List Of Best SolarWinds Competitors

solarwinds competitors

SolarWinds competitors

A technology company called SolarWinds creates products to assist organizations in managing their IT networks, processes, and equipment. David and Donald Yonce launched the business in 1998. It has acquired many other businesses like papertrail, Pingdom, and Loggly.

The software company also provides log administration and analytics through SolarWinds Loggly and IT efficiency management through Orion. SolarWinds had $1.04 billion in revenue in 2021. The business, which employs about 3,210 people, anticipates earnings of $714 to $717 million in 2022. 

Through acquisitions, SolarWinds increased the range of its goods and services. After purchasing Loggly in 2019, they officially acquired the data collection, management, and analytics market. More than 31,000 enterprises use its Orion IT management system.

Orion was infected with spyware in 2020 by Russian APT29 attackers who broke into the company’s network. In 2021, more than 19,000 SolarWinds clients were impacted by the malicious software that had been unnoticedly spreading. ServiceNow, Microsoft, ManageEngine, Freshworks, and Splunk were among the fierce rivals that SolarWinds could hold off.

You may use them to build dashboards that display your data in a great visual manner. 

On a grid-based display, separate charts may be dragged around it, and their resizing borders can be changed. If you adjust the web browser, your graphs automatically adjust to keep their respective widths and positions.

Their alerting system enables you to connect warnings to a wide range of services, informing users by mail to answering machines, online services to your choice escalation provider, or even both. Now let’s delve into the topic of SolarWinds competitors.

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 SolarWinds alternative

Currently, SolarWinds serves businesses like MSPs, DevOps, and IT major players from its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Even being a highly popular system it has its flaws. Here are some of the alternatives that you can try.


You can better comprehend how your programs’ functionality is tracked in genuine with the aid of Atatus. You can examine the information to learn more about the overall performance of your hosts, back-end, and front-end (Browser Monitoring, Application Performance Monitoring, and Infrastructure Monitoring).

Atatus’ Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides a real-time snapshot of the information being monitored. Other performance targets, such as reaction times and transaction volume, can be seen. Efficiency continuous monitoring, such as chart views, APM metering, and alarm notification, are provided by APM.

Atatus Log Monitoring may gather logs from your servers, apps, networks, and security equipment. You can keep records of several log files on various platforms and instantly recognize a single log entry.

More information about your processes is accessible to you thanks to connections. Debian, RedHat, Mac OS X, and Alpine Linux are all supported by Atatus. The Atatus APM integration connects the management of your infrastructure and apps.

The new Atatus warning design allows delivering notifications to be quicker and simpler. Now it is feasible to monitor the architecture, applications, and viewer individually. You have various alerting options to select from when completed successfully from Atatus. The alert policy, warning regulations, target value, problems, incidents, and occurrences will also be covered.

Logic Monitor

A quantitative measurements platform, cloud-based network monitoring, and completely automated data center tracking are all available with LogicMonitor for enterprise IT and outsourced network operators.

The Consolidated Tracing feature of Logic Monitor is an Open Sensor data interface that empowers you to watch end-to-end queries as they move through your dispersed management environment and transfer trace data from interferometric programs. 

These footprints are shown with significant statistics and relevant files on the Traces page. You can more easily know what’s happening, why, and where by collecting all of a software’s metrics, trails, and records in one location. This can help you debug issues faster and enhance system performance.

Logic Monitor Logs choose an analytical root-cause analysis technique to offer a distinct setup and operate to log analytics. It examines log data to search for typical patterns, oddities, or outliers.

PTG Network Monitor by Paessler

Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, an agentless remote monitoring tool, ensures that your data centers are constantly online and operational. Full-featured AJAX web applications and websites with amazing results, robust cybersecurity standards thanks to Single Page Application (SPA) technologies, and an adaptive layout that works best with your applications.

Each touch screen offers simultaneous use and is SSL-secured for local and remote access. With PRTG Network Monitor, failover-tolerant surveillance is enabled. Each on-premises PRTG license comes with one backup. To evaluate reaction times across the network (LAN/WAN/VPN), use different points of existence tracking. All nodes continually monitor all indicators. High-availability tracking is also included in PRTG’s hosted edition.

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SolarWinds replacement competitors

OpManager ManageEngine

A straightforward and affordable option for monitoring tools is ManageEngine OpManager. Any Internet address and broadband connection is tracked, including gateways, switching, firewall, network equipment, wireless LAN controllers, servers, virtualization software, printers, disk drives, and photocopiers.

 You have total control and visibility over the networks thanks to ManageEngine OpManager, which continuously monitors it. An issue can easily be driven down to its root cause before processes are impacted and eliminated.

When you’ve surpassed the essential capabilities of the Free Edition, you may progressively ramp up thanks to its adjustable per-device billing. It is ideal for controlling virtualized resources while also being more likely to succeed in your company’s long-term goals because it is compatible with several operating systems and hypervisors.

Your communication system, which includes local devices, cellular routers, and Access to comprehensive and non-computer gadgets like printers and wireless routers, can be seen final stage and analyzed. Along with integrated troubleshooting, it also incorporates planning and is capable of being made. OpManager has advanced autodiscovery tools built right in, so you can keep tracking immediately.

You can increase its capability by combining OpManager with other ManageEngine programs and several other products like Slack, ServiceNow, and others.


Datadog uses a SaaS-based data analytics system, a cloud-based quantitative measurement solution, to watch hosts, databases, applications, and services. Datadog APM and Constant Profiler contribute to the spread of your services by tracking sessions, failures, and delays. These tools also have superb performance monitors for internet services, buffers, and tables.

By isolating log intake from querying, Datadog Log Management, often called logs, gets around several restrictions.

This makes it possible for you to gather, inspect, store, audit, and evaluate all of your data for a low cost with no log limit. It also powers Datadog’s Video Surveillance, which identifies security flaws in your system without needing you to search your logs. Real User Tracking (RUM) from Datadog allows for real-time observation of user behavior and interactions.

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Although SolarWinds is an established brand in the vulnerability scanner sector, recent incidents have shown some of its weaknesses. Options are more versatile and scalable, particularly when there isn’t the ominous cloud of a recent statistics breach hanging over them.

They provide clients with more choices, so it is worthwhile to investigate each one and choose the finest software for the subscriber to watch and create results in the network.

Alternative monitoring solutions will soon be able to address these problems and provide some confidence that an overseas hacker effort won’t obtain your information. I hope this article on SolarWinds competitors was helpful. Thanks for reading!

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