Diamonds and the Charms of Hollywood


Hollywood is linked to so many things that people all over the planet cherish. People connect Tinseltown to some of the finest movies ever, first of all. They link it to incredible choices in fashion all the same. Fashion is about much more than just stylish clothing pieces. It’s equally about mesmerizing choices in jewelry. If you’re looking to learn all about diamonds and how they affect the general public, you should probably pay close attention to Hollywood stars and some of their diamond shape choices.

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The Many Marvels of Diverse Diamond Shapes

It’s no shocker that celebrities are like many people in that they realize that variety is the spice of life. So many celebrities realize that variety in diamond shapes is a wonderful thing, too. Salma Hayek is a glamorous actress who has been widely known in the film realm for decades at this point. She also happens to be a woman who loves oval stones. Oval Stones have other dedicated fans as well. Ariana Grande is a vocalist who loves them just as much as Hayek does.

Elizabeth Taylor was a late actress who basically was the epitome of Hollywood magic for quite a long time. It makes complete sense that this lady was 100 percent crazy about diamond shapes, too. She specifically was drawn to diamonds that hare notable pear shapes. She’s in amazingly good company nowadays. Zoey Saldana is an actress who has been making waves in Hollywood for quite a few years now. She, like the enigmatic Taylor before her, adores pear shapes to bits.

Meghan Markle is an actress who accumulated many fans during her time on the television program “Suits.” She’s also known for being married to Prince Harry of the United Kingdom. It’s understandable that so many people the world over are curious about Markle’s diamond shape preferences. She happens to be a cushion cut diamond shape devotee.

Emerald cut diamonds are just as refined and distinctive as they sound. Many celebrities will back up that idea as well. Glennon Doyle is the significant other of Abby Wambach, a renowned figure in the soccer arena. Wambach dazzled Doyle with a stone that had an emerald cut several years ago in 2017.

Few people on this vast planet are unaware of Beyonce and her style choices. She has the distinction of being one of the most fashionable celebrities in the world, and that’s not an exaggeration in the slightest. She got married to rap staple Jay-Z in 2008. Her stunned her with a proposal that involved an emerald cut beauty. Who else joins Beyonce in her love of emerald cut diamond shapes? Several examples of celebrities who think like Beyonce in the diamond shape department are Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Serena Williams.

Diamonds that are radiant cuts are some of the most thrilling shapes you can possibly imagine. These shapes have been in existence since the latter half of the 1970s. Jennifer Aniston is a massively popular actress who has been making entertainment lovers grin for literal decades and counting. She’s a woman who can’t resist stones that have emerald cuts, too. Other people who share her commitment to these shapes are easy to find. Drew Barrymore is an actress who is just as thrilled with emerald diamond shapes and all they have to offer her.

Marilyn Monroe was an acting wonder who had a penchant for baguette diamond shapes. Many people all over the map are unable to deny the splendour of the baguette diamond.