Guide To The Mazercise Puzzle


Mazercise puzzle– Freddy’s Five Nights a Week:Throughout its duration, Security Breach has a few puzzles.However, the one at the back of Mazercise is the most difficult to solve.Even though it’s frustrating, solving this puzzle is important if you want to fight Monty Gator and steal his claws while he’s on his way at exactly 04:00 AM.

Anyone who has taken that path or is trying to find the “true ending” must have it.As a result, for players who are having trouble reaching Monty’s boss fighting arena, the following is a brief tutorial on how to crack the Mazercise puzzle, solve it, and escape through the hidden vents.

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The Way to Mazercise:

Go to the security room that houses the Faz Camera.The Mazercise pass can be found in a box there.You will need to complete the Mazercise unless you find the Faz Camera at Monty’s Grill.

After that, proceed to Mazercise and the control room, which can be found in the small office in the back room. However, before beginning the task, you must return to the children’s area to obtain the aforementioned note.

En route, watch out for Roxanne Wolf following the Mazercise floor and Montgomery Gator in the youngsters’ segment.Make it a habit to save as frequently as you can.

The Maze Exercise Quick Solution:

This issue can be resolved by moving the various tiles in the maze either horizontally or vertically.You can change the button commands to move the tiles left/right or up/down by flicking a switch.The top section is labeled up/left, while the bottom section is labeled down/right.After that, you will be able to toggle the controls’ horizontal and vertical switches.

Try exploring the maze with the Fazwatch camera function from the control room.Your primary objective is to place the Blue Cross to the right of the Green Square on the vent location.This puzzle can occasionally prove to be extremely difficult and irritating.However, if you want to solve it, you can follow Schlumbus’s exact methods, which are listed below:

Vertical:Up: Three times press the third button.

Horizontal:Left: Press the first button once.

Vertical:Up: Three times press the third button.

Horizontal:Left: Hold down the first button twice.

Horizontal:Right: Three times press the #2 button.

After resetting your saved file, you will need to enter the aforementioned settings exactly as before.In the event that you make a mistake, you can reload the game or try to return by looking at the camera to see if you can still attempt to solve the puzzle.Reloading, on the other hand, is the quickest escape.