How to Clean Chimney & Fireplace? – Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Cleaning

how to clean a chimney

A home with a wood-burning fireplace is perfect for enjoying cozy evenings; therefore, it is crucial to make sure that the fireplace is clean as well as safe. A poorly managed chimney that draws smoke can result in smelly, and sooty home interior. Managing a clean chimney helps in creating a safer burning environment by decreasing the possibilities of dangerous chimney fires. Chimney fires and creosote buildup are significant concerns related to having chimneys at home. Precautions, like using seasoned firewood and managing proper fire temperature, can help in reducing the creosote buildup; however, it is better to clean the chimney at least once a year thoroughly. 

It is better to clean the chimney before the beginning of the burning season. Now you must be having different questions in mind about the inspection of the chimney, how to maintain chimney, what should a professional chimney clean include, and factors to consider before hiring a chimney cleaner. Here is an article with answers to all your questions to help you in managing a clean fireplace. 

How Often a Chimney is Inspected?

The first thing that comes to mind while thinking of chimney cleaning is how often a chimney is inspected? The answer to this question is every year. Inspection of chimneys is mandatory every year in order to avoid accidents caused by chimney fires.

Wood burning installations like wood-burning stoves or fireplaces should be inspected midway through the heating season in order to make sure that everything is working appropriately. 

how often a chimney is inspected

The process of combustion leads to deposits of acidic materials, which weakens the chimneys, which in turn leads them to deteriorate prematurely. In addition to this, incomplete combustion can lead to creosote buildup, which is a flammable material. It can result in a chimney fire, which can affect the other areas of the home as well.

If a chimney is not used frequently, birds and critters can nest there, which can block the chimneys. Inspecting the chimney once a year provides freedom from deposits and creosote builds, and assures correct cleanness as well as safety. 

How to Maintain Chimney and Fireplace?

A chimney or fireplace brings warmth as well as ambiance to any home. For effective uses, it is better to maintain the chimney and keep it in the best condition. A well-maintained chimney helps in saving time as well as money, and it adds value to your home. Below mentioned are some of the tips to maintain chimney and fireplace properly. 

how to maintain chimney and fireplace?


  1. Clean the Interior Properly

Burning woods in the chimneys can lead to buildup and deposit of a variety of dirt, creosote, ash, and dust. Hence, it is crucial to make sure to clean from time to time. This will make the fireplace look presentable as well as it will make the fireplace burn appropriately. 

  1. Look for Smoke

An appropriately burning chimney does not send smoke in the house. Therefore, if you find any smoke, consider cleaning your chimney. There are varied reasons for smoke in the fireplace like a dirty chimney, or wrong wood-burning method. It is essential to pay attention to the chimney whenever you notice the smoke. 

  1. Use Right Wood

You should burn the right woods and use the right wood-burning practices. It is better to know what type of wood you are burning. There are expensive as well as cheap wood, but the quality is not defined by the price. Hardwood is one of the best woods to burn in the chimney. 

  1. Inspect the chimney annually

Inspect your chimney annually as it helps in avoiding creosote buildup. Moreover, it helps in ensuring that the chimney is in good condition and is ready for the season. Always ask specialists to inspect your chimney as they can provide appropriate recommendations.

  1. Remove Creosote buildup

Creosote is a hard, dark, crust-like flammable substance that occurs after incomplete combustion. Stored and poorly dried wood produces a large amount of creosote. Excessive creosote in the chimney can lead the chimney to catch fire; hence it is better to remove creosote buildup. 

What Should a Professional Chimney Clean Include?

It is always better to hire professional chimney cleaners as they are skilled in their work and can provide better recommendations. Below mentioned are some of the things that a professional chimney clean should include. 

chimney cleaning


  1. Proper Cleaning

A professional chimney cleaning includes proper cleaning of the fireplace. It should include sweeping the fireplace and checking the smoke chamber, firebox, and liners. It should also comprise inspection of the appliances for appropriate clearances.

  1. Recommendations

A professional chimney cleaning also includes recommendations for proper operations and necessary repairs to the appliances or structure. It should also include recommendations regarding the replacement of the damaged equipment. 

  1. Video Inspection

Video inspection has additional could, but it helps in identifying the hidden detects. 

What to Consider Before Hiring a Chimney Cleaner?

Below mentioned are some of the tips to consider before hiring a chimney cleaner. 

chimney cleaning


  1. Choose Accredited Chimney Cleaner

The industry of chimney sweep is unregulated. Anyone can legally start chimney cleaning services. Always opt for a chimney cleaner who is a part of an accredited trade body. Look for a company certified from nationally recognized associations. 

Hiring accredited chimney cleaners help in being assured of the legality of the individuals and their qualification to perform the work with excellence. 

  1. Check the Reputation of the Chimney Sweep

It is essential to check the reputation of the sweeps and their experience in the job. You should make sure that the sweep you hire has a decent experience in order to ensure proper cleaning and inspection of the chimney. 

  1. Be Alert to Scams

Telephone scams are targeting individuals with chimneys in their homes. In some cases, telemarketers provide services at lower prices and sell the customers contract with under-qualified chimney cleaners, who might fail to perform the task properly. 

  1. Check for Chimney Sweep’s ID

Always check the identification of the chimney cleaner who comes to your door to perform the work. Reputable companies provide uniform or ID badges to the sweeps. Hiring a sweep providing door-to-door chimney cleaning service can be risky.  

  1. Verify Insurance Coverages

Another way to identify that the chimney sweep company is professional and has experience in the industry is by checking their insurance coverage. A chimney sweep company with liability insurance can provide you protection against damages that can occur during the visit of chimney cleaner.