Top 4 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles, Including Some You Can Do Yourself

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The wedding day is around the corner! It doesn’t matter whether it’s your big day or you are going as a guest; one of the gorgeous wedding hairstyles below can perfectly suit your style and outfit. The best part is that each blends smoothly with every hair texture and length. You don’t have to be a wedding guest or a bride to take advantage of these hairstyles.

They can be a perfect selection for any occasion you’re planning to attend. All you need are high-quality hairstyling products, including a few bobby pins, Ethique solid shampoo, and hairspray, to get you set for the big event. These hairstyles include the following:

Classy Lower Bun

This cute wedding style is one of the trending and most famous options. It’s famous at weddings as well as other classy occasions, and for a reason: The hairstyle will make you look as if you have just come out of a fairy tale.

While it isn’t challenging to make, this elegant hairstyle completes almost every bridal dress and outfit. And what is more? You do not require complex accessories or tools. What you need are some hair ties, hair rollers, hair clips, bobby pins, and rhinestone accessories.

Beautiful Curly Updo

Another simple hairstyle that is popular with wedding guests and even brides is the beautiful curly updo. This hairstyle is perfect for between medium and long hair. It is always a reliable option to go with curly updos since they are likely to remain perfect throughout the occasion.

It doesn’t matter whether you dance the entire night nonstop; your beautiful curly updo will remain intact. A curly updo with soft waves feels elegant and provides more room for a fresh-out-of-the-salon look, whether you did it at home yourself. It isn’t challenging to achieve as you only need to have hair clips, a teasing comb, and a hairband.

Statement Side Sweep

Are you sporting a classic bob for your next big day or event? If yes, a statement side sweep style is a thoughtful option. This hairstyle limits you in terms of updos. However, you can still make your style feel and look unique to your daily appearance.

Making this hairstyle is more straightforward than you may think. You only need to create a deep side parting and use a top-quality hair accessory on the shorter side. And that is all!

Romantic French Braid Style

With good-quality solid shampoo and some gallant red lipstick, this dreamy headband circlet braid-like hairstyle is what you need for your next memorable event. It’s one of the trending and best huge event hairstyles that you can easily go with. Similar to the options above, it’s simple to make. If you’re after a medium-length hairstyle for your wedding, this might be the perfect one!

To make this hairstyle, you require just a few accessories and tools, including good hairspray, a headband, and some bobby pins, which are optional. Be sure to use the best hair spray to fix your hair in place to complete your hair styling.

With the best solid shampoo, hairsprays, and other hairstyling accessories, you can easily achieve your hairstyle. Try one of these styles, and you’ll never look back!