The Best Shulker Box Recipe – How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft ?


The shulker box is one of the most desired items in Minecraft. While killing the dragon will give you a lot of experience, the ultimate prize will be found in the last city. End-city shulker adversaries drop shulker shells, which may be used to build shulker boxes. These shulker boxes can hold 27 inventory slots and keep their contents even if they are broken. This means you may bring a lot more with you as you travel throughout the nation. Let’s look at some of the best Shulker box recipes.

In Minecraft, how can you get a Shulker Box?

The Best Shulker Box Recipe

Shulker boxes do not appear naturally in Minecraft, thus you’ll have to go to the end cities to find them. To create a shulker box, you’ll need to collect shulker shells from shulker foes.

Enter an end city and make sure you have a sword enchanted with the Looting enchantment. Shulkers, unlike many other enemies, will only spawn once and will not reappear in the same end city once you have defeated them all. You’ll need to visit additional end cities to find more shulkers, and killing the shulkers with the Looting enchantment will guarantee you have enough shells for your boxes.

Shulkers will fire missiles at you, so be careful. These bullets do not deal much damage on their own, but the levitating impact they have on you might force you to incur a lot of fall damage, which can be fatal. To avoid floating too high, stay above a ledge or under a ceiling. Wait for the shulker’s shell to open and hit it with your Looting sword to acquire more shulker shells to drop.

In Minecraft, here’s the best Shulker Box recipe ?

– Shulker Shells (two)

– A single chest

Two shulker shells dropped by shulker foes and one standard chest are required to build a shulker box. Place the chest in the center slot on a crafting table and arrange all the shulker shells under and on it.

This will get you access to the coveted shulker box.

In Minecraft, How to Use a Shulker Box?

Shulker boxes function in the same way as conventional single chests. Place it on the table and open it with a right-click. A Minecraft Shulker Boxcan store twenty-seven inventory slots, but it will keep the stuff within even if it is broken.

With an empty shulker in your inventory, you can mine twenty-seven additional stacks of cobblestone while only committing one inventory space to the shulker box. When you break a shulker box, it will just fall to the ground, where you may pick it up and carry it about like a rucksack.

Adding shulker boxes along with ender chests is vital because it allows you to store all of your assets secure in an ender chest while still having access to vast amounts of inventory. Once I’ve reached this point in the game, you can find an ender chest in inventory, as well as a lot of shulker boxes in  ender chest to store a lot more stuff.

By storing a good supply of shulker boxes in your ender chests, you may keep additional food and supplies, emergency sets of weapons/armor/tools, or simply more inventory spaces.

Shulker boxes may be dyed as well. Simply add a Minecraft Shulker Boxand a bit of dye to your crafting menu to modify the colour.

You won’t have to worry about keeping the shulker box empty since it will keep track of its inventory. Shulker boxes are extremely handy, and having enough of them will allow you to maintain nearly fifty times your inventory space.

At an anvil, you may also modify the name of your shulker boxes.

Simply alter the name of the three positions by clicking on the name bar above them.


By stacking shulker boxes in your inventory and ender chest, you can hold over 1,727 distinct stacks of things or 110,000 items at once! You can store 4,050 stacks of things if you add a caravan of 10 llamas.

By filling a cauldron with water and placing a coloured Minecraft Shulker Box on top of it, you may undye a shulker box. The water level will drop, and the shulker’s colour will return to its original state.

Shulker boxes may be hung on the wall or hung from the ceiling to give some unique storage options. Because the shulker’s block size may change as you open it, it may also be employed in parkour environments. If you’re quick enough, you can add many shulkers in a row to make a staircase.Now that we are done with the Shulker box recipe, below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Shulker Box in Minecraft. 


Is it feasible to put one Minecraft Shulker Box within another?

Unfortunately, the authors foresaw this interaction and disallowed the development of infinite Minecraft Shulker Box space. This is probably for the best, because going inside a Minecraft Shulker Box to hunt for additional shulker boxes is a terrific way to forget where you placed things.

What is the most effective approach to change the colour of a shulker box?

To change the colour of a shulker, put it in a crafting menu next to the dye colour you want to use. You may use dye to change the colour of your Minecraft Shulker Box if it is accessible in Minecraft. You may dye your Minecraft Shulker Box in any of seventeen different colours, so be creative and use them as colourful storage or a way to track your possessions.

How can you change Minecraft Shulker Box name?

To change shulker box name, place it inside an anvil and rename it from the top bar. Hovering over the shulker box will disclose its new name, which will help you keep track.