How To Choose Right Wall Clock For Your House

Tips buying wall clock

When it comes to decorating the walls of your, a unique looking, big, and stylish wall clock comes first in your mind. Wall Clocks are the first priority of any householder to decorate their house from traditional time to modern time. However, the use of wall clocks declined in modern times due to the introduction of new technologies and new electronic devices like digital clocks, cell phones, smartwatches, and activity trackers. 

In Spite of the technology and digital devices introduction, wall clocks still have their sight and are widely used as the interior decoration of houses. The renowned interior designers believe and recommend house owners to install unique, and antique wall clocks as they add color, class, texture, and style to your house. 

However, you may know that most of us purchase a wall clock not to check timings but to enhance the looks of our house. There are various types of wall clocks and come in different shapes, designs, and styles. Thus, buying a perfect wall clock for your house or office or cafe walls is not an effortless task. You have to explore the world of wall clocks, and then choosing a one perfect wall clock is the trick because there are so many clocks available in the offline and online stores. 

This article helps you find a perfect wall clock for your house. We gave some helpful tips to find the right wall clock for decorating the interior of your home. 

Different Types Of Wall Clocks

different types of wall clock

  • Classic: Sometimes, a simple looking clock with traditional style numbers, notches markers for hours and minutes, and ticking sound in the background that takes you to the traditional world. Most of the classic clocks look like black and white. The borders of classic clocks are usually of brown wood, black wood, or simple color looks. These days you can find classic clocks in various different styles and designs as well.
  • Wooden: If you are looking for unique wall clocks but with the touch of a classic look, then wooden clocks are the best for your house walls. Wood in the clocks is the widely used material choice and is best for making wall clocks look stunning. 
  • Modern: If you like to make your house walls look modern and find classic clocks a bit boring and unsightly for your house walls, then modern clock styles are best for houses. Modern style clocks usually don’t consist of numbers, and even don’t have notches that display hours and minutes. They come in vibrant hues and materials like sleek silvers, metals, and others. Such wall clocks strike and grab the attention of your visitors. tips to buy right wall clock 
  • Silent: This type of wall clock is now the recent trend. As the name suggests, silent wall clocks do not make any sound. They usually come in the classic look, but you can find different designs and styles in the clock shop.
  • Digital: Digital clocks also look great on the walls. They are usually most suited on the walls of the office, study rooms, or any working place. These types of clocks are best for your child’s study room.  
  • Atomic: An atomic clock is a kind of clock that uses the superfine transition frequency in electron or microwave transition. It makes use of the frequency in the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum in atoms as a frequency regulation for its timekeeping. The atomic clock is the most precise time and frequency standard known and is used as a prime standard for worldwide time-sharing services, to control wave frequency of tv broadcast, and as GPS in world wide navigation system.

Tips Buying Wall Clock:

tips to choose right wall clocks

Need To Consider Room Style 

What’s your room style? It is important to consider the style of the room. For example, whether you have a modular living space, then you shall choose a contemporary wall clock. It will assist you to create a modular look there in the room. You also need to check the color of your room, and you can even choose the idle tone for the wall clock. For example, consider the black color or a combo of black & white wall clock.


Select Right Color for Wall Clock

Color is something that can not be ignored when buying a clock. The highlight for your room, you may buy the clock with a color that is different than that of the furniture in your room. You also need to consider the color that is based on feng shui material. In case you want to hang your clock facing south, then you can choose the color of your clock as yellow, orange, or hot red. This will render a good and impact on family sentiments, brings happiness and romance. If your clock is facing north, then you should give priority to bright colors like white, silver, these bring luck and success in your career.


Considering Function of Your Room

how to choose wall clocks

By considering the functions of room, I mean the purpose of that specific room. It is noticed when you are looking for the right clock on the wall of your room. Perhaps, you can choose its design based on the functioning or use of your room, for example, consider you are about to put it in the dining room, guest room or in the kitchen, the design of your clock can be related to eating habits, mind refreshers and cooking would be a great idea, consider the example of the contemporary wall clock which is in the shape of utensils like spoons or fork.

Don’t Forget to Select The Perfect Size

Size is an important factor in choosing a wall clock. If the size of your room is large, it will be better to put a wall clock, which is bigger in size as the size of the clock and the size of the room must be in synchronization. It would be better to buy the traditional design wall clock with a size large enough so that it is easy to see the time in the vicinity of the room.

Select Good Quality Material 

The clock shops consist and sell wide varieties of wall clocks that are made from different materials, and it can be metallic, wooden, made of plastic or glass, etc. Mostly, the wooden clock is selected more by customers than others as it gives a better touch than any other material. The wooden clocks are mostly handmade, well finished by artists, which makes it look more worthy than the machine-made clocks, it gives your home an aesthetic look. A wooden clock placed in your room reflects that you appreciate traditional beauty and gives a serene impression.