Choosing a Blow Dryer – All Terms Explained

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As of now, you could say that we have a whole blow dryer boom. This definitely wasn’t the case before. Just a decade ago, the process for picking a blow dryer for yourself was very simple: go to your closest general store, look at a wide selection of 4 to 6 blow dryers, and choose one with the best price that isn’t absolutely horrible. You were so lucky if you got your hands on a blow dryer that isn’t all-black and at least somewhat cute.

Come back to the current day, and it seems like you need to have a higher education certificate and be an avid reader to read all of the countless reviews, as well as understand everything that is written in them. Of course, the simple, cheap blow dryers of yesterday are still available to purchase in the same, however, blow dryers have evolved quite a bit over the past decade, and it would be foolish not to make use of the updated versions of blow driers especially when they’re equipped with new useful features.

To help with the choosing part, we’ve created a list of all the usual buzz-words that blow dryer manufacturers like to label their products with. This way, the next time you see an advertisement for a blow dryer, you’ll understand every word and whether that dryer suits your need.

High Watt Count

This one is very simple: the higher the count, the more powerful the blow dryer is. This exponentially cuts down the time needed to dry your hair if you have very thick hair. Additionally, you might want to consider a high-watt blow dryer even if your hair isn’t thick.

Why? Because less powered blow dryers dry your hair by heating it rather than with the energy of the wind stream itself. So, a high-watt blow dryer will not only dry your hair faster, but also it won’t damage it.


What does ionization have to do with anything when it comes to drying your hair? Well, actually, everything. After you’ve washed your hair, inside it, there are tons of water molecules, atoms of which are positively charged. Not making it science-heavy, blow dryers with ionization give the stream of created wind stream a negative charge.

This makes the wind stream even more effective at its job, as it’s able to break down the small drops of water more quickly and eliminate any dampness from your hair. If your hair is prone to frizzing, then by employing ionization, you’ll get a sleek hairstyle every time after using a blow dryer.

Blow dryers with ionization don’t suit everyone. If your hair is prone to being extremely oily, the ionization will only worsen this effect, and it will give you dirty or oily hair look. Luckily, ionization is something that you can usually turn off in most blow dryers, so if you’re buying for a couple of people to use, then ionization might be a necessity to suit various types of hair in people.

Ceramics Heating

This commonly indicates that the manufacturer employed ceramics in the blow dryer’s heater components, instead of various metals or even plastics. What does it change? Ceramics can take in heat and dissipate heat in a more even way, and they can keep up this kind of performance throughout the lifetime of the blow dryers.

Metals, on the other hand, start great, but they lose their performance over time, becoming less even and physically bent. The plastics heater elements are the worst – blow dryers with plastic elements have the smallest lifespan and don’t perform that well at all.

Other Features

Here are some other popular features that any copy essay writer likes to put in the promos for the different blow dryers. We went over the biggest buzz-words in the industry, now let’s check out the less frequently seen ones:

  • Tourmaline. It’s a mineral compound that does the ionization process, but even more efficiently than other available methods.
  • Infrared wavelengths. This usually refers to the use of infrared generators for efficient drying of your hair. If your hair is extremely thick and long, then the infrared add-on is a must for you.
  • Titanium and Porcelain heater parts.
  • Heat adjustment. This feature is essential if your hair is thin or weak. Such hair type needs to be handled with more care, and steaming it with extremely hot air will only destroy your hair.
  • Cooled air. Great to go over dried hair to give it extra gloss and shine.

All Things Considered

Of course, don’t forget to consider the weight and the price of the blow dryer, as these are important aspects too. Some of the blow dryers that have a price that’s just a little bit more than the average market usually perform much better and have more features. Now that you’re knowledgeable in all things concerning blow dryer, you should quite easily pick out what you need.