Coronaviruses – What Is Coronavirus, How To Disinfect House From Virus

What is coronavirus?

All over the world, novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is rapidly spreading and infected thousands of people and leads them to death bed. This naked virus is so powerful that it draws the world to put an end to any activity. There are about more than 343,122 positive cases of infected people in the world and 14,770 deaths recorded due to the coronavirus worldwide. 

First, the outbreak of coronavirus began in China, eventually, the virus spread internationally and caused fatalities in bulk, leading to infected thousands of people from country to country. 

The virus has become a growing concern for everyone. Government of every nation taking major steps to slow down the spread of coronavirus. They are locking down their nations for a few weeks so that the effects can be controlled. 

Thus, it is not only the duty of the government to take action, but we also have to show ourselves as active citizens and take some major steps by ourselves. 

So, in this article, we are showing you what coronavirus or COVID-19 is, how it spreads, and how we can disinfect our place from the coronavirus.  


What is a COVID-19 or Coronavirus?

How long does Virus last on surfaces?

Only a few people may know that Coronaviruses are a family of animal viruses that cause diseases in animals. They are of seven types, including the new coronavirus, which have made the jump to human beings, however, most of the other types of virus just cause simple cold-like symptoms when one gets infected.

The two other chronic types of coronaviruses – SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, and MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, these both viruses are more severe and have taken the lives of 1500 people or more in 2002. 

This new coronaviruses family virus is officially named as COVID-19 and is also classified as a dangerous virus so far. Around 20% of the positive cases are registered as the critical or severe infected cases till now. In fact, most of the hospitals registered about 15-20 percent cases as serious or severe and showed the 0.7% to 3.4 % as the current death rates, totally proportionate to the location and accessibility to the treatment from good hospitals

However, the fatality rate of COVID-19 is much lower than that of the SARS, which is 10%, and MERS is 30%, but still, the rate of COVID-19 is considered as dangerous as it spreads rapidly and causes thousands of people to become infected. 

The Scientists of China believe and present their research study on Covid-19 that the virus has mutated into two different strains, which makes it more aggressive than that of the other viruses, due to which the developing the COVID-19  vaccine is becoming more complicated.


How Can Long Coronavirus Survive On The Surface?


One study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, recently on this week, researched on the lifespan of the other types of coronaviruses that have infected the humans by checking their lifespan on different surfaces. The study done on the lifespan of SARS, under the temperature of 20-degree Celsius, shows that this virus can last up to two days on the steel, five days on the metal, four on wood, five on ceramics, and plastic. However, the lifespan of SARS on plastic at room temperature can last up to 9 days. 

Whereas on aluminum, it can last up to two to eight hours and on latex for less than that eight hours. On the porous surface like cloth, hair, fabric, and money, the virus cannot last for more time as the holes in such materials can easily trap the microbe and can prevent the transfer. 


How To Disinfect Your House or Surface You Live In 

How to Disinfect Surfaces

The researchers of the study have also noted and presented the solution is that this new coronavirus easily is inactivated or killed from the surface within the minute if we use solutions that contain about 62% to 71% of ethanol alcohol, 0.1% of sodium hypochlorite, and 0.5% of hydrogen peroxide. 

We can use disinfectant sprays to clean the surface and kill the virus from our house or office. We should properly clean all the places from tables, chairs, door hooks, and any other thing we touch with the disinfectants. 

You can use disinfectants available in the market to clean your place, but do not use sanitizers to disinfect the hard surface as the alcohol content in the sanitizers is not enough to kill the virus from the hard surface. You have to use more content of strong disinfectant that can kill the virus easily. 

You can use hand sanitizer to lower the infection from your hands as these sanitizers are only meant only to lower the impact of infection from hands. For the surface, disinfectants like Lysol or any other similar product can do better.