What’s up with Dan and Phil? – The YouTubers’ cohabitating predicament is explained

are dan and phil together

Are dan and phil together – “Dan and Phil” refer to the duo of Daniel Howell and Phil Lester. British entertainment team who first found success on YouTube back when it was still a tiny community. The pair began working together in 2010, and since then, their combined projects have included movies, TV shows, radio shows, concerts throughout the globe, and even merchandise. The questions Are dan and phil together is frequently asked by people. 

As Dan left YouTube in 2019 to concentrate on his mental health, the couple went on an indefinite break until 2021. But, once he returned, they picked up where they left off and are still working together, releasing videos for their channels. So let’s discuss the answer to Are dan and phil together? In detail.  

Dan and Phil have been friends and coworkers since they met in 2010 on a YouTube video.

When YouTube launched in 2006, Phil was one of the first users to begin creating and sharing videos on the site. Dan was a fan of his work even though he had few views and had contacted him through Twitter. In 2009, after meeting Phil online, who inspired Dan to submit his first video, Dan created his own YouTube account.

They worked together for the first time on a video for Dan’s now-defunct YouTube channel “Dan is not on fire” in 2010. The video in question, dubbed “Amazing Dan,” was a comedic Q&A posted on May 28, 2010, and has since gone viral. People wonder if Dan and Phil are still together. 

After that, Dan and Phil formed a lasting relationship and business alliance.

Apart from making regular appearances on one another’s channels, Dan and Phil have collaborated on the YouTube channels Dan and Phil CRAFTS, Dan and Phil GAMES, and The Super Awesome Project. Moreover, they have hosted award events, appeared on the radio, and even made voice appearances in animated films.

Dan and Phil had written and released their book, The Incredible Book Is Not On Fire, by October 2015. They also debuted their first tour and stage production, The Incredible Tour Is Not on Fire, the same year; the performance was filmed and published as a YouTube Red Original concert video the following year. As 2018 progressed, the pair set off on their second global tour.

It all made sense when we were introduced to YouTube Red, so we decided to make [the concert video] ourselves and figure out where to put it afterward. Considering that our whole demographic already frequents YouTube, there’s no need to direct them elsewhere. To paraphrase what Phil revealed to Variety.

In his coming-out video released in 2019, Dan seems to refer to a former romantic history between them. Dan and Phil’s longstanding partnership and intimacy have piqued the interest of their admirers, who have often speculated about the depths of their connection. Later, in his coming out video, Dan made hints about having had a romantic connection with Phil, as had been suspected.

Dan, feeling the need to end the speculation about his sexuality online, finally came out as homosexual in a video posted to YouTube on June 14 of this year. Although identifying as homosexual, he “loves the term queer” to describe how he felt, saying:

Nobody who knows me considers me heterosexual. So, as a result, my coming forward isn’t required except to explain what the heck is going on.

Dan also discussed the emotional maltreatment, the battle with identity, and the homophobia he faced as a youngster. He tried suicide when he was a teenager due to severe depression. Because of this, he joined YouTube in the wake of the incident to start again, and he eventually met Phil during this trying period.

When I met Phil, our relationship was more than platonic but also beyond the boundaries of friendship. Finally, finally, there was a person who had real feelings for me. They earned my confidence, and I felt secure for the first time since I was a little kid. The connection we had at that time was just what I needed,” Dan said.

In addition, Dan noted that they were “true closest friends and comrades through life” whose bond was strengthened by their mutual respect and understanding. He called Phil his “soulmate,” but he didn’t want anybody to know anything more about their connection.

Not long after Dan’s video was posted, on July 1, 2019, Phil also made a video for his ‘Amazing Phil’ channel. He revealed his sexual orientation and stated he’d known since he was 12 that he wasn’t heterosexual.

Since 2011, Dan and Phil have shared housing and just purchased a home together.

It is unclear whether Dan and Phil are still romantically linked despite the rumors that they may have dated. Yet, they have shared a home for the last ten years. After Dan graduated from university in the middle of 2011, he moved into an apartment in Manchester with his friend Phil. In an old video tour of their home, he described their living circumstances, saying:

“This year, I am living with Phil, which has its ups and downs, if you didn’t know.”

As Phil announced their apartment hunt on Twitter at the end of July 2012, word spread that they had finally found a home in London (where they have lived since).

Furthermore, in 2017, the couple purchased a home, and for the next three years, they meticulously planned and designed the inside of their future home. We started working on this in 2017, so it’s been a while. Dan said in a video they posted to YouTube titled “Something we want to tell you” that since “[the home] is a new construction,” they were able to make all of the inside and exterior design decisions.

They shared news of their new relationship and other personal developments but declined to provide a home tour, citing privacy concerns. Dan and Phil closed on their first house on June 19, 2021, and they moved in together the following day.


The above-listed portion explains the answer to the question Are dan and phil together in detail. 

How much older is Phil than dan?

While they seem to be the same age on-screen, Phil is four years older than Dan.

What happened to dan and Phil?

Even though we don’t know where Dan and Phil’s relationship stands, we do know that their fans are thrilled to see them prospering and working on new stuff together.

Do dan and phil own a house together?

 Although they were formerly a famous Twitter team, their relationship status had altered since 2021, when they announced they had purchased a home together.

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