Did Gwen Shamblin Remarry After Her Divorce From David Shamblin?

David Shamblin
CHRISTIAN diet guru Gwen Shamblin Lara is among seven passengers "presumed dead" after the Christian weight loss guru's private jet crashed into a Tennessee lake, reports say., , Officials released the names of all seven people they believe were aboard the small plane when the plane crashed into the water in Smyrna on Saturday morning., Taken without permission:, https://www.instagram.com/gwenshamblinlara/,

David Shamblin, who is somewhat anonymous, is probably most famous for being the first spouse of the deceased Gwen Shamblin.

In 1998, Gwen founded the Legacy Friendship Group to complement the Weigh Down Diet.

David attended the Legacy Friendship Church, the same place of worship as his ex-fiance. He and Gwen established the Weigh Down Studio for Legacy Believers.

A Bible study program that “taught injured, trapped spirits how to leave behind harmful character flaws and disagreeable behavioral and emotional, such as gluttony, alcoholic excess, fury, and melancholy.”

David Shamblin had been the CEO of the organization. David wrote his ex-obituary once Gwen and her husband Joe were “believed dead” because once their plane had hit Percy Bishop Lake close to Oxford, Tn. 

Six more passengers died when the Cessna small airplane, which was flying from Smyrna Rutherford County Airfield towards Palm Springs International Airport, collapsed.

Where were Gwen and David Shamblin got married?

The union between the two lasted until 2017. The event’s details are still undisclosed. When they separated, Gwen subsequently wed American actor Joe Lara.

After a plane crash in Tennessee, Lara is also thought to be dead. The role of Tarzan that She is best remembered for is from the tv show Tarzan: The Epic Adventures.

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Gwen and David: Do They Have Kids?

Eventually, David Shamblin and Gwen had two kids, and Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Hannah went on to have seven more grandchildren.

Elizabeth, Gwen’s child, reportedly contacted Remnant church members after the incident to seek to pray.

She allegedly said the plane had to drop “for a safe, quick touchdown.”

Hannah stated that the remainder of their adopted family was on the same flight as her spouse, Brendon, and other church authorities’ father.

Michael Shamblin, Gwen’s second child, and his spouse Erin share four kids. In “The Way Down,” Gwen Shamblin Lara is depicted as separating a 40-year husband and getting married to Joe Lara.

Gwen addressed David Shamblin occasionally, but according to the HBO Max biography, he avoided all religion-related events and never attended religious services. He shied away from the limelight since he clashed with his wife’s spiritual outlook. He was overweight as well.

After four decades of marriage, Gwen abruptly filed for separation from her husband, David, in April 2019. Some few weeks after, she reversed course and married Joe Lara. Additionally, she achieved all of this despite having been told for years that women shouldn’t be able to separate from their partners, even when violence or continuous infidelity has occurred.

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Has Gwen Shamblin Found Love Once More?

Nashville, Tennessee’s WTVF When she and her marriage ended in 2019 and wedded just under six weeks later in a lavish ceremony, Gwen Shamblin believed marriage was a sign that established churches had gone wrong.