Elden Ring Rise Towers Puzzle Guide


Elden ring rise towers– Elden Ring is an activity pretending game.There may be a lot of locked Towers while playing the game.There is a unique little puzzle to solve in these Towers.To access the contents of the Tower, you will need to solve the puzzle.You have arrived at the appropriate location if you are looking for all tower solutions.

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Solution to Oridys’ Rise Puzzle:

“Seek three wise animals’ ‘ is the only way to solve the Weeping Peninsula’s Oridys’s Rise puzzle.

  • The first turtle will be located in front of the entrance to Oridys’ Tower.
  • The second turtle can be found in the bushes left of the tower entrance.
  • The third turtle will be located on the pond to the right of the entrance to the tower.

You will be able to enter the tower once you have broken through the three barriers.You’ll find a Memory Stone inside, which can give you a +1 divination/chant space.

Solution to Testu’s Rise Puzzle:

North of Raya Lucaria Academy, in Liurnia Lake, is the Testu’s Rise tower.The magical barrier keeps you out of the tower.To enter the tower, you must search for and defeat three wise beasts.

  • You will track down the essential Wise Monster/turtle creeping close to a hedge a few stages away.
  • The second one can be found on a grassy ledge beneath the rock.
  • The third and last Wise Monster/turtle can be tracked down around the rear of the pinnacle.

Another Memory Stone can be found in the chest at the top of the tower after you hit it once more.

The Solution to Lenne’s Rise Puzzle:

  • Greyoll’s Dragon Barrow, east of the Divine Tower of Caelid and northeast of Fort Faroth, is home to Lenne’s Rise Tower.From the backside, there is a balcony that leads to this tower.
  • Players should use Torrent’s double jump to propel themselves onto a ledge at the front of the tower before jumping into the air with the whirlwind to enter the tower.
  • Players will explore the tower once they land on the ledge.You might find a Memory Stone in a chest once you enter the tower.

The Solution to Chelona’s Rise Puzzle:

The upper plateau is called Chelona’s Rise.It is only accessible after completing a significant portion of the Ranni questline, and you can find it in the south-eastern region of Liurnia.This tower has also been locked because of blue magic.To unlock the tower, you must locate “Seek 3 Great Wise Beasts.”

  • On the west side of Chelona’s Rise itself is the first turtle.
  • On the east side is the second wise beast.South of the Lunar Estate Ruins, take a look at the cliff ledges.Fans should look to the left and down on a cliff below the ledge to identify the second great wise beast.
  • Ringleader’s Evergaol is southeast of the third wise beast, which is floating in the Spirit Spring.Hunt and hit it with a bow because it’s high up in the sky.
  • Ranni’s Dark Moon Sorcery can be obtained by opening the chest at the top of the tower after completing the Three Wise Beasts Puzzle.

Answer to the Mirage Rise Puzzle:

In Elden Ring, players encounter Mirage Rise close to the Second Church of Marika while exploring the Altus Plateau region.Here players will see a book instead of a pinnacle.They are directed to touch three Phantom Crests by the book.

  • The primary Peak is close to the book.
  • Call Torrent and ride on it to obtain the second Crest.You’ll see the second crest if you head southwest, but you’ll have to fight the Phantom Imps before you can touch it.
  • Finding the third and final symbol is a little bit challenging.To begin, you must travel southeast of Mirage into the woods.The next step is to look for a massive, unassuming rock close to the cliff’s edge.You might uncover the ultimate Crest if you break the rock.
  • The sorceries Unseen Form and Unseen Blade can be obtained by activating all three crests.

Solution to the Heretical Rise Puzzle:

Within the Mountaintops of the Giants region, the Heretical Rise tower can be found west of the large frozen lake.You must approach from the opposite side of the ravine in order to enter.Players should then look for a small section of the bridge that crosses the ravine and leads toward Heretical Rise.

In this position, you might find an invisible path that crosses the ravine there.

  • The imperceptible way goes straight for around 66% thus turns left and up to accomplish the overhang with a messed up railing.That is where we enter the Heretical Rise.
  • You can test the trail ahead of you with sorceries like the Swift Glintstone Shard.

In addition, you can test whether Rainbow Stones will float or fall by dropping them.Subsequent to entering the pinnacle, you’ll find puppet foes and furthermore the Establishing Precipitation of Stars spell.