Effectual Ways To Increase Height In Kids


A good height is the reflection of a good personality! Right from meliorating the confidence level and self-pride in your child; good height also helps your child in many other things too. One can make a career in movies, modelling or even become player in basketball team. Though height is defined by genetics but at times it also depends on the content of nutrition taken by you timely. For every child, the age level of increasing height differs but still there are many factors that need to be kept in mind from the very beginning so that kids do not face the hurdle of small height. The daily lifestyle and habits play a vital role in deciding height and weight of a child and so special attention should be given.

Below are some of the effectual ways to increase height in kids:

1. Equilibrated Diet for Overall Growth & Development
First thing that you need to take care of is the daily eating habits of your kid. Ensuring a balanced diet and healthy foods for your kids will not be a help in increasing the height but will play a vital role in the overall growth and development of the kids. If you sincerely want your children to have a desirable height then first of all keep aside all the junks like: burger, pizza, soft drinks, packed chips etc. Replace all these junkies with the list of height increase food, fruits and vegetables which will make you strong internally and externally both. It is important that regular diet of kids should involve ample amount of carbohydrates, nutrition, vitamins and minerals in the foods. Everything should be eaten in mitigation but make sure that you ignore all fatty or carbohydrates meals at one time.
For a healthy diet, add a good deal of lean proteins to your everyday diet. You can have foods like: soy, fish, meat, poultry and dairy products. All these foods are rich in fresh proteins which are highly important to induce body growth, ramping up muscles and beef up the bones. Give your sincere efforts to avoid simple carbohydrates like: soda, pastry, cake, pasta etc. Intake foods enriched with Calcium and Vitamin D in sufficient quantity like: dairy items and green leafy vegetables. Also, zinc is equally important for proper development of kids’ body. Pumpkin, peanuts, wheat germ, crab and squash seeds are all foods that plentiful in Zinc content. So, try all such foods in the proper passage of time during a day that enhances the height factor in children.

2. Stretching Exercises


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Exercising also plays a major role when it comes to the height development in kids. One such height increase exercises is Stretching Exercise which postulates stretching as its main target. There are various ways to do stretching exercises. One of them is to simply ask your kid to stand in opposed to a wall with his/her back towards that wall. Then raise his or her hands in such a way that he or she is able to stretch them as much as possible. The third step will be to sit on his toes with his back opposed to the wall and elongate the muscles of the leg. For quick results, you are advised to replicate this exercise at least 10 times in a day considering the stamina and safety of one’s body.
The height increase exercises for your kids are: Ask your kid to sit on the floor with his both the legs away from one another. The distance matters on the terms as broad as possible. Then guide him or her to bow his waist and try to touch shoes for about thrice to four times on each leg. This exercise helps in extension of spine thereby meliorating his or her posture.

3. Hanging Exercises

Apart from stretching exercise, the other height increase exercises that would offer a helping hand to your kid is Hanging Exercise. You must have seen hanging bars in school playgrounds, parks and public gardens as well and this is where you need to execute the hanging exercise. If you want you can get these bars installed at your home too. For sure, this is something that almost every kid loves to do. Dangling on the bars at school playground or in your society garden or even at home over the curtain rods has always been a great fun for them. This height increase exercise stretches the vertebrates and straightens the backbone. Hence, this is an amazing way to boost the overall growth and specially; height of kids. So, inspite of getting angry, advocate them to do a regular practice for at least 10 minutes regularly with ample pull-ups and chin-ups. Of course on hanging bars only!

4. Yoga
Yoga has always done wonders in terms of benefitting the body of any individual. So, how can we miss this here when we are discussing ways to boost the height for kids? One of the yoga aasans that will prove a great help to you in the mission of increasing height of your kid is ‘Surya Namaskar’. It permits the body to stretch entirely and elevate the growth of height. Do not forget to ask your child to do normal breathing exercises before starting with the Yoga Aasans.
Second yogaasana to help you in this mission is ‘Chakraasana’. This will also stretch the full body of your kid. All you need to do is to rest flat with legs at distance (far from one another). Then ask your kid to bend his or her knees in such a way that he or she is able to touch his butts and flex the elbows in such a manner that fingers make a contact with shoulders. The next step will be to inhale the fresh air and push the body upwards to make a U and remain this posture as long as possible.

5. Skipping
Another way to increase the height of your kids is with the fun of skipping. It is a fun-filled activity cum a sort of exercise that is not only healthy from the blood circulation point of view but also does wonder when it comes to boost the height of kids. Now how does it work? When the kid begins to skip, the body also begins to stretch and so every time he or she skips; there is a little growth gradually every day which later result in good height increase by performing this height increase exercises on regular basis.

6. Swimming

height increase excercise

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Swimming helps a lot in terms of elevating the height of your children and makes them grow taller. It also bestows internal strength to their body. It has been found that those kids who took swimming as their hobby during teenage are found to be of a good height in comparison to the one who did not opted for swimming at all. This is also a form of exercising which elongates the muscles of the entire body thereby expelling the growth hormone and resulting in the growth of height too. But one day or one week swimming habit won’t be sufficient; you need to do it regularly for months to get best results.

7. Ankle Weights
Ankle weights is an effective exercise in stretching the lower part of the body and thus it turns out to be an amazing way to enhance the height of your kid. Mark a point that at the initial stage; only small weights are picked up by your child and then you can slowly and gradually increase the weight as your child matures. The gristle amidst the knees gets elongated which further leads in the increase of height too. Make him perform this exercise daily for few minutes.

8. Jogging
From kids to adults and adults to old; jogging is beneficial for one and all. There are a lot many advantages of jogging if it is done on regular basis and one such advantage is, lifting the height factor in your kids too. Encourage your kid to go for jogging daily and if possible; then in morning and evening both, at least for about half an hour during both the times. Well… there is no harm in accompanying your child while jogging as it will be completely a fun-filled experience.

9. Play Basketball
One of the fun-filled games that can also help in increasing height is ‘playing basketball’. Everything needs to be begin at the right time and so if you play ample of basketball in your teenager, you are sure to have a good height in future. The reason behind is that this game demands lot of jumping and this further helps in stretching all the muscles of legs, arms and back. You are advised to play this game every day for about 45 minutes to one hour. So, don’t forget to be the part of your school basketball team this time!

10. Cycling
Cycling is also a sort of exercise which demands lot of efforts to run your cycle fast and smooth. It involves paddling which fortifies the bones of legs and stretches the leg muscles. This initiates the increase in height. So, encourage your child to do systematic cycling daily for at least half an hour for both the times of the day. Cycling should be taught to child at the right age so that height also begins to take its speed on time.

All these above given factors will serve to be a great help to you and will help you in successfully accomplishing the mission ‘Height’ of your kids. To add on, it will also make your child physically and mentally active in every aspect.

Some extra tips to increase kids height are:

•  Get the sleeping timings of your child correct. As per the KidsHealth.org, it is important for a child to take ten to twelve hours of sleep daily but the timings also equally matter. Children should be sent to bed early in the evening so that they can get enough sleep and even wake up on time. This will ensure the correct growth cycle for your kid from a lot of perspectives.

•  Make a habit to take your kids to visit the doctor from time to time in order to get their weight and height checked timely. This will also help your doctor to keep an eye on both the factors and if required necessary medications can also be given on time.

•  Don’t expect the magic to happen overnight. Everything takes time, sincere dedication and patience; so give your cent percent efforts to achieve the desired results. Also, do not prefer the tricks, medicines or pills offered by many companies who assure the growth of height through the advertisements on T.V. and newspaper because most of them are phony. Such things do not help you in increasing height rather create physical complications a lot many times. So, be aware!

•  Posture plays a vital role too. So, always develop erect sitting and standing posture in your child. This keeps the spine straightened and makes you look tall.

•  Make sure that your child is always happy at heart and stress-free at mind for the overall growth and development. Be friendly to him or her so that he/she can share if there is anything that is bothering him or her.

Hope these ways will definitely help you to achieve what you wish. But never stress your child on the matters related to height rather let him or her stay tension-free and happy. Being a parent or guardian just keep doing your bit. Results are sure to be bright! Also, we welcome your thoughts and ideas so do share if you know any other ways too, as that might be a great add on.

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