A Complete History of Little Caesar’s Pizza


History of Little Caesar’s pizza is very interesting to know. It is the largest Pizza chain and the 3rd largest restaurant of Pizza in the US. Besides, it also franchises and operates pizza restaurants in top countries, like Australia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Canada, and Latin America. Though it offers dine-in and carry-out options, it remains the 3rd largest pizza restaurant in the US. Furthermore, the restaurant has numerous properties that make it stand out from the crowd. Apart from this, the restaurant offers restrictive diets t the people like keto or gluten-free.

Knowing only a little information might make you curious to know more about the restaurant. Without taking much time, let us find out more about it and know how this restaurant in the US came to be:

Little Caesar’s Pizza Humble Beginning

Pizzeria was founded in May 1959 by Mike Ilitch with wife Marian Ilitch. The first location of Little Caesar’s was a strip mall in the Garden City of Michigan, and later then, it was named as”Little Caesar’s Pizza Treat.” Have you ever heard about the advertisement introduced in 1979 where two Pizzas were offered at a price of one. From there, the popular catchphrase Pizza! Pizza! Came out, and since then, Pizzeria has been known for this phrase.

Initially, they offered French fries, chicken, Pizza, and spaghetti. In the first week of their restaurant, they sold more than 296 pizzas. They realized that the restaurant’s success is only in selling quality products at a low price. Using this method, they proved to have a profitable business. They opened a new 2nd restaurant only in the next two years. And gradually, success touched the sky, and in the end of 1960, it had franchised and built more than 50 restaurants in the US and one in Canada. Initially, Little Caesar’s Pizza only offered delivery service, but in the later 1970s, the company carried out a policy. 

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The main key to the success of the restaurant is offering two pizzas at the price of one, also popularly known as the two-for-one concept. Gradually, after the 1970s, it became the permanent marketing campaign of the company. In some areas of the US and other parts of the world, competitors copied their two-for-one concept.

Little Caesar’s Pizza’s unique and attractive feature is that they use only natural species instead of synthetic flavorings, which makes customers bound to eat such pizzas. Things made with natural ingredients like Cheese of grade A, California tomatoes, and high-gluten flour in pizza dough are beneficial to health. Little Caesar prides itself on giving natural flavor to pizzas rather than adding synthetic flavor to pizzas.

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Popularity of Little Caesar’s Pizza

Little Caesar’s Pizza’s marketing innovation and rapid growth continued during the 1980s. Till then, the sale of the restaurant is around 63 million dollars, and it has successfully built 226 units of Little Caesar’s. Gradually after 5 years annual sales increased to 340 million dollars. The success of Little Caesar’s is just because of 2 or 3 factors such as the two-for-one concept, carry out policy, and use of natural ingredients. The space they used in building a restaurant is no more than 1,200 to 1,800 sq. feet. in 98% of the Little Caesar’s, they offered the takeout policy only. Rather than delivery only service and sit-down policy of the restaurants, the takeaway is the much better process of Little Caesar’s. It saves the maintenance cost compared to other pizza hubs, where only a few waitresses, dishwashers, busboys, and waiters are required.

Little Caesar’s is like a family business as Marian, Mike, and their 7 children are involved in managing it. Making it a successful business is the role of family members rather than servers and management; Marian, Mike, and their seven children managed the business and brought success to the sky. Also, their family members carry around 85% of Little Caesar’s franchisees. Three generations are involved in this business. 

In 2018, Little Caesar’s was located in the top countries like Bahrain, Australia, Bahamas, Turkey, Philippines, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, Honduras, and others. 

Little Caesar’s Fun Facts

  • When the first store of Little Caesar’s opened, the logo of Pizzeria made by Don Silverstein was sketched on the napkin.
  • It was the first chain of Pizza who start using conveyor oven for making delicious Pizza.
  • The fact in Canada is that they could not use the phrase “Pizza! Pizza!” Because there is already a chain in catch named Pizza Pizza.
  • They have the famous chief Eminem, Kerry Simon, and Bill Murray.
  • Gradually Marian and Mike hired Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers.
  • The restaurant also has a food truck that offers free food for the hungry.

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