Marissa Cloutier, the Digital Princess: A Comprehensive Guide to Her Life and Career

Marissa Cloutier, the Digital Princess

Digital Princess – Marissa Cloutier, born on January 17, 1997, is a digital princess named Pokeprincxss. She has millions of views and is a popular YouTuber, TikToker, Twitch streamer, and Twitch influencer. She was born in the USA. Her Twitch channel has gained a lot of followers because of the video games she streams live.

Marissa has a serious Pokemon obsession. Pokeprincxss is another name for her. She has tattoos all over her body depicting Pokemon characters since she is such a rabid fan. In reality, Marissa, the digital princess, is a well-known personality.

 She has a massive following on TikTok. But a peculiar event propelled her into the public eye. On August 27, law enforcement officials charged her with child negligence and arrested her. People have said that she doesn’t care for her kid because of this. Nintendo also filed a lawsuit against her for exploiting their copyrighted term “Poke” online.

As a result, she decided to rebrand herself as the digital princess instead of the Pokeprincxss. This article is a great resource to learn more about Marissa Cloutier. To learn more about Marissa Cloutier, please continue reading the article.

An Electronic Royalty Biography

Marissa Cloutier was born on January 17, 1997, in the United States, as is common knowledge. She had previously called Colorado home before moving to warmer Fort Myers, Florida. She and her kid have settled there. Marissa will be 24 in the year 2022. She identifies as Christian despite being of mixed ancestry.

She’s a Capricorn, if you’re curious. Marissa is a stunning social media sensation. She is around 5 feet, 6 inches tall and weighs about 57 kilograms (125 pounds). She’s stunning with her brown hair and hazel eyes. 

There needs to be more specificity on her academic background. The only thing we know about her schooling is that she finished primary school in her area. Soon after, she enrolled at a prestigious university. After that point, we lose access to all relevant data. But she said in an interview that she had to deal with bullying at school. The reason for this was that she was a huge gamer.

Royal Family of the Internet Age

Digital Marissa Cloutier, the Princess, has been silent about her family history. She was born to her parents, but that’s all we know about her. Nonetheless, other accounts have her mother working outside the home and her father running a little business.

Similarly, the famed TkToker’s family is a mystery to us. Marissa has kept her family private. Because of this, data is scarce. We do, however, know that she is of mixed racial heritage. That means she has parents from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Profession & Way of Life

Marissa was an early adopter of the video gaming medium. From that moment on, she was resolved to pursue a career in video gaming. Her desire has come true; she now has tens of thousands of viewers on her Twitch channel. 

However, she has other passions outside gaming, such as dancing. She also has a TikTok account where she uploads dancing videos. Indeed, she has become a widely-followed TikTok sensation. She has 97.6 million views and 2.2 million followers as of August 2021. 

Marissa Cloutier, the digital princess, has a channel there as well. Digitalprincxss is the name of the channel. She first established the channel on December 25, 2011. September 5, 2019, however, was the day of her debut video upload. “20 YEARS OF COLLECTING POKEMON PLUSHIES” was the title of her debut video. There are now 29.4k viewers on the channel.

Marissa keeps her Twitch channel updated and active as well. In reality, he has amassed a following of around 62.7k people. She broadcasted her play over Twitch. However, since her arrest on child negligence charges, she has removed all of her videos. 

Marissa is also responsible for an OnlyFans page. She publishes sexually explicit material on that site. She’s really popular there, too, with over 83,600 likes. You can support her by becoming a paying member of her OnlyFans profile for the low price of USD 16.99 monthly. 

Additionally, Marissa Cloutier is a business owner. The name of her internet boutique is “Digitalprincxss,” and she is the owner. This web store sells items like sweatshirts and tees. She claims that all of the clothes sold in her web shop are manufactured using only the finest quality preshrunk cotton. The designs on these clothes are durable and made using eco-friendly inks.

Suits Against the Digital Royalty

There are now two pending cases against Marissa Cloutier, aka the digital princess. The first is a product of Nintendo. The Nintendo business reportedly filed a lawsuit against her for exploiting the copyrighted term “Poke” on all of her merchandising and social media platforms. Her employer instructed Marissa to alter her online identities’ monikers. As a result, she decided to transition from “Pokeprincxss” to “Digitalprincxss.” 


Marissa is facing yet another lawsuit that accuses her of neglecting her children. August 27, 2021, marked the beginning of disseminating a certain report. According to the news account, Marissa was taken into custody by the local authorities and charged with child negligence. According to the complaint, Marissa also abandoned her kid, who was then five years old, at their house in Fort Myers, Florida. The youngster emerged from the home in the late night hours, wailing. The neighbours saw what was going on and alerted the authorities. Marissa was then arrested on allegations of child negligence. 


Who is Marissa Cloutier?

Marissa is a popular YouTuber, TikToker, Twitch streamer, and Twitch influencer. 

How old is Marissa?

As of 2022, Marissa will have become 25 years old.

Where and when did she enter the world?

On January 17, 1997, Mmarissa entered the world.

What is the name of her kid?

Onix is the name of her son.

Nothing more about Marissa Cloutier, the digital princess, has been revealed.