Creative Strategies for Capturing Attention with Pop Up Ads that Respect Casino Regulations


By Philip Conneller 

Join us today as we explore 3D animated advertising that moves without any batteries, film, or video – and happens to be selling products to consumers. We’ll also check in on the latest updates for potential casinos opening up in New York City! Make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting exhibition being held in Manhattan.

Welcome to Ellen G.K. Rubin’s world, where the New York skyline is altered at her will with no mess or destruction left behind. Whether it be the Flatiron Building making way for the Brooklyn Bridge, or a swing band sailing across open waters; all this and more come alive through flaps, fold-outs, and pull-tabs that bring objects from two-dimensional books and cards into 3D animation – pre-dating even Disney!

A woman named Rubin has 11,000 objects and pieces

She chose 170 of the most special items to show in an exhibition. It is called “Animated Advertising: 200 Years Of Premiums, Promos And Pop-Ups”. You can see these special objects until February 11th at The Grolier Club on 47 East 60th Street. Go soon before they disappear!

She was surprised when she saw the exhibition. It took a lot of time and money to make these pieces. She looked closely and figured out why some of the most expensive ads were for alcohol, cars, drugs, food, and tobacco.

Despite the fact that ads are recent developments among pop-ups, movable books have been around since medieval times. The technology hasn’t evolved much – it still requires paper, glue, knives, and scissors along with a lot of manual labor. Most modern pop-up designs are currently manufactured mainly in China and Vietnam. Nevertheless, Rubin mentioned that this process remains mostly unchanged from previous centuries.

Rubin did not know about pop-up books until she was an adult 

Then she bought them for her two 50 year old sons. When she went to Yale University’s library, she saw a special exhibition of these books and got very interested in collecting them. This started her collection adventure.

When her sons went to college, Sandra used their bedrooms. When she moved from Westchester County to Manhattan, there was no space for her favorite pop-up books. To accommodate her growing selection of these precious heirlooms, she even got an apartment just for them!

The most ancient book in this extensive library dates all the way back to 1547—or at least it did until recently. She found a book from 1535 and it helped her learn new things. This book had writings by Cicero, who lived a long time ago. The next edition of the book, from 1547, said that the Earth goes around the Sun instead of the other way around.

Rubin was tired of cocktail party conversations going south when she mentioned her line of work. “I used to do bone marrow transplants,” said Rubin, who once worked as a physician associate. 

“People would immediately excuse themselves after I told them about it– leaving for another drink! Later, when I started collecting pop-up books and artworks in general, the reactions were far more pleasant: ‘Oh, I had those as a child’ or ‘I buy them for my children.’ Casino proposals need to focus on what they can offer that’s beneficial instead of just amenities.”

New York City officials and committees do not want casinos

Casinos have started to try to show them how having casinos could help the economy. 1xBet online play casino games are trying to make people see that casinos are more than just slot machines and poker tables.

It is important to know that the developers’ plans are for much more than just gambling

For example, the people in charge of Related Companies said that only 10 percent of their plan would be for gambling. The rest is for a big convention and entertainment center with Wynn Resorts on the west side of Hudson Yards. This could cost billions of dollars.

Amidst a plethora of bids for Midtown Manhattan, one stands out; the Ferris wheel steps from Berlin Wall slabs on display at its very own museum. On the other hand, the Saks Fifth Avenue department store chain aims to convert its flagship location – just across St. Patrick’s Cathedral- into a luxurious casino. But that’s not all; some bids even envision plush resorts surrounded by peaceful greenery!

At the recent SL Green Realty Corp. and Caesars Entertainment presentation, they aimed to accentuate the “impact” and “halo effect” that their proposed hotel, casino, and entertainment complex would have on 1515 Broadway while downplaying table games.

Marc Holliday, the leader of SL Green, was excited about how Times Square could get more visitors and jobs. This is important now because many people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Also, according to CBRE, one in five offices in Manhattan are empty.

The 1xCorp.N.V and 1xbet proposal offers great incentives 

Holliday also revealed that this partnership will purchase millions of dollars in tickets annually to local shows as part of their rewards program for customers. As an added bonus, these guests can also be redirected toward neighboring eateries!

New York City and the surrounding areas are ready to accept applications for three new casino locations

The Gaming Facility Location Board made its first step in early January toward this goal, announcing that applicants must pay a $500 million gambling license fee plus at least another $500 million in capital investments. Although formal bids will not be accepted until months later, interested parties can begin preparing now!

Lobbyists within the industry are confident that two of the three gambling licenses will be awarded to sites in Yonkers and Queens, which already offer horse race tracks and digital betting but no live dealers. The remaining license could be up for grabs soon, prompting developers to get ready by paying a nonrefundable $1 million application fee.