The Ultimate Bizarre Adventure Guide Of Dio Pose

Dio Pose

DIO POSE – In Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood, the charismatic antagonist Dio Pose Brando devises a plot opposing Joestars after failing to conquer the world. He uses Jonathan’s lifeless body to assemble a group of devoted followers that he manipulates through mind control and instils with terror.

The mission for each of these people is to find the Crusaders. He is accountable for George Joestar’s murder in Phantom Blood.

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Why Do Dio Poses?

The Joestars’ cunning and calculated eternal foe might best be summed up in one word: flashy or magnificent. The captivating emperor, who led zombies and then Stand users, exudes an unbreakable sense of flair in whatever he does, attracting many people to him.

Introduction to Dio in Phantom Blood

Dio Poses embarks on a fresh quest to locate and take possession of everything that belongs to the Joestar family after the death of his evil and vindictive father. Alcoholic abuser Dario Brando led his mother to an early death by treating her like trash.

Due to Dario’s actions, which were motivated by hatred and other unfavourable feelings, Dio Poses eventually developed into a megalomaniac who yearned for fame and power. Dio’s evil proclivities persisted despite numerous attempts from George Joestar, confirming the generational curse.

Dio Kicks The Dog

One of Jonathan’s closest companions, Danny, was his pet dog. Dio detested dogs because of their strange “subservient” behaviour towards humans, a quality he couldn’t stand. When he first enters the mansion, Danny gallops gleefully at Jonathan and the blonde-haired opponent. However, Dio Poses violently kicks him in the face.

George Joestar then leaves the mansion and asks what is causing all the ruckus. The antagonist makes up a story and claims to the innkeeper that he was startled by Danny’s jump and had to kick him due to concern for his life. The animosity between Dio & Jonathan starts immediately and lasts until this Phantom Blood Saga concludes.

Boxer Dio

Jonathan prepares to meet the other candidate in a boxing battle surrounded by zealous spectators. He is astonished to see Dio Poses, the vile man who invaded his home after kicking his favourite pet, standing there. Brando puts on his gloves & ties them tightly as he sits peacefully on the lawn. Then he engages in combat with his fiercest rival.

Dio Poses displays his skill as the sidewalk fighter while exchanging punches by putting his finger between Jonathan’s eyes. As a result, Joestar is rendered inactive, and he wonders why Dio is still picking fights with him.

Kono Dio Da!

Erina Pendelton spent a day enjoying Jonathan Joestar’s company before being ambushed by Dio Brando and his henchmen. Dio pushes himself on Erina, implying she hadn’t kissed Jonathan until then. Erina becomes so furious that she pulls off his shirt to escape his hold. With a sly smirk, Dio tells the horrified Erina that he has successfully stolen her first kiss.

Later, in front of the kind George Joestar, Jonathan executes just retribution against Dio by slapping and humiliating him.

Dio Plays Rugby

Dio Poses helps Jonathan overcome the opposition squad in a rugby match seven years after entering the Joestar mansion. Three opponents tried to stop the valiant and powerful Jonathan from advancing on the pitch, but they met resistance.

Jonathan cannot continue and throws the football to Dio, who completes the receive by gracefully leaping into the air and scores a perfect touchdown as the crowd erupts in joy.

The Maiden WRYYYYYY!

Dio Poses Brando hacked one of the officers in half with just his hand after killing George Joestar in the cold (such as when he intended to stab Jonathan). Then, for the first moment in the entire series, he hangs upside down while screaming his battle cry.

When Jonathan went to Ogre Street and with Speedwagon’s help, he found the “Easterner” who provided Dio with the poison above, his grandiose scheme to poison George Joestar to death was foiled. This scene occurs after Jonathan & Speedwagon face Dio in the Joestar house.

Dio On The Balcony

Following the iconic “WRYYY” scene, Dio Poses climbs up on the verandah and asks Joestar and his friends (such as Speedwagon and Policemen) to come after him since he has far outpaced humans.

Dio describes how the Stone Mask gave him newfound abilities to consume his blood victims to boost his power. As a result, he could withstand being shot and falling to his death.

Dio Vs. Jonathan (His First Fight As A Vampire)

After George Joestar dies, Jonathan, the rightful heir, sets fire to the mansion to overthrow Dio. Jonathan takes a position as he prepares to confront the psychopath, as does his foe. When Brando extends his right arm above his head and places his left hand in a downward posture, he looks like a skilled kung-fu practitioner.

Muda Muda Muda! Dio Walks On The Wall

The enemy strolls up the wall fashionably as Jonathan frantically tries to take out the vampire Dio. He dismisses Joestar’s attempts as “useless” (which is also one of his catchphrases in Japanese, i.e. Muda), saying that Dio has “rejected his humanity” in favour of unstoppable immortality, which makes it impossible for him to defeat Dio.

Dio Meets Zeppeli & Comes To Know Of Hamon (The Ripple)

They reach a graveyard where Dio & his auxiliary zombies are waiting while their primary protagonist Jonathan & his companions, Robert E.O. Speedwagon & William Antonio Zeppeli, pursue a revived Dio Poses who escaped the blazing home. Zeppeli attempts to control Dio, but his attempts are frustrated by Dio’s ability to freeze his opponent instantly.

Zeppeli talks to Jonathan after barely escaping from his frozen arm regarding how they could harm the immortal with mighty talents well above their own. Then, Dio Poses learns about Hamon, a method of breathing that enables the user to direct the sun’s energy to eradicate a vampire. One of the most impressive poses in Phantom Blood is his one against the moon. It is comparable to Rukia’s stern expression in Bleach and Itachi’s posture in Naruto.

Dio Points At Jonathan

The location of this scene is Dio’s hiding place in the community, where he had effectively built up a base. Dio had used his vampire abilities to produce a horde of zombies that had taken over the community. The villain shows his resentment at being compelled to use his hands to kill Jonathan when he didn’t want to. He coolly gestures with both fingers towards Joestar.

Before this point in the start of the season, Dio Poses has slaughtered countless families forcing a mother to consume her unborn child after transforming her into a monster.

Dio’s Menacing Namaste

The two engage in a heated exchange at Dio’s base of operations as Jonathan gets ready to fight and finally eliminates his opponent. A brave man, Jonathan prepares his sword (a gift through the Black Knights Bruford) and Plucks the evil Dio.

Dio Poses gathers and clasps his hands as he plans to kill Jonathan by seizing control over his body and exploiting it to expand his tyranny.

Dio Admires His New Body (Shadow Dio)

Dio was freed from the casket he had been imprisoned in for over a century. He found sanctuary in the dapper Jonathan Joestar’s body. As a result, he could use The Stand, a peculiar power.

Dio regularly stands in front of the mirror (a reference to the Magical Mirror in the Snow White story) or amid his loyal subjects to admire his newly acquired physique. Enya the Hag gives her master instructions on fully controlling the ability to turn back time, making him unbeatable in battle.

You’re Watching Me, Aren’t You, Joseph Joestar?

Joseph Joestar uses his Hermit Purple equipment to eavesdrop on the primary opponent while trying to find Dio Brando & his numerous lackeys.

Dio can feel Joseph’s whereabouts from a great distance away. This is mainly because he inhabits Jonathan Joestar’s body, which is connected to all of his offspring. Hismit Purple’s ability is severed as he points in Joseph’s general direction with increased awareness, much to Joseph’s dismay.

Dio Appears In End Of The World (Sono Chi no Kyoku)

Rather than Star Platinum hitting out, the second opening song’s alternate ending shows the entire world punching the screen, especially for the episodes Dio’s World (3), A Faraway Journey, & Farewell Friends. It breaks, and the observer sees a fully revived Dio passing by a frozen Jotaro (because The World can pause time for roughly ten seconds).

We hear “Sono Chi no Kyoku,” Brando appears beside Kujo with a spiteful grin, and the two sides begin slapping hands. Then, time resumes its average pace. The duo trade blows while we witness and hear many ORAs and MUDAs.

Dio Meets Polnareff Following The Battle Involving Vanilla Ice, Avdol & Iggy

After Mohammed Avdol & Iggy the dog’s heartbreaking sacrifices, Jean-Pierre Polnareff advances to meet Dio with a sad heart. He comes across his primary foe at the top of a set of steps. With his hands relaxed on his hips & a smug smirk painted across his face, Brando assumes his trademark pose.

Polnareff declines Dio’s invitation to join forces since he is still unsure of the nature of his enigmatic Stand ability. The grey-haired Frenchman moves closer to Dio, intent on getting revenge for the murders of his cherished teammates, but stops precisely where he started.

Polnareff becomes perplexed as he’s unable to comprehend why he is incapable of climbing a short flight of stairs after realizing that Dio’s Stand is The World.

Dio Towers Over Cairo

The mysterious foe of the Joestar family peers at the truck that Kakyoin Noriaki and Joseph Joestar used to flee from Dio because it was getting gloomy and the enemy was going to kill them before the sun rose the next day.

With his scarlet cape fluttering in the distance, Brando strikes an iconic pose that gives the impression that he may overcome gravity. He then pursues Joseph and Kakyoin as Jotaro & Polnareff follow him from behind (Jotaro Kujo: “like a pincer attack”).

Dio In The VIP’s Car

Dio attempts to capture up with his adversaries when he notices a sleek, black car. After severing the bodyguard’s hand, the demon enters Senator Wilson Phillips’ vehicle. Wilson is a decent man who pays his taxes, is a skilled wrestler, and has risen above all challenges to get closer to his goal of being president.

By ripping off both of his incisors and severely twisting his nose, Dio nevertheless cleverly dashes his hopes. Dismayed by his brazenness, Phillips follows the impatient passenger’s instructions and steers the automobile toward the truck carrying the heroes. Dio gives off a feeling only by maintaining his confident posture while frightening a senator.

Dio’s “Za Warudo,” Taking Aim At Joseph

Because of Kakyoin’s selfless sacrifice, the older Joestar could decipher the meaning behind Dio’s Stand The World. As a result, he hurried towards Jotaro to caution him from engaging Dio in close combat. He tries to avoid Dio by swinging past structures while dousing his body in Hamon and using Hermit Purple. Dio halts time’s flow just as he is about to approach Kujo and takes out a knife. In this particular episode, there are two different positions.

His use of “Za Warudo” quickly became popular among meme lords.

Road Roller Da!

Dio Brando & Jotaro Kujo square off in Stardust Crusaders, where the villain attempts valiantly to fully flatten the criminal hero by dropping a complete road roller upon his opponent. Star Platinum beats to blunt the impact of the steamroller as Jotaro attempts to shield himself from the large vehicle.

On the other hand, Jonathan also receives a punch from Dio’s The World. Our attractive buddy sees the blood-stained road as the car touches down and incorrectly concludes that Kujo has been flipped like a pancake. He then exhales a triumphant sigh, thinking he has finally vanquished all of his adversaries.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) How did DIO turn on the lights?

Ans. After being hit by the Bow & Arrow, Dio eventually built his distinctive stand, The World, when he returned 100 years later using Jonathan’s body.

Q2) How much time can DIO hold?

Ans. At the end, DIO might pause time for 11 seconds rather than 9 as initially stated.

Q3) How robust is the DIO Stand?

Ans. Dio Brando is one of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s most powerful Stand users.