DOES BURGER KING HAVE SALADS : Have you ever gone to Burger King to sample some of their delectable menu items & questioned if they had any salad options?

For vegetarians, Burger King’s Side Garden Salad is a great option, as well as the Chicken Paradise Salad, which comes with grilled and breaded chicken. These kinds of burger king salads are tasty and loaded with better-for-you components.

The ingredients and nutritional information for Burger King salads will be discussed in this article. We’ll also talk about how healthy these salads are and whether they’re the most excellent choice for your upcoming lunch at the restaurant. 

You will read “DOES BURGER KING HAVE SALADS” in this article.

Has Burger King ever offered salads?

Their restaurant franchise offers two Burger King salads. The first consists of the Side Gardening Salad, which is an excellent option for vegetarians, and the second is the Chicken Gardening Salad, which has toasted or breaded chicken. 

To assist you in choosing one or both of these, Does Burger King Have salads whenever dining there? Let’s examine the ingredients and topping choices.

Snack: Garden Salad

Burger King’s Side Garden Salad is a great choice for vegetarians and anyone else who maintains a strict and nutritious diet. You can choose to have it in its entirety for a snack or as an accompaniment to any dinner.

A mixture of superior lettuce and other varieties of corn, cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes of all kinds, as well as a variety of seasonings, are included in this light and energizing salad. 

For the Side Garden Salad, Does Burger King Have salads to offers a variety of dressing choices, including:

  • Salad dressing from KEN.
  • Italian condiments.
  • Dressing for a Caesar.
  • Ranch sauce.
  • Dressing: Light Honey Balsamic. 

Chinese Chicken Salad

The “Chicken Garden Salad,” the second type of Burger King salad selection, is filled with a delicious mixture of grilled and fried chicken and fresh green vegetables, including shredded cheddar cheese.

Mixed greens, including romaine lettuce and radicchio lettuce with green leaf, are used as the salad’s base. These ingredients give the Chicken Garden salad a crisp, refreshing texture, which improves the flavour.

The restaurant then adds gorgeous ripened tomatoes with buttered garlic croutons to the dish to provide freshness and a more lively flavour. 

As the name suggests, tender and delicious grilled and fried chicken with its breast flesh serves as the salad’s primary ingredient and provides a mouthwatering source of protein. The mixture of shredded cheese adds layer of flavour and consistency. 

You can select dressings to finish the Burger King Chicken Garden Salad and make it more suited to your tastes. This comprises:

  • Ranch sauce.
  • Italian condiments.
  • Dressing with honey-balsamic.

You might discover additional salad options at some Burger King locations, such as in Cyprus chains. Among these are:

  • salad royale vegan.
  • salad for children.
  • salad royale vegan.
  • salad with grilled chicken.
  • chicken salad with crunch.

What Is The Calorie Content Of The Burger King Garden Salad?

The Chicken Garden Salad alongside Grilled Chicken from Burger King contains 320 calories per 99 g, while the Side Garden Salad contains just 62 calories per 99 g.

Here are all of the calorie & nutrient counts for Burger King salads:

Side Garden Salad Calories

Burger King’s Side Green salads have many health-conscious consumers raving about its 62 calories and lack of trans fat in the absence of dressing. This salad provides a guilt-free alternative to additional junk food products for people watching their calorie consumption. 

The nutritional composition for Side Garden salad is provided below:

Protein 4 g
Net carbs 2.4 g
Serving size 99 g
Fat & cholesterol 3.7 & 20 mg
Glycemic load 1.09

Calorie count for a chicken garden salad

A typical-sized Burger King Chicken Gardens salad without sauce has 320 calories on average, making it the calorie-dense and healthiest dish on the burger king menu. 

This estimate of calories includes buttery garlic croutons, vegetables, grilled chicken, and shredded cheddar cheese. It varies, though, according to the portion size or sauce. Therefore, choose a lighter coating to control your calorie intake.

The nutritional profile of the Burger King Chicken Garden Salad is detailed below:

Cholesterol 115mg with a 38% daily value
Protein 36 g making a 72% daily value
Fat 14 g
Serving size 308 g
Net carbs 16 g making a 5% daily value

Burger King salads: Are they healthy?

Burger King salads are nutritious food options because they have fewer calories than any other dish on the menu. Since neither salad contains trans fats, it is suitable for those with cardiovascular conditions. 

The following vitamins and minerals are also abundant in Burger King’s Side Garden salad:

Supplement Value in mg or g
Iron 0.7 mg
Calcium 115.2 mg
Sodium 98.4 mg 
Magnesium 14.5 mg
Zinc 0.7 mg
Potassium 223.7 mg
Folate 62.8 mcg
Phosphorus 86.9 mg 
Choline 11 mg 
Vitamin A 327.6 mcg
B50.2 mg
B120.2 mcg 
B60.1 mg 
D0.1 mcg 
Thiamin or vitamin B10.1 mg 
Riboflavin or B2 0.1 mg 
Vitamin E0.5 mg
Vitamin C 6.6 mg 
Vitamin K 89.8 mcg

The Chicken Garden salads contain 1210 mg of sodium, about half of an adult’s daily allowance.

Other than salads, does Burger King have salads that offer any healthier options?

Burger King offers a variety of nutritious fast food options, including cheeseburgers, hamburgers, & chicken nuggets, in addition to salads.

We’ll discuss these things and examine how they improve your health below.


Burger King, Their Cheeseburger, is an excellent substitute for the Garden Side salad. One factor is that each dish includes approximately over 40 kcal and about 3 grams of fat. Next is that it has less sodium than both of the salads offered by the fast food establishment. 

Additionally, the cheese gives your burger flavour and raises the protein level to 15 grams. However, your meal’s amount of calories and sodium greatly rises if you serve it with additional foods like onion rings, fries, or cold beverages. 

Therefore, we advise pairing the cheeseburger with unsweetened beverages or sides like applesauce. 


Burger King’s basic hamburger is another healthy alternative to their salads. Compared to a Chicken Garden salad, it has 240 calories with only ten grams of fat.  

The sodium content of a Burger King hamburger is 380 mg; additional toppings, beverages, and sauces will raise the number of calories and fat in your hamburger. 

Choose low in calories sides, avoid extra sauces, and only have unsweetened refreshments with the hamburger to keep it nutritious. 

Chicken fajitas

Purchase the 4-piece nuggets package from Burger King for your next meal if you want a healthier alternative to their salads. 

The Burger King chicken nuggets have just 170 calories per serving in a pack. Compared to other meals, the 310 mg of sodium and 11 g of fat are quite modest.  

For the best recipe results when making BK nuggets at residence, weigh the chicken breast in ounces or pounds.

Whopper Jr.

The Whopper Jr. from Burger King has 390 mg of sodium, possibly the lowest-sodium item on the menu. Yet, toppings, sides, & condiments can increase these amounts by 100–300 mg of salt.

Although the FDA does not consider the 390 mg of salt low, it is still recommended to eat Whopper Jr. in balance and only sometimes as part of a healthy diet

Keto-Friendly Breakfast

People frequently choose Burger King to eat breakfast there to start their day. Order any of these sandwiches with no biscuits if you want to monitor your health.

You can get a low-carb, high-in protein snack by omitting the biscuit from the egg, sausage, & cheese biscuit, for example. You can use the bacon and ham for the sausage to reduce the amount of carbohydrates. 

This complete meal gives you 14 grams of protein, which keeps you full and ready for the challenging tasks ahead.


The Burger King salads—Side Garden and Chicken Garden salads—and their components, dressing choices, and nutritional profiles have all been covered on this page. We’ve also discussed some of Burger King’s more healthful menu choices. Order one of these salads every time you go to Burger King to have a healthier lunch without giving up your nutritious eating habits. 

In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “DOES BURGER KING HAVE SALADS”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Do You Remember When Burger King Had A Salad Bar?

Ans. In the 1980s, Burger King had a salad bar with fresh salads. Franchisees, however, complained about the company’s loss of earnings and excessive operational costs, and little return on investments. As a result, pre-made salads took the place of the salad bar by the time of the 1980s.

Q2) Are Salads Going to Return to Burger King?

Ans. Burger King stopped serving salads in 2022 in some of its New York stores. According to the claims, the managers of the eatery have stated that these things have been permanently removed and won’t be returning anytime soon.

Q3) What Kind Of Lettuce Is Used In Burger King?

Ans. Burger King always uses freshly sliced, premium iceberg and vegetable lettuce in their Chicken Garden salads and Garden Side