Different Types of Bread- Know What You Eat

different type of bread

It is essential to know things that you eat. Bread is available at everybody’s home. It is also the staple food for some places. It is made using different types of flours and other ingredients to add appropriate flavors to it, which appreciates the meal experience. These can be cooked in different ways, which always does not require an oven. Isn’t this shocking? Also, preparing bread isn’t an easy task. Remember that. There is nothing to be tensed about; scroll down to find different types of bread, which will include the healthiest type of bread as well as types of sweet bread.

– Different types of bread

  1. Whole wheat bread

This type of bread is also known as wholemeal bread. This bread is made from wheat flour, which is 100% extracted from grains. The number of people consuming this bread is increasing day by day as people are health conscious, and this bread is also counted in healthy bread.

  1. White bread

This bread is made from all-purpose flour, and it is well known for its compact grains and fine texture, which also makes it easy to slice. It is used in fast food and also can be molded in any shape while cooking it.

  1. Brown bread

Its cooking includes a barn with wheat germs, which is the most common method used. 10% of its recipe is made up by the barn. Brown bread is quite similar to white bread in some areas; just the caramel is added to the latter, but in some parts, it is counted in healthy bread.

These are some different types of bread which are very common in every part of the world, and their consumption is increasing day by day.

  1. Ezekiel Bread

There is no flour in its dough. Usually, the sprouted grain is used. Also, beans and seeds can be used in this recipe. Uncooked beans and grains are added to it; therefore, the grain must be sprouted before adding it to the dough.


– The healthiest type of bread

  1. Multi-grain bread

Different kinds of flours are mixed up to make this kind of bread. Usually, whole-wheat, white bread flour, and rye are used to make this bread. Depending on the grains added to the bread, it depends that the bread is heavy or light. It is counted in healthy bread because it provides all the proteins in the correct amount that the human body should consume.

  1. Rye bread

This bread is originated from Europe. It is a different type of bread, which is a kind of wholemeal bread. It is either made by using rye flour or by mixing rye flour with wheat flour. It has a strong flavor and is dark in color and is the healthiest type of bread.

  1. Sourdough bread

It has a dense texture when compared to other different types of bread. It is slightly sour. Water and flour are fermented before this type of healthy bread is made. A different kind of acid is added to the dough to lighten the bread. Usually, baking soda or yeast is added to it.

  1. Oats Bread

It is a different type of bread made using different kinds of oats, whole-wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast. It is very healthy bread because it contains oats in a large amount, which is good for health.


Types of sweet bread

Sweet bread is also referred to as quick bread. These are different types of bread that are either savory or sweet in flavor. These bread either use baking soda or baking powder instead of yeast.

  1. Chocolate bread

Chocolate is a very delicious addition to bread. While baking bread, just the chocolate flavor is added to it to give a sweet chocolaty taste. This bread is a little unhealthy but has a fantastic feeling.

  1. Cranberry bread

This type of sweet bread adds tartness and beautiful color to bread and gives a fantastic presentation. This bread is healthy, as well as has a fantastic taste. It is a different type of bread and is not available easily.

  1. Banana bread

This bread is made using banana flour. You all must have heard about banana pancakes; the same flour is used to make banana bread. This bread is suitable for people doing gym because banana is considered good for them.

  1. Pumpkin Bread

Usually, pumpkin is no body’s favorite, but what do you think about its bread. Bread with pumpkins, this sounds interesting. This bread is made using dried pumpkin flour mixed with whole-wheat flour or other flours (whatever you prefer). It is a little sweet in taste, giving a tartaric taste.