your tee.



A perfect example of Bow-Tie crop cut top is given right below which gives you’re a clear idea of how the steps need to be followed. If you are not good about directly using scissor for the formation of tracing lines, then the best and easiest way could be to draw these lines with the help of light marker on your t-shirt. The hem, the neck style and the sleeves should be exactly copied from the given image which is not so tough to do and you will have your own designer piece ready to wear. You will definitely mark a statement of style wherever you walk.



Now this designer neck cut tee can be tried by anyone as it is simple to be executed. Only the neck design is the main highlight of this chic looking t-shirt in the picture given below. To give a proper shape and cutting to the neck and the sleeves, you can draw the rough outline and then apply the scissors on the same. An appealing neck design gives this T-shirt the desired look. After all, who doesn’t wish to be complimented as the ‘fashion diva’ in her friend circle! There are many more T-shirt ideas coming to your way.



When DIY accessories are used to design a T-shirt they turn up to be a great designer piece and is loved by one and all. Here, the bow back design makes the tee looks really modernized and appealing. All you need to do is, form a horizontal slice from one end to the other on the backside of your T-shirt along with some cutting on the neck of your tee too. Then cumulate the back piece from upwards to downwards in such a way that a bow design is formed and do the necessary stitching so that the bow can stay permanently. Are you not able to believe on your eyes, that you are the one who created this master-piece? Well, you are!



For a strap back design, your body fit T-shirt won’t work so you will need to borrow a loose tee from your elder or younger brother whoever is good in physique. Do say him thanks because he is the one to encourage you for your new talent. Now begin with the designer process, turn your brother’s tee back side and cut out a deep V-shaped neck. Then connect the broader part of V shape with any stretchable fabric like elastic at three or more regular intervals. The color of the elastic could be same or contrast to the color of the top. It will lend the tee with look that you wish and you can wear on any casual meet of yours.



Just like its name, is its design! The best part of the T-shirt with blade cut design is that the shapes and styles can be given according to your wish. You can roughly mark the border and the designer styles and start cutting them with the scissor. As in the image given below, you can go for a designer piece like this, where on one side it is horizontal and other it is vertical. A chic looking blend of trends combined in one piece of art, will make you stand out of the crowd!



The confidence is at its heights, when you wear a designer piece of your own. Ample of creativity and exactitude is required to create such a designer T-shirt because if any detailing is incorrect, it will waste of your hard work. The whole look of your T-shirt will be spoiled. So, keep every minute thing in mind while executing this designer piece. Pick your scissor and cut the sleeves, then the neck portion and finally the shoulder. Cut them in equal proportion else unnecessary gaping will make it look obsolete rather than artistic. You can keep this designed tee for any of your special friend’s birthday and be the centre of attraction among your friends.



Make a shrug yourself! There is nothing much do in it. Pick up the T-shirt that you want to transform into a shrug and mark the centre front of it. Then enforce the scissor to go on that cut thereby extending those cuts in a shabby cut look and there you are! Wear it in the way you wish to flaunt either with the shorts or jeans, whatever you like.



If you are the one, who love the back designs the most, then this crescent moon designer piece will be loved by you a lot. As you can see in the picture given below, you need to draw a crescent moon on the back side of your T-shirt and then cut accordingly. Now, to enhance the look of this designer T-shirt, a contrast color lace can be sewed in the space of the crescent moon. The T-shirt shown in the picture, not only looks voguish but also graceful.



It looks complicated to design but is simple and quick when executed. Lay down your T-shirt with its backside and cut an unbent (straight) slit in such a way that the top portion of the T-shirt looks like a sober long piece. It will look like a reversed ‘V’ on the back bottom portion so cut down the fabric of the tee to acquire such an angle. Then add a Velcro on the opposite side just as given in the image underneath. What a superb look a simple tee has been bestowed with!



Are you planning your first date with your beloved and want to wear something that makes it memorable forever in your lives? Here is the right choice baby. First and foremost, turn your simple T-shirt into a cropped one and then sketch a heart shape on the back side of the tee. Once done it accurately, cut the heart shape with the scissor and twist the border by sewing. Depending on your choice, you can draw the size of the shape of the heart in your tee. A big heart shape as portrayed in the image beneath, will lend you with an ultra modernized look. You can call this a perfect blend of cropped top dipped in the hue of romance.



This do it yourself upper and lower front cut out T-shirt looks very perplexed at the first sight but when we look to it with a designer approach, the designing does not seem to be that tough. In fact, it is a superb idea to add such an outfit to your wardrobe. The best way to do it perfectly at one shot would be to draw the stencil first and then make the use of scissor. You can add more of your creativity to this designer piece if you wish. The picture describes the process in the right way. Could you have ever imagined your old tee in such a chic way??



For this Slit Right Cut T-shirt, you need to pick that T-shirt from your wardrobe which is loose in fitting and gives you a comfy feeling. Mind you that a tight fit tee won’t work well this design. So, for the ones who love a voguish look, can instantly go for this designer piece without giving a second thought! A small tight skirt or shorts will accompany this T-shirt in the best way.



With a heart shaped style at the backside of the tee was one of the creative T-shirt cutting that we had worked on and here comes another flaunting piece for your romantic eve. Choose any contrasting color inner wear with this lovely designer T-shirt. Lay the tee and draw a heart in the mid front and encircle the heart with numerous perforations in such a way that the contrast color if the inner wear is visible. Hence, this will become the Heart cut-out designer tee. Wearing this on your meet with your beloved will express your love and feelings for him automatically. There will be no need of words to do so.



This is really simple and quick to be designed. Once you have selected the T-shirt that needs to be designed by you, pick the scissor and cut the bottom of the tee in fringes so that the funky look can be given. The size, depth and thickness of the fringes can be differentiated as per the choice of the wearer but if we talk about the look, the thinner the fringes are, the more they will be in number and the better they will look. So, are you all set to design a Fringe tee yourself and show off in your friends’ group?



Here comes a Tie-Up Cut trend… A stylish example of fashion and flair! If you are planning for any beach holiday or party, this designer piece will give you the desired look. A ramp walk theme on the beach or any resort will surely make you win the accolades of many. As per the comfortable zone, one can wear it with or without inner. As given in the image below, the back of the tee is cut into numerous slots and a series of bow like design is made at different levels.



Are you super bored with your plain T-shirts and want to throw it out of the cupboard? Then, wait and give a look at the picture beneath and try out DIY sleeve cut-outs. A simple tee is turned to a designer tee. All you need to do is to aesthetically cut the sleeves of the T-shirt which is very simple to do and explore a new designer piece. Shorts will go best with such a sleeve cut out designer T-shirt.

So, do let us know with your precious comments below as to, which one you tried to design yourself and how did you feel. You can also share the additional creativity ideas with us that made these cutting ideas more stylish.

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