Christmas Jewelry – 2022 Special


There’s a perfect way to make Christmas merry, shiny and bright, and you’ll certainly love the idea. The jewelry for Christmas! Either you’re looking for a gift, or just want to treat yourself and look stunning at the party, jewelry is the key. We’re going to talk about jewelry that can be considered basic, the items that are the iconic timeless classic, and the trends popular this winter for women and men. If you want to know the best jewelry to celebrate this year’s Christmas with, join in!


          And the ladies win the jackpot here, as this winter the earrings that are the overall favorite classic are making their comeback as a hot trend. The chandelier earrings could be seen in the images by famous fashion houses in spring and summer collections, but winter has finally opened all the doors for them to enter modern fashion as the central part of the look. Large crystals and stones of different colors create the earrings fit for royalty, or at least the ones ready to add aristocratic vibes to the outfit. Those are the earrings to demonstrate status and attitude towards glamour. They will definitely make your Christmas shine, just be sure you’re ready for the weight, as this year they are the ‘chandelier’ earrings not only in style, but in size as well.

          The design of earrings for guys is as expected rather simpler, but the ones we offer are just as shiny. Diamond studs for men are the option that always works. They can match the majority of outfit styles and even more, they’ll elevate your look to the whole new level. The diamond studs make a perfect compromise for the men who are not very comfortable with large flashy earrings but feel like wearing some stylish laconic ones. It may be surprising, but there are a lot of designs of studs, and typically they depend on the diamond cut. Simple yet so appealing, diamond studs for men will become a great Christmas gift, as they are practical and will suit every man.


          There’s no need to search for the best necklace to wear for the Christmas party, as we have already found one. The Tennis necklace is the must-have for every girl. This women’s diamond necklace makes it hard for other jewelry to compete with. As simple as it can be, the single strand of diamonds has been winning hearts of women for several decades already. It’s not only a great option to wear for a night out celebration, but it is a nice idea for a Christmas gift. The Tennis necklace is not the jewelry that is over-the-top, with some crazy design that not everyone is able to understand; but it’s not too plain either, as who would call diamonds ‘plain’? It’s just one of the jewelry items that simply has to be present in every girl’s jewelry box, and this winter is a good time to get one.

          Chain necklaces are extremely popular this year. They are a safe, win-win choice for men as in terms of wearing, and as a gift to give for Christmas. Men’s chain necklaces have a great variety of styles to choose from. This year, massive and rather chunky types are in demand. Such styles as Cuban link chain and Gucci chain are among the trendiest jewelry for men. They look impressive on their own, make a great base for layered chain look, and are exceptionally suitable to be iced-out. It’s highly unlikely that chain necklaces for men will be out of fashion anytime soon. They are perfect for men: strong, versatile, practical, the ideal support for a pendant or a medallion, can be worn with different styles of outfits, easily combined with other jewelry, good for wearing every day, easy to maintain. If you were looking for a perfect Christmas gift for man, search no more!


          Another trend that is returning to stay is pearls. They’re all over this season – earrings, necklaces, rings. But as to the bracelets… There’s a reason why we decided to choose pearl bracelets out of all the variants possible. No other jewelry is able to highlight a delicate woman’s wrist as it can do an elegant classic pearl bracelet. It was hard to find a fashion brand that didn’t include them in their images this season. The pearl bracelets weren’t just a humble jewelry piece, they were seen stacked on one hand, or worn as a pair of identical bracelets on both hands. Some jewelry was made of delicate pearls, others featured huge ones; some pearls were of a perfect round shape, others caught the eye with unusual irregular forms; the bracelets of white pearls were quite common at the fashion shows, but the unique combination of pearls’ colors caused the keen interest. Besides, the emphasis was made on the fact that this season the pearls are equally topical as for women and for young girls. So pearl bracelet is the gift that’ll make happy a lady of every generation.

          If the black diamonds’ cost is not an issue for you, we suggest you consider an iced-out bracelet covered with black diamonds. The edgy look it provides screams of the status and exquisite taste of the owner.The dark charm of a bracelet with black diamonds won’t leave anyone indifferent. The sophisticated jewelry emphasizes the love for unique items that send powerful messages. The high-end black diamonds’ bracelet will definitely add luxury vibes to the style and will ensure it’s done in a fancy way. You can’t call the bracelet flashy, but it is made to be noticed. The black diamonds point out the masculine side of the wearer, providing the somewhat mysterious flair to the image. Showing up to the Christmas party with such a bracelet you’ll guarantee yourself curious glances.


          The topic of mystery is always intriguing and nothing arouses so much interest as someone’s secret. Pendants have always been the jewelry with lots of special meanings. This year quite a few fashion houses opted to complete their images with the air of enigma and added the pendants displaying locks or keys. This lovely jewelry item will make everyone ponder involuntarily about what you’re up to, even if it’s just a decorative accessory. The secrets framed with precious stones multiply the charm of the jewelry manyfold. The magic of Christmas will be enhanced by the pretty key or lock pendant gift.

          Trendy pendants for men this winter tend to be iced-out and massive. The influence of rap culture is once again can be seen in jewelry. The brands’ logo pendants are more popular than ever, especially set with precious stones. It’s an urgent need to show the world your preferences in fashion and the level of your success in a stylish way. Finish the exquisite outfit of your favorite brand with its logo pendant for everyone to realize your fashion taste. A little of showing-off won’t harm at a luxurious Christmas party.


          The ring that is noticeable among all the sparkling and color of Christmas, yet the one that matches the atmosphere is the best solution. Famous fashion designers offer large statement cocktail rings this year as the alternative to the trend of multiple items on the fingers, which also remains popular. A lot of celebrities eagerly follow the tendency and complete their looks with massive flashy rings set with colorful gemstones. The rings on every finger do look stylish and bold, but for the Christmas celebration you need something special and flamboyant. The statement ring with intricate design and enormous gems won’t get visually lost even among the bright holiday lights.

          For men, this winter has something less showy, but just as appealing. The laconic bands complete the images of gentlemen this Christmas. The main focus is on the combination of metal colors, gems and textures of the ring’s surface. Laconic, yet creative decisions are able to fill the gap in style and make the right accents. The union of black and silver or gold is one of the favorite these days. Even the guys who don’t really like the idea of wearing rings will reconsider their attitude when they get such a jewelry as a gift for Christmas.

          Whether you were looking for a good gift or for the idea of jewelry you can wear to make your Christmas the one to remember, we hope our recommendations were useful to you. Let your Christmas be just as bright as your jewelry!