The Johns’ three daughters and Daymond John’s wife, Heather Taras, founded FUBU.

Daymond John wife

Daymond john wife, Heather Taras, is a medical professional. Since 2018, they’ve been happily married. John has gained fame as the founder of the FUBU clothing line and as a guest on the TV program Shark Tank. He founded the New York City-based Shark Group. 

There are five books written by the TV star: Display of Power; The Brand Within; The Power of Broke; Powershift; and Rise and Grind. His family had financial difficulties when he was young, so he got his first job when he was only ten. Previously, he distributed fliers. 

When he started working full-time as a teenager, he discovered a passion for business that he hadn’t known existed. He became well-known because of his clothesline, but his personal life was messy. John has two sets of children, one from each of his marriages. Let’s discuss everything you should know about daymond john wife. 

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Heather Taras used to work in the medical field. Before daymond john wife, Heather Taras worked as a nurse.

Heather always loved fashion and wanted to work in the industry when she was younger.

She may be seen living out a childhood desire by working as a model on her social media profiles. Heather’s Instagram account, which can be found at @heather_john, has over 20.5K followers. She is also shown advertising her husband’s clothes line on the website. 

Taras was born on February 5 and has Aquarius as her zodiac sign.   Taras shows off her dramatic eye makeup and a patterned jacket and pants. Taras shows off her dramatic eye makeup and a patterned jacket and pants.(Instagram photo. 

Life after Marriage for Daymond and Heather John

In June 2018, Daymond John tied the knot with daymond john wife. In Greece, the couple enjoyed a small, intimate wedding. John gave his girlfriend an emerald-cut diamond weighing 9.5 carats as a proposal in September of 2016. The TV star said he had been preparing to propose for three years before he did it in an interview. 

According to an article written by Nicki Swift, the two were friends first before developing love feelings for one other in 2012. Heather raved over her spouse to Contemporary Approaches, saying that he is the most down-to-earth person she has ever encountered and that their relationship has completely changed her outlook on life.

Daymond is a divorcee at this point. 

Daymond in a tuxedo and Heather in a ball gown on their wedding day in 2018. Daymond wore a suit on their wedding day in 2018, while Heather wore a dress. (Source: Instagram)

Because of his naiveté, Daymond’s first marriage ended in divorce.

Daymond, The identity of John’s first wife, is a closely guarded secret. John hasn’t even told his friends and family who his ex-wife was. 

The former couple tied the wedding before Daymond’s clothing line became well known. As a result of his efforts, the FUBU apparel label is now worth an estimated $6 billion. As his career progressed, he became further detached from everyday life. He was so distracted by his newfound celebrity that he neglected his family. He was in China six months of the year, while the other six he spent in Los Angeles, mingling with A-listers and rap stars.

His family saw more of him on TV than in person since he was in many ads. Moreover, daymond john wife struggled to fit in with the elite football mum crowd. She attempted talking to them, but they only made snide remarks about her wealth. The businessman said in an interview that his ex-girlfriend left him because she no longer saw him as the same guy she fell in love with. 

He has three beautiful daughters that he adores.

Daymond’s daughters include Yasmeen, Destiny John, and Minka Jagger John. The businessman’s current companion, Minka, and his ex-wife, Yasmeen, have a daughter named Destiny. Their social media postings show that Daymond John’s kids are close. On trips and holidays, the siblings often bond and have fun together. 

Yasmeen’s Fate

Yasmeen has two younger brothers and a younger sister. Despite having a father who is often the subject of media attention, she has maintained her privacy regarding her life. The TV star’s middle kid is named Destiny. Her Instagram profile states that she has worked for PureWow, a media firm, and Team GaryVee, a digital agency.

Leylah Annie Fernandez, a professional tennis player, is a major idol of hers. 

Rarely do we see the siblings’ faces; in fact, some shots show their backs or have them covering their faces with hair. Yasmeen and her sister Destiny hold on to her sister Minka as they cruise the Mediterranean.

Stunning Minka Jagger

The businessman’s third daughter, Minka Jagger, is the first with his present wife. Minka was born in 2016, making her six years old. 

Jagger was born on March 3 and had Pisces as her zodiac sign. Her mother said on Instagram that her daughter graduated from kindergarten in June 2022. In addition, Minka’s parents manage her Instagram account. She is a talented gymnast who also enjoys rollerblading. Minka gets along well with Ice T’s daughter and Coco’s son, Chanel Nicole.


Margot and Garfield John had a son whom they named Daymond. When John was 10, his parents, Margot and John, split up. After his parents separated, Daymond John was raised by his mother alone at the age of sixteen. His mother had a boyfriend called Steve, who was a lawyer. The businessman looked up to him and treated him like a father figure. In regards to Daymond’s biological father, he has remained silent.

IN AN INTERVIEW, the TV star said his mum is a great fan of his work. Margot put up the first capital for her son’s FUBU apparel line. She borrowed one hundred thousand dollars using their home as collateral. Margot also placed a classified ad in the paper looking for business allies. His mother was always there to reassure him that he would overcome the difficulties he encountered in his business.


Where did Daymond John meet his wife?

John’s thyroid cancer was detected at stage II in April of this year. John had surgery to remove the malignant lesion, and everything went well. John married his second wife, Heather Taras, in 2018. They have a kid together, Minka Jagger. Destiny and Yasmeen are the names of his two kids from his first marriage.

Who is Daymond’s John’s offspring’s mom?

The Shark Tank star is a proud papa to three lovely little ladies. Minka Jagger was his and Heather Taras’s third child together. From a previous relationship, John also raised two children, Yasmeen and Destiny. Minka, the youngest, has a more public existence than her half-siblings.