Eastern Conference Player of the Year

Eastern Conference

Hawks superstar Trae Young has been recently named the Eastern Conference Player of the week. 

The Hawks are coming with one of their most exciting seasons recently and the main point of the offseason was to resign John Collins and the popularity of their superstar Trae Young to the max. 

Well, the two main investments of the Hawks are paying off. Collin has been playing like his usual self efficiently, leading qualified players in an offensive rating.

John the Baptist has been a valuable asset to the team’s success, and there is no combination better than young and him in a pick and roll. 

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Atlanta scores 1.14 points per PNR when Collins screens for Ice Trae, leading the 47 combinations with at least 150 PNRs. The Hawks’ electric point guard has an incredible start to his 2021-2022 campaign and has been named the NBA’s Week 6 Player of the Week.

During that time, young led the team to a 3-1 record while scoring an average of 31.1 points on 56.3% shooting from the field and 51.7% from beyond the arc, 8.5 assists, and 4.0 rebounds.

Young’s 31-point and 10-assist performance against the Memphis Grizzlies in just 27 minutes is the most impressive thing.

The team Hawk is currently 11-10 and is tied for the 8th seed in the East, but Atlanta would need everything and much more than injuries for the next couple of weeks.

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