Christina Booth story — her life and crimes detailed

Christina Booth

Christina Booth – Christina E. Booth returned home drunk after a date night with her husband that included a movie and alcohol, and then she got up to put her children to bed: a 2-year-old daughter and twins aged 6 months. Booth said, “She struck her breaking point” once the children began to wail.]

Instead of calming her kids down for bed, Booth dashed downstairs to get a knife from the sink. When Christina sliced her children’s throats, they were in critical condition. Thomas Booth, hearing his wife Christina screaming, went in search of their wounded twins.

While pleading with Christina to phone 911, he conducted life-saving first aid on the twins. She called in to say, “My infants won’t settle down,” to the operator. I’ve tried breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, but neither seems to help them settle down. Let’s discuss everything you should know about the christina booth in detail. 

Booth, it is said, desired peace and quiet at home for her husband.

When Medics and christina booth arrived at their home, Christina was upstairs with the sobbing kids, and her husband was still at work. The kids were taken to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, where surgeons saved their lives. After talking to her parents, detectives ultimately decided to charge Christina with three charges of attempted murder.

“To commit that level of harm or injury to three vulnerable human beings,” Olympia Police Lt. Jim Costa told KIRO7. The best I can say is that I don’t think you can describe it.

Neighbors said Christina, who had been an attentive mother before Thomas returned from his second tour in Afghanistan, had been reclusive since his return. The birth of the twins occurred at that time.

According to Thomas’s story, Christina had trouble caring for the kids and was diagnosed with postpartum depression. Christina corroborated Thomas’s version of events and held him responsible for the kids’ neglect.

Christina has seen that Thomas becomes irritated when the kids are noisy and scream. Booth said that she slit her children’s throats so that she and her husband could have peace at home. I can’t even fathom having three [children] under the age of two,” Tiffany Felch, a neighbor, said. The woman was probably going through a lot.

A source close to the investigation, Lt. Jim Costa, told People that the parents’ relationship was far from harmonious. The husband and wife have been experiencing some tension due to specific dynamics. Yet there was no evidence of domestic disharmony, and neither partner had a criminal history. In response, the neighbor expressed shock, saying they had never expected something like this to happen in the neighborhood. She must have felt stuck in her circumstances, neighbor Eric Felch said. It doesn’t matter whether it’s psychological, relational, or both.

Booth’s history of sexual assault was disclosed at her sentencing hearing.

According to the probable cause statement, Christina admitted to killing all the children so Thomas’s home would be peaceful. Christina cried many times throughout the session. On several occasions, Christina said, “They will be quiet now.”

Although Booth’s children made a full recovery without suffering permanent harm, their mother’s prognosis was far less optimistic. Prosecutors had compassion for her plight but were at a loss for how to apply the law.

Authorities filed charges against her for three counts of attempted first-degree murder with a dangerous weapon, each of which carries a penalty of almost life in prison if convicted. No matter how much effort she put in, Deputy Prosecutor Craig Juris emphasized that the fact that she was unsuccessful did not change the nature of the effort. That wasn’t kind. If they made it this far, consider yourselves fortunate.

To counter this, the prosecution gave Booth a plea bargain, primarily due to Public Defender Patrick O’Connor. Christina admitted guilt on two charges of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon in the second degree and one count of aggravated assault on a minor in the first degree.

O’Connor argued that there were sufficient mitigating circumstances to warrant the reduced charges.  Karla Petersen, the Adoptive mother, testified that by the time four-year-old christina booth moved in with the family, she had already experienced many traumatic occurrences.

According to Petersen, when Christina was just two years old, she saw her mother raped and murdered. After this, she had a terrible time in foster care when she was ignored and sexually molested.

Karla elaborated by saying that physicians had first diagnosed Christina with PTSD and then later diagnosed her with postpartum depression after she gave birth as a teenager. A resurgence of Karla’s PTSD, according to Petersen, occurred after Booth’s deployment to Afghanistan and the preterm birth of her twins. After that, she said Karla was only concerned about herself and Christina.

“I believe she behaved out of desperation that night,” Petersen added. But then, she reverted to her frightened, young self. O’Connor said that the difficulties of raising three small children on one’s own might be a mitigating circumstance.

Christina was sentenced to 14 and 1/2 years in jail by Mary Sue Wilson, County Superior Court Judge. Judge also mandated that Christina undergo a mental health examination and serve three months of community detention upon her release.

When the defense asked Judge Wilson to let Booth’s kids see her in jail, he said no.

Booth, Christina.

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“I hate myself a lot,” Christina stated. “I hate myself, and I will never forgive myself.”

Thomas, who now has legal custody of the kids, said Christina is a kind, lovely, and loving person. Very out of character, he said of the attacks. Thomas continued by saying that the kids were doing OK and intended to support his wife.

Petersen and Thomas petitioned the court to let the kids see their mom while she was in jail. Countering this, the prosecution said there was no way to know whether or not the attack had any long-term psychological impact on the girls.

Booth’s motion was refused by Judge Wilson, who also ordered her to stop communicating with her children. However, the court did say that the decision may be revisited later. Petersen expressed a desire for a future reconciliation between Booth and her daughters. “Christina’s not wicked,” Karla reassured her friends. Every time she sees the girls, she inquires about their well-being.

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Who is Christina booth’s husband?

The 28-year-old and her husband, Thomas Booth, are parents to twins, ages six months, and a 2-year-old son and daughter.

What was the outcome of Christina Booth?

Christina inflicted potentially fatal injuries on her children by slashing at their necks.

What was Christina charged with?

When paramedics arrived at the Booths’ house, they found Christina and the children upstairs, weeping. Specialists at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital saved the children’s lives after they were taken there. After talking to her parents, detectives ultimately decided to charge Christina with three charges of attempted murder.

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