Devon Hales Age, Personal Life, and lots more

Devon Hales Age

Devon Hales Age

American actress Devon Hales is well-known for her work on the popular TV programs Icon, Teenage Bounty Hunters, The Resident, Stan Against Evil, and many others.

In the American teen comedy-drama television series Teenage Bounty Hunters, created by Kathleen Jordan, she is best known for playing the fictional April Stevens.

This article will look at Devon Hales age, personal life, net worth, and much more. 

Hales, a Sagittarius with a birth sign of December 5, 1981, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Her family and blood relatives are unknown. Devon Hales age is 33 years. 

Early years:-

  • An iconic actress was born on December 5, 2000, in Cumming, Georgia, a state in Atlanta. She was born and reared in her hometown, where she also worked.
  • She became interested in modeling at a young age. She also became successful as a social media influencer, but she eventually decided to pursue acting because she didn’t believe her abilities would advance soon.

Details about the family:-

The Teenage Bounty Hunters actress has kept her parents’ and siblings’ identities a secret. She attempts to maintain a modest profile around her family and other relatives. This serves as the rationale for hiding their name and other personal information.

It would seem that her parents must encourage her to follow her acting dreams. She had a reasonably easy childhood because her parents were so supportive.

As Lisa Logan in The Resident:-

Hales portrayed Lisa Logan in the television show The Resident, an American medical drama. Lisa Loon was well-liked since she had an endearing personality. The drama’s initial US release took place on January 21, 2018.

The drama is focused on a group of new practicing doctors who must navigate the difficulties of modern medicine while receiving training from a seasoned senior resident.


Devon Hales is quite active on social media, just like other celebrities. On Instagram, she has a big following. She utilizes Instagram far more frequently than other social media sites. She has 50.7k followers on her official Instagram account, @devonhales.jpg.

She also posts pictures from her travels, movie trailers, and videos of various cosmetic tips. She also appears to spend most of her free time traveling with her friends, based on an Instagram post she made.

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Career Highlights:-

Hales made her acting debut as The Resident in 2011, and because of her outstanding performances in movies, she has been slowly rising through the ranks of the American film industry since then.

She immersed herself in the American cinema industry as a young artist. The movie Storage served as her acting debut. The movie Hales, based on the crime and thriller Instagram genre, was great.


The Stan Against Evil actress stays out of the spotlight. She has not yet been linked to any scandals that have garnered public attention. She has also won over the hearts of millions of people who have been embroiled in conflicts and entertains people with her amazing acting skills.

Additionally, her dating status has never been a source of conflict. She can balance her love with her career. 

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Q-What kind of partnerships does Devon Hales have?

A-One of the more recent and rising stars, Devon Hales, has been in the public eye at a young age but wants to keep a quiet profile.

Even while there is no proof that the attractive Hales is seeing anyone or committed to a relationship, there is no way to be sure. She might be single and focusing on her career or concealing her romantic status from the public.

Q-How much money is Devon Hales worth?

A-Devon Hales age is 33 years, and she has a total net worth of $600.000. She has access to many resources because of her successful career as a television personality, movie actor, social media influencer, etc.

She does not, however, have her own business or engage in any other activities that might enable her to make money in addition to her employment. She and her family lead a glamorous and wealthy existence in the United States.

Q-How tall is Hales?

A-Devon Hales has a charming and alluring personality. She is also a respectable height. She is 177 cm tall and about 55 kg in weight.

Her remarkable appearance and beauty have been heightened by her dark grey hair, pointed nose, and black eyes. Because she works in the glamour sector, she has an athletic body type and has worked hard to keep it in good shape at a young age.

Hales’s astrological sign is Sagittarius, which falls between the 240th and 270th degrees of the zodiac and corresponds to the constellation Sagittarius.