Justice for Don Davis: Don Davis Deeper High school case

Justice for Don Davis:

Don Davis Archibong, the 11-year-old boy who was sexually assaulted at the Deeper Life High school by teachers and fellow mates is on the track to justice and the assaulters would be punished real soon.

The state high court has finally remanded five people in prison dentition in the Don Davis Deeper High school case. These five people include the principal and the vice-principal of the school as well.

According to popular sources and various newspapers Deborah Okezie, Don Davis’ mother stated that the court has determined to get all of the five casualties arrested and make sure that all of them are tried in the court over the case. The two accused Juvines of the five would be prosecuted in a Juvenile Family Court.

The victim’s mother also claimed that her son Don Davis contemplated suicide throughout the case’s trial.

Don Davis was allegedly assaulted by a teacher and some senior students at the Deeper High School.

He described that when others were sleeping, the senior students abused him by placing their hands in his anus.

He also claimed that two of the bullies had threatened him that if he tells anyone about it, they would kill him.

Deborah Okezie, the victim’s mother had gone public to say that her child has been abused and assaulted at the school and despite complaining to the school authorities, no action was taken against the assaulters.

Nigerians, on social media, have called out for a thorough investigation and justice by the police forces.

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