Cure heatstroke by opting these proven remedies


Mr. Sun seems to be very angry in the summer season; the roaring heat burns the entire globe. Year by year, the count of maximum recorded temperature is increasing. Summers are marked by increasing day length and reduction in night hours. As our earth is divided into two zones, both the hemisphere receives summer solstice at different times. When there are summers in the northern hemisphere, there are winters in the southern hemisphere and vice-versa. Summers are mainly associated with a rapid increase in temperature accompanied by warm air. During the summer season, all the picnic spots, the hill stations, valley sided areas seem to be booked in advance.

The best time to spend with family. So many good aspects of the summer season to discuss, so many fantasies we make before the actual summer solstice starts, so now we take a pause to consider the harsh side of summers that comprises heat exhaustion and heatstroke. The warm air starts blowing in the country due to a very high temperature. This strong, dusty, hot, and dry summer wind can generate severe heat exhaustion and heatstroke issues. This wind causes health issues among the people most commonly; it leads to fatal heatstroke. To get rid of the same various heatstroke remedies and a suitable heatstroke treatment is needed to be opted. It is essential to cure heatstroke within time before it turns into a dangerous problem.

There is no criterion for what kind of person has more chances of suffering from heatstroke. Even the healthiest person can be attacked by the scorching heat of the sun, which will ultimately result in a heat stroke. It should be your priority to cure heatstroke, i.e., also known as sunstroke & caused due to the exposure to high temperature. A person’s average body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. If this temperature rises to 40 degrees Celsius or more, then it can cause harm to the vital organs of the human body. That’s why one should focus on adopting a suitable heatstroke treatment or various heatstroke remedies if needed.

So what should one do to keep them safe from the hostile behavior of the sun and also to keep our body functioning in a proper way even during the hot sunny days?

Let’s have a look at some quick and effective remedies to keep our body cool:

  • Coldwater is very useful in lowering body temperature and keeping the body fresh. Try to take a bath twice a day with cold water as it will surely help your body to stay cool. Any person suffering from heatstroke should be given proper first aid with the help of ice packs, or a towel dipped correctly in cold water. The entire body of the patient should be dry washed with the towel. This process should be carried out at regular intervals; it will help to control the increasing temperature of the patient’s body.
  • The green herbal plants also act as a cooling agent, be it tulsi leaves or fennel leaves. Tulsi leaves prove to be a remedy for 365 days, as in winter, they help us in getting rid of cough and cold, whereas in summer, they prevent us from the violent behavior of the sun. Tulsi leaves added with rose water perform a dual-task. Not only do they help the body to cool but also helps us in overcoming the problems of dehydration. Fennel leaves have also proven to be very useful if drunk daily during summer days. What we need to do is just keep a handful amount of fennel seeds in the water and leave them rinsed in it for overnight and just drink this water in the morning.
  • Juices are also beneficial in maintaining our body temperature. In ancient times people mostly used onion juice to cure heatstroke. Onion juice should be applied behind the ears and on the chest of the person suffering from heatstroke. Try to have more onions in the form of salad, as this lowers the risk of being attacked by a heat stroke. Tamarind juice is also a useful measure in keeping our body fresh during summer enriched with minerals and electrolytes is also helps us in curing stomach aches. Just soak some tamarind in the boiling water, remove the residue, add sugar, and salt in the water. Your tasty and healthy juice is ready!
  • Sandalwood paste, when applied on the forehead and chest, can be very helpful in lowering the body temperature. Add water’s few drops to the sandalwood powder; this thin paste is an excellent remedy.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar’s few drops mixed with drinking water or in fruit juices can help in bringing back the lost minerals and electrolytes, which are generally drained out of the body because of sweating.
  • The yummy yogurt tends to replenish all the vitamins and minerals lost from the body due to sweating. Yogurt can be taken before leaving home during summer days; then, the body becomes capable enough to fight against the horrible summer winds.
  • Coconut water keeps the body fresh for longer duration; it, too, helps in balancing the electrolytes. Coconut water is enriched with lots of minerals, which keeps our body hydrated and hence helps us to control water loss.
  • Boiled mung is very helpful as it provides a nutritive tonic. This tonic is beneficial in reducing heat stroke fever. Try to have cooked mung in breakfast during summers as it will provide sufficient minerals and will also keep the body hydrated.

Some other very effective home remedies to cool down the body temperature and keep the body hydrated are; drinking juice obtained from raw mango. The pulp of the fresh mango is mashed and strained. Some cooling spices like cumin, fennel, pepper, etc. can be added, which will serve dual purpose i.e., these species will enhance flavor, and also these species have a cooling formula. Some other juices like mint leaves’ and coriander leaves’ juices have a fast cooling effect. Summer brings with them a whole new fresh air of energy. Long vacations prove to be very helpful for the children as they get sufficient time to polish their activities. It’s a perfect time of the year to enjoy all that we need to do is to take proper care of our health and protect our body from becoming a victim of heatstroke. Be careful and enjoy the summer season with tubs of ice-cream.