What Are The Best Areas To Stay in Baltimore?

places to stay in Baltimore

Are you looking for the best areas to stay in Baltimore? Thankfully we are here to save you.

Baltimore has a dreadful reputation. It’s frequently portrayed as a nasty, seedy place that should be avoided at all costs. The real Baltimore, on the other hand, is quite the contrary. It has a long and illustrious history, a diversified cultural offering, an innovative restaurant scene, and plenty of family-friendly activities.

However, as with any large city, Baltimore has some of the best areas and some to avoid. That is why we have compiled this list of places to stay in Baltimore.

This guide was put together by our expert travel writers with one goal in mind: to help YOU choose the ideal location to stay in Baltimore based on your travel needs. We’ll show you around and show you where to stay.

The harbour is home to the majority of Baltimore’s top attractions. The city’s tourism hub, the Inner Harbour, on the western end, is home to some of the city’s largest hotels and family-friendly attractions like the  Maryland Science Centre and National Aquarium. As you travel east, old Little Italy gives way to modern Harbour East, which has a few more hotels, and then Fells Point, a popular entertainment districts. The south side of the harbour is more peaceful, though Fort McHenry and numerous traditional crab shacks can be found. Downtown Baltimore, the city’s faded commercial heart, is just north of Inner Harbour, with Mount Vernon and posher Midtown to the north and a succession of edgier districts to the west.

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Best Airbnb Area To Stay in Baltimore.

Baltimore’s best Airbnb is a downtown property with excellent connections.

Airbnb in Baltimore provides a more personalised experience. Thanks to this apartment’s exceptional location, you won’t waste a second of your time or a penny on public transportation. This property is a terrific base from which to explore Baltimore because it is fully supplied with all of life’s modern comforts and has a modest price tag.

Baltimore’s Best Neighbourhoods for…

Inner Harbour or Harbour East are the best neighbourhoods to stay in for first-timers/sightseeing.

Staying close to the waterfront and the attractions at Inner Harbour is your best bet, especially if you have children. There is certainly lots of lodging in Downtown, but Inner Harbour is a far more pleasant and easygoing neighbourhood, with a strong concentration on entertainment, tourism and outdoor activities. Consider the modern and high-quality hotels in Harbour East, which are just a short walk along the water. It’s only a short walk from here to Little Italy’s eateries.

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Best Neighbourhood For Couples in Baltimore 

Fell’s Point is the most romantic neighbourhood in the city.

Fell’s Point is one of Baltimore’s most attractive areas, despite being crowded with visitors during the day and revellers at night. It’s the  cobblestone streets are interlaced with gabled cottages, red-brick row houses, and Greek Revival structures dating back to the mid-eighteenth century – the Robert Long House, built in 1765, is claimed to be Baltimore’s oldest dwelling. The area is well connected to the rest of the city by water taxi and has a small number of romantic hotels, including the opulent at the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf and Sagamore Pendry, as well as the more budget-friendly Admiral Fell Inn Harbour.

 Best Hotel To Stay in Baltimore 

HI Baltimore is the best hostel in Baltimore.

The HI Baltimore hotel is in the middle of the city. It is close to restaurants, shopping, and pubs, as well as important tourist sites and landmarks. This hostel, which is housed in a magnificent 19th-century home, contains a huge parlour, a dining room, a full kitchen, and a complimentary pancake breakfast. Because of all of this, we believe this is the best hostel in Baltimore.

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Best Bed & Breakfast In Baltimore 

The Inn at 2920 is Baltimore’s best bed and breakfast.

Our top selection for the greatest bed & breakfast in Baltimore is The Inn at 2920. It is conveniently positioned in Canton, close to restaurants, bistros, bars, and nightclubs. Unique rooms with private bathrooms are available at this bed and breakfast. A library and a great on-site restaurant are also available.

The city of Baltimore is one of Maryland’s most popular tourist destinations. It is Maryland’s largest city and a raucous and bustling metropolis on the Mid-Atlantic Coast.

Baltimore was depicted in the media for many years as a dangerous city filled with violence and narcotics around every turn. But that is no longer the case. Baltimore is famed for its delicious seafood, never-ending nightlife, mild temperature, and rich and diverse history, all of which make it a delight to visit at any time of year.

The city is 238 square kilometres in size. It is separated into a bewildering number of official neighbourhoods, each of which offers a wide range of activities and attractions.

This guide will focus on the must-see attractions in Baltimore’s five most desirable neighbourhoods.

Mount Vernon is a posh neighbourhood just north of Baltimore’s downtown area. It is home to a number of cultural and historical institutions and is a place where history is brought to life.

You’ll arrive downtown if you walk south from here. Downtown, Baltimore’s primary commercial sector and seat of city government, is home to fantastic restaurants, a plethora of stores, and a good selection of low-cost lodging alternatives.

The Inner Harbour is located in the heart of Baltimore. This bright and lively neighbourhood is full of popular activities and attractions that will excite and engage visitors of all ages. There’s a lot to see and do around the Inner Harbour, from superb restaurants to animal attractions.

From here, head east to Fells Point. Fells Point, a former port and shipbuilding city, is a charming neighbourhood with cobblestone walkways and nautical flair, and it’s where Baltimore’s best nightlife can be found.

Finally, Canton is a stylish and trendy neighbourhood on Baltimore’s east side. Canton, once the city’s canning district, is now a trendy and popular neighbourhood with unique boutiques and rustic cafes.

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Best Neighbourhoods for Food and Restaurants: Harbour East and Remington

Harbor East and Remington are the best neighbourhoods for food and restaurants.

Baltimore’s culinary culture is rising in popularity, but the best restaurants are scattered around the city – Hampden, Fell’s Point, Charles Village, and even the tourist Inner Harbour all have superb dining options. 

We chose Harbor East for excellent dining since it is a safe, small location with high-quality restaurants. Tagliata, an Italian steakhouse, and Cinghiale, an Italian wine bar, are two standouts, however the true trattorias of Little Italy are also only a short walk away. Azumi, a lauded Japanese restaurant, receives frequent delivery from Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market, while Bygone, a luxurious monument to the 1920s, is a sumptuous homage to the era.

Charleston, created by Tony Foreman and Chef Cindy Wolf, was one of the earliest restaurants here is Chef Marc Hennessy’s French steakhouse. 

Visit Remington, a tiny neighbourhood immediately north of Midtown, for additional cheap food. Clavel, Lane Harlan, and Carlos Raba’s award-winning taqueria, as well as the stylish food hall R. House with ten separate counters, are highlights. PaperMoon Diner, Café Los Suenos, and Blacksauce Kitchen’s handcrafted biscuits are all favourites.

• Remington has no hotels; the Inn at The Colonnade is on the opposite side of the Johns Hopkins University campus, and the Midtown hotels are a short ride away.

• Though it’s a little out on the south side of the harbour in Locust Point, no trip to Baltimore is complete without a supper at L.P. Steamers, which is known for their famed steamed crabs encrusted with Old Bay Seasoning. Another local product with a devoted following is Old Bay Seasoning. It was invented in Baltimore in 1939, and McCormick & Company has been marketing it since 1990.

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Best Area in Baltimore for a Local Vibe 

Hampden is the best neighborhood for a sense of community.

Hampden is one of Baltimore’s most unique and unusual neighborhoods since it’s off the beaten path (and a little difficult to get to). It began as a working-class mill town in the nineteenth century, but hipsters and artists now outnumber blue-collar workers. The main drag, often known as “The Avenue,” is a terrific spot to shop, have a beverage, or eat. Stop into Café Hon, a vintage diner of Baltimore, or eat at The Food Market before heading to the Bluebird Cocktail Room for cocktails.

Areas in Baltimore to stay away from.

Baltimore’s Dangerous Neighbourhoods

Though the typical precautions should be taken at night, Central Baltimore is often considered safer than it feels (or is portrayed on TV). Be mindful of your surroundings, as you would in any major city. Visitors are advised to plan they’re itinerary before leaving, avoid traveling alone in dark areas, and keep valuables out of sight, according to the local tourist bureau. Although crime is severe in neighborhoods like Cherry Hill and West Baltimore visitors are unlikely to visit these regions. The majority of the areas featured here, such as Inner Harbour, Fell’s Point, and Harbour East, and is safe at night due to visible police presence.

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