How To Get Rid Of Dark Lips From Smoking – Tips To Lighten Darker Smoker Lips

how to get rid of dark lips from smoking

This article is based on the simple and effective home remedies to get rid of dark lips cause due to smoking and lighten them permanently within the week.

Darker lips do not look good and make our appearance dull. If we have dark lips and there might be occasions where we are going to meet so many people, then this makes us unpresentable in front of them.

One of the major causes of dark lips is due to unhealthy lifestyle and smoking. If you have even stopped smoking from a long time, e after that too, your lips look darker, this is because of the long-lasting adverse effects of smoking. Not only to the lips, but smoking also has a severe impact on an individual’s health as well as to skin too.

Thus, one must need to follow the effective and result in giving home remedies to get rid of dark lips naturally and lighten the dark lips from smoking permanently.

Why Is Smoking Not Good For Lips – Why Smoking Cause Dark Lips

Many studies show that smoking is the major cause of different types of Oral Cancer and Periodontal diseases. Smoking leads to cause severe health issues and affects the appearance of your skin. It causes the skin around the mouth wrinkles and sagging and also leads to making your gums and lips skin darker.

Smoking is the cause of fastening the skin aging process, make your skin wrinkled, dark, and dull. The question arises in our mind that, why the smoking causes darker lips, what is that leads to making lips and gums darker. The answer to your question is Nicotine. Cigarettes contain Nicotine, and when you blow it and smoke the nicotine, it leads to shrink and narrow the blood vessels. The smoke reduces the proper flow of blood and makes skin starving to get oxygen and other essential nutrients that make lips healthy and supple.

Thus, reduced blood flow, nicotine smoke, and tar exposure make the lips, gums darker, and leads to uneven pigmentation to lip skin. That pigmentation on lips may appear as dark purple, black, blotchy, and dark brown, which snatch away the entire beauty of you and make you look unpresentable.

The chemicals contained in cigarettes also have severe negative impacts on the health of the skin. In fact, one cigarette contains about 4000 harmful chemicals derived from tobacco and nicotine smoke. These toxic chemicals lead to hamper collagen production and damage the elasticity of the lips skin, the two main essential protein that keeps the skin firm, glowy, and young.

As a matter of fact, if you do not get enough collagen and elastin, it may lead to weakening the skin fibers that further leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. And the regular and repeated puckering of lips when you smoke, thus the heat generate leads to cause the dark lips from smoking.

12 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid of Dark Lips and Get Pink Lips Naturally and Permanently

Check out these 8 simple and 100% result giving home remedies that help get rid of dark lips cause due to smoking and help in lighten and getting pink lips within the week of application.

  1. Gradually Low or Completely Stop Smoking: One of the best steps that one can take is to stop the smoking bit by bit gradually, and at last completely. As you may know, smoking is neither good for health. It just contains 4,000 harmful chemicals that are even not giving you a single benefit rather than causing only harm to your health and damaging appearance. It is just an addiction that may attract you towards smoking; otherwise, it causing the hazardous health effects that are only damaging your health. Thus, it is better to stop smoking and live a healthy lifestyle completely.
  2. Eat Antioxidants Rich Foods: Antioxidants rich foods help you get to flush out the toxins entered into the body from smoking. Antioxidants make help in fighting against free radicals and rejuvenate the skin from inside. Antioxidant-rich foods such as strawberry, blueberries, kiwi, pomegranate, and any other veggies, help you in getting flush out the harmful chemicals and rapidly boost the collagen and elastin production in the body.
  3. Do Regular Exercising: Exercise helps you get a healthier body and thus increase the flow of blood throughout the body. Exercise also helps in obtaining sufficient amounts of oxygen to each and part of cells and muscles; in this way, it makes your lips also get required oxygen and fight against melanin in the skin.
  4. Drink More Water: Water helps in assimilating the nutrients properly and transfer them to the required body parts. Drinking plenty of water also helps in removing harmful chemicals and toxins through the urine. Thus, try to drink at least 3 liters of water in a day. We are sure that this will help you get pink lips faster and easily without costing you much.
  5. Do Lip Oil Massage: Do lips massage twice or thrice in a week with smooth and soft hands. You can also do lip massage daily before going to bed but with a very soft touch, this will instantly give you results and help in lighten the dark lips permanently. Massage helps in increasing the flow of blood into the skin and bring nutrients along with that boost the collagen production. Use vitamin E rich oil for lip massaging.
  6. Exfoliate Lips On Alternative Days: Also alternatively exfoliate the lips with market exfoliators or make one at home. Exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin cells and bring a new layer of cells on the skin. This enables you to get rid of dark lips within the weeks of application. Smoothly exfoliate the lips, do not exfoliate lips harshly as it may lead to damage your lips skin.
  7. Apply Lip Masks: Once or twice a week, apply the lip mask and leave them for 20 minutes. You can use a mask available in the market or make one at home. One of the best home remedies that one can use is lemon and honey mask. Squiz the half lemon and mix with a tablespoon of honey. Apply this mask after exfoliating the lips and leave it for 20 minutes. Lips mask give your lips the essential nutrients and make them hydrated and plumpy.
  8. Apply Lip Balm: Daily before going to sleep, apply the lip balm made with natural ingredients. You can also apply a drop of vitamin E oil or shea butter balm that internally supple the lips make them hydrated completely.
  9. Use Beetroot Pack RegularlyThe best method to get rid of dark lips caused due to smoking is to use beetroot pack on your lips darkened by smoking. This vegetable is filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, Biotin, and magnesium.
  10. Exfoliate Lips Using Sugar and Lemon In order to exfoliate lips darkened by smoking, it is necessary to use sugar and lemon scrub on lips darkened by smoking. This should be performed twice a day until the affected area dries up.
  11. 11.Apply Pomegranate Juice On Your Lips It is vital that you go ahead and apply pomegranate juice on your lips darkened by smoking. This is also known as a mild scrub for the lips, and it will help in achieving a whiter and brighter shade.
  12. At Last: Use Natural Lip Plumping Techniques Some people have large gums and fat on their cheeks, and they are very difficult to lighten up your lips darkened by smoking. Actually, gum or lip may be an ideal candidate for natural lip plumping techniques since it is not tightly enclosed and helps in firming up your cheeks and giving your lips a broader appearance. It’s a difficult thing to achieve if you have a very wide lip. However, it’s possible.

We hope this article help you give information about how smoking causes dark lips and simple & effective home remedies that help you in lighten the dark lips permanently, without wasting any money. Check out our best home remedies to get lighten lips permanently and naturally with simple remedies.

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