Effective Ways to Build Your Online Presence

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Imagine you are an organic and premium coffee brand operating in one isolated corner of the world. Someone from the other part of the world searches for “premium organic coffee” – you’d love for your brand name to pop on the first page, correct? Sorry, but it doesn’t! Because you have not built your online presence.

Having your business online not only helps customers find you but with the right amount of marketing and search engine optimization, you can expect to reach out to people who weren’t even aware you existed, especially with the assistance of Brisbane’s top-rated digital agency. This esteemed agency possesses a wealth of experience and a proven track record in creating effective digital marketing strategies Eventually, all of this adds up to your sales revenue and influences your customer’s buying choice.

The digital world has opened up an era for businesses to be found online – blurring boundaries, crossing geographies, and reaching the most distant people on the planet. Many people don’t think you are a proper business if you don’t have an online presence.

In simple words, your online presence matters.

And if you don’t have one, it’s time to pull up your socks and get building.

In this article, we take you through the effective ways of building your online presence that will catapult your business to new boundaries.

Build Your Online Home: A Website

The first step to building and growing your online presence is creating your website. Without a website, imagine where would you direct your potential customers to? A website is your online home, and it matters a lot. Building a website is fairly easy with all the brilliant tools available online. However, optimizing the website to be user-friendly, intuitive, and fast is what will bring your customers back to you. The first impression you make when a customer visits your website is indispensable. In that case, consider making great website videos using easily available intro makers that attract visitors, focus on what your customer might look for, and make the website intuitive with one click. Design the layout to be smart and simple, and make sure the feel of the website is in sync with your business identity.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s no mystery Google search engine is the most popular search tool on Earth. People use it to search for all things under the sun like “How to make ice cream sundaes”, or “Best marketing strategies 2020”. Optimizing your search engine for your business, therefore, becomes essential in your overall online presence strategy. Invest in your SEO and your marketing strategy will pay off. Paying attention to relevant keywords that align with your business online is vital to building a great online identity. Google Keyword Planner and Bing Keyword Research tools are tools that make keywords mapping simple and targeted. Investing in your SEO keywords can get you higher and better rankings on search engines. So when a customer searches for your keyword, for example – “Premium and organic coffee” – your business name will pop up on the top 5 results. This ranking is valuable as this will become a part of your digital real estate and eventually boost your online presence.

Generate Online Value

Much like building brand value, creating value online is much more than increasing the traffic of customers. Creating something of value always ranks higher in the minds of customers and is sure to come back again and again at your website. Customer-focused and customer-centric are two values that a long-term business should prioritize.

Creating value online corresponds to giving your customers something they can learn from or apply to better their lives in return for nothing. Education material, free content, or free giveaways that add value to the overall well-being of a customer will improve your online presence. Creating value is a sure shot way to gain word of mouth appreciated and understand truly what is that your customer needs. Advice ways to use your product and feedback from customers are some interesting ways to cater to your customer and build a solid online presence.

Social Media Presence

Building an online presence without having social media presence is like watching a movie without the visuals. Whether you are an online business owner or an e-commerce website, having a social media presence is of utmost importance. Social media influences buying behavior and one of the biggest advantages is that you can directly interact with your customers and get honest feedback. The opportunity to reach and communicate with people through social media platforms is immense.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter are great channels to share your products and offerings with a wide range of customers. Engaging customers with relevant content, specifically video content, is an effective way to reach more audiences. 

Re-Targeting to Relevant Customers

As you are building your online presence, you will find people new to you, visit your website through search results, or your social media pages but not purchase anything. That doesn’t help you. A statistic shows that 96% of people who visit a new website will not take the action that you desire of them. They are possibly not going to buy, not going to fill out a form or interact with your business in any shape or capacity. In that case, re-targeting comes handy. By investing in re-targeting, you are purposefully bringing your website to the people who might have shown some amount of interest. Adding a simple code to your website and then tracking the customer if they don’t take action by displaying content on other websites they visit will not only influence their purchasing decision but also help you increase your online value.

Solidify Your Online Reputation

Just getting online, creating a website, social media pages, and being done with it is not the way to sustain a formidable online presence. Solidifying your online reputation is the second pillar to building a strong online presence. A lot of customers will not purchase from you or interact with you if you have no reputation, no testimonials or reviews. Also having a multilingual website helps to build trust among customers from different communities. Consider investing your time and effort in creating a repository of testimonials from offline or new online customers, community members, and your business advocates. Online reputation is all about trust; the other pillars and tools like Google My Business and Facebook are positive ways for your customers to understand who you are, what you do, and why they should trust you.


Building your online presence with video marketing involves a healthy mix of free and paid advertising. It also involves value creation, and an online reputation takes time to build. These strategies listed above can help you build your online presence, increase your business awareness, and rank your website higher and create value. Lastly, remember building an effective online presence is like a marathon, not a sprint.