Men’s Grooming: All About Maintaining Stubble With Perfection

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Clean Shaven was a fashion earlier, or you can say that it has been an evergreen fashion vogue for ages, but now with the changing time and trends, a lot of many styles have been introduced to the world of fashion. Nowadays, Stubble is one such style which has not only been on the hit list of the most stylish men but also has captured the attention of the most sophisticated ones as well. For a change in look, many men are willingly and happily adopting this sturdy approach to the facial hair; which also proves that stubble is no more seen in the form of shabby and untidy look. Nevertheless, it is essential to shape beard appropriately to carry attractive look. Men love to try beard shape and styles for managing eye catching look. Now you must be wondering how to shape beard? Here are some beard shaping tips to help you in managing your stubble perfectly.

If you do not give proper care and time to your stubble look, then it can turn your look raddled and rough. This means that the stubble needs to be trimmed and maintained very properly for that changed look that you have desired for long. But yes, if you are the one who gives ample attention to maintain the stubble look, then it has all the magical powers to transmute your sweet baby face to a handsome manly look. The term ‘Stubble’ has been used for the short stiff hairs which grow on the face of a man when he has not got shaving done since a couple of days. Stubble can be termed as a short beard. In this piece of information, we will highlight the following points: How to shape beard, how to grow it perfect, beard shaping tips, and the entire bits and bytes hat you need to take care of.

Does it need anything extra to maintain a short beard or stubble?

You are trying it for the first time, and so it’s but obvious for you to be conscious of the new and distinguished look! You must be looking for beard shaping tips. So, how to begin with? Is it just that you need to ignore shaving for few days and wait for your short beard to grow? Well, that’s not it because you need a little more patience and effort to make it look perfect on you. It can be said that it seems to be an effortless task which demands a lot of effort. After all, achieving anything calls for some sincere travail.

Will the Stubble look suit me?

First and foremost thing that you need to do is to question yourself that will the stubble look suit you and make you earn complements because it does not go perfectly for everyone. With this question in mind, we have listed some general indicants for you which will prove to be a great help to you in adjudicating whether to go for this short beard trend or not. After all, it is the look that matters the most and lays down the first impression on everyone. You can choose this statement of vogue if:

  • You want to transform your innocent baby looking face into a virile, handsome one.
  • You are not shaving friendly on a daily basis.
  • You are willing to grow a proper beard but is not allowed (maybe at your work) so wish to have something change from a clean shave look.

So, if the above given three indicators exist in your list, then opting the stubble look is the right decision for you and hence you can go ahead to give yourself a try. After all, every look has a different reflection over the personality of a person, so there is no harm in trying for once. You never know who falls in love with your new beard shape and style.

Another thing that you need to think about beard shape and style; to not to grow designer stubble if the following reasons prevail:

  • You are a bit lazy and not sure to maintain beard shape and style properly. If this is the scene, then you should wipe off the idea of growing designer stubble because it will demand enough time and maintenance for a perfect appearance.
  • Your lady love doesn’t like this beard shape and style of yours due to personal reasons like she might not like kissing on such an unsmooth face. Then it’s better not to go for the designer stubble. Don’t forget to take her consent if you are still willing for this in any corner of your heart.
  • Say a big NO to designer stubble if you can’t! Remember there is nothing strange than looking weird with a half-baked stubble. Hence, it is better to stay as you are. You can use a cut throat razor for a neat and precisely done clean shave, which is better than half stubble.

Hope all these make the picture clear in your mind about beard shape and style. So, decide after considering all these things.

Stubble or Short Beard Look Review

For the ones who are still confused and where the mind is dangling from the thought that whether to go for it or not, we are highlighting few beard shape and style guidance for you. These guidelines will give you an actual idea of the look that you will get and then you can take a decision accordingly:

How to Shape Beard? – Beard Shaping Tips

Growing a beard requires a lot of patience and care. If you want to create an amazing look with your long beard, you can use beard straighteners. However, if you find it difficult to manage a long beard, then a stubble look is a perfect choice for you. If you are looking for beard grooming tips and tricks, then DapperMane is the right place for you. Here you can find your ideal grooming products to groom your beard.

Stubble is no more seen as the shabby & untidy look but then this statement can only be justified with the thing that how you maintain it and what is your beard shape and style. The most appropriate way to maintain your stubble look is by ‘shaping’ your facial hair from time to time. This will lend your stubble with a cleaner and incisive look. To understand better, one must know the primary purpose of shaping. With the help of shaping, the portions around the stubble and nearby to it are cleanly shaved. Those portions are mainly- the tip of your cheeks and the lower portion of the neck. Shaping imparts a neat and clean line to the boundary of the stubble thereby removing every stray hair. Mark a point that you do not try to over shape a beard with unnecessary preciseness, else you might lose the natural look of your stubble which will spoil your overall look too.

beard shaping tips

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One of the most important advice while shaping stubble is to use a branded shaving gel or shaving oil which does not create lather while shaving. Now you must be thinking that how does this help? Well, this will help you to apparently see beneath of stubble and making you realize how much to shave thereby not resulting into over-shave. Therefore, shaping plays a vital role in maintaining stubble.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Clean your face with a branded face wash, or you can even use a branded scrub to dispatch the dead skin cells from the pores deep inside. This will further elevate the beard for a smooth slide.

Step 2: Shaving Gel

The second step will be to mince the beard which means to make it soft and damp. For this, put on a branded shaving oil or shaving gel on the portion that you need to shave. Now let it rest for half a minute, and you will find your beard turned soft and smooth.

Step 3: Shaping

Shaping aims to lend a proper shape to your stubble so that you look smart and handsome. Carefully shave the excess hair with the help of a shaper or trimmer or razor. Don’t do this in a hurry rather do it slowly to keep an eye on where you need to shave and how much. Mind you; hurry makes curry so if you do not pay cent percent attention while shaping, then you might end up ruining your look. Follow this tip appropriately to shape a beard perfectly.

Maintaining the Length:

Stubble demands more maintenance and the second point that stands under the list of maintaining stubble is ‘Controlling the Length’ of the stubble. You should know what kind of stubble look you want so that you further know where to draw the line of length else it won’t take too long for your stubble beard to turn to a full-length beard. Here is the need of the amazing gadget which works nothing less than a guardian for you. With the help of handy changeable cutting feature, these gadgets act as guides and keep a check on the length of your stubble thereby making sure that the stubble always look well groomed; without any fault. All in all, they ensure everything regarding your short beard is up to the mark.

One such gadget is BaByliss for Men i-Stubble which is an all-rounder to maintain your stubble considerably, but a lot depends on the growth of your beard and the length you wish to keep. Generally, for the ones with normal growth of facial hair; grooming beard once in three or four days works fine, and the ones with less growth can even do it once in a week. So, this is how it depends on man to man.


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Compared with regular shaving, this way of maintaining stubble is a major help especially when you are new to stubble fashion. Moreover, this is the best beard shaping tip to follow to maintain the length.

Maintaining Short Beard Stubble

One main thing that needs the utmost attention while maintaining the short beard stubble is; how to shape beard and lengthen the hair beneath your jaw-line. So, for this, you can set your trimmer as per the beard length that you wish to keep. 3 to 5 guard setting is fine as this will keep your natural look alive. Then moving towards the underneath of your jaw line, you can change the guard settings to a little lower setting (reduce it by one and make it two guard setting) and proceed for the neck hair. Again, when you reach nearby Adam’s apple, you can again reduce settings by one (make it one guard setting). This is how it works. This enables a clean, tidy and groomed look to your short beard stubble with extreme perfection.

Do not forget to remove any tramp hairs as that might spoil the edge of your neckline

To Conclude:

This is all that you need to take care of while maintaining stubble beard. All you need to do is follow these beard shaping tips to manage attractive beard shape and style. Initially, you might find it a little tough but once you are habitual, you will not. At least you can do this bit for your much-desired look. A properly maintained stubble will add a sturdy and strong masculine look to your personality; something that has been missing with your look for so long! Moreover, you can even take the help of experienced and professionals in saloons for giving a perfect designer look to your stubble and then you can carry on once you are comfortable doing it yourself. Good idea, isn’t it?

Let us know if you any other questions regarding how to shape beard as we are more than happy to help you. Also, don’t miss to share your experiences and ideas on designer stubble if you have.