did gutta100 die

Did Gutta100 die? Let’s find out!

In today’s times, social media is such a platform where news spreads very quickly. And as people are very active on the internet, they believe what they see. Many celebrities have died, according to these rumors. Similarly, another rumor got viral about the famous Rapper Gutta. Lately, a viral hoax has been circulated about Gutta 100 death in the United States of America. Most of the time, these viral rumors are not genuine, but what about this one? 

In this article, you will get the answer to this most asked question – ‘Is Gutta dead or alive?’ 


Who is Gutta 100?

Gutta 100 has been considered one of the finest rappers in the United States of America. He gained huge popularity not long ago, with many fans following in the US. Gutta is known by his popular stage names i.e, ‘Gutta 100’ and ‘Gudda Gudda’. He was born in Louisiana’s New Orleans. But, when he took birth, he was given the name, i.e. ‘Carl Eugene Lily Jr..’ 

He started his journey in rapping by taking part in Squad up. He did a collaboration with ‘Lil Wayne’ in it. According to the sources, his age is around ‘38 years’

Thus, after the people found no trace of him, his massive crowd of fans leads to one curiosity in the end about Gutta 1000, did he die?

Why was Gutta 100 so famous?

Gutta 100 is one of the few rappers who collaborated with one of Lil Wayne’s albums in 2005. Label with Lil Wayne had given a huge start to his career in rapping. Later, other rappers such as Kevin Gates, Jae Millz, Squad Up, Lil’ Flip, Mack Maine, and Tyga got in, accompanied by Gutta 100. Another fact about him is that he was inclined towards songwriting and Rapping, and his famous forte as a songwriter was ‘Hip Hop. Furthermore, he was fascinated by popular rappers such as Rich the kid, 2pac and Chief Keef. 

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Did Gutta 100 die?

According to the sources and what we’ve read so far, Guta 100 is not dead. All the false information and viral news spread over the internet is pure fake Rumour. But, people using social media platforms believe whatever they see online. Therefore, the massive following of this popular rapper is curious to know about Gutta 100 death. It all began with a eulogy posted on social media portals, but the news is not yet confirmed. 

Thus, Several attempts have been made along with detailed research to clarify this news. 


In conclusion, social media platforms are a prime medium when it comes to the circulation of any viral or fake news. It becomes a problem when these rumors are about death. Similarly, a question was raised about Gutta 100. Did he die? 

From what we have gathered in the article, it can be said that there is no proof stating that Gutta 100 is dead. Furthermore, his fan crowd started to raise questions like ’How did Gutta 100 die?’ because he was a wealthy and prosperous rapper who was only 38 years old. Thus, all this information is inaccurate, and the investigation is not yet confirmed. 

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Q1) Who is Rapper Gutta 100?

Ans- He is a new emerging rapper from the United States of America. He was born on 11 March 1983 in Louisiana, New Orleans. He was known for his first album with Lil Wayne in 2005. Rapper Gutta 100 had a different name when he was born, i.e., Carl Eugene Lily Jr. Several rappers were associated with him, such as Kevin Gates, Jae Millz, Squad Up, Lil’ Flip, Mack Maine, and Tyga. Also, he was fascinated by 2pac, Wealthy the Kid, and Chief Keef.

Q2) What is Gutta 100’s Net worth?

Ans- According to the Celebrity net worth reports, Rapper Gutta 100 has a net worth of about $1 Million. Also, he has to give prominence to Birdman’s album ‘Priceless’ and strained nicely with Nicky Minaj and Drake. Seeing his endless hard work and determination, it can be said that huge success is waiting for him ahead.