Know All About Sprite Challenge

sprite challenge

Sprite challenge – TikTok has this new challenge where you’ve got to drink a whole Sprite without burping. Seems simple, but trust me, it is trickier than you think.

On TikTok, there are challenges that can be risky or not very smart. The Sprite challenge is one of those trends – it’s foolish and might cause some discomfort, but it is not outright dangerous. As it gains popularity on the platform, lots of users are curious about what exactly this challenge involves.

What is the deal with the TikTok Sprite challenge?

So, the Sprite challenge is pretty basic. Get yourself a bottle of Sprite or any fizzy drink and chug the whole thing without burping. Sounds simple, right? Just because it is simple does not make it a walk in the park.

People often start this challenge feeling confident, but in no time, they realize it is way tougher than it looks.

Many people on TikTok are trying this challenge where they drink a whole bottle of Sprite without burping. Some videos show them getting super close to finishing, but then, oops, a burp sneaks out just before they are done. Even famous folks like Perrie Edwards from Little Mix have given it a shot, and she said it’s one of the worst acts she is ever done.

The videos got so popular that TikTok had to put a warning , saying, “Doing this might hurt you or someone else.” It might sound dramatic, but here is the deal: the Sprite challenge is not as harmless as it seems. It might not be super dangerous, but it can definitely be painful, especially if you’re really into it.

What is the deal with the Sprite and banana challenge?

Some people thought the regular Sprite challenge was not wild enough. Now, there is a twist – the Sprite and Banana Challenge. It has been around longer than TikTok, but all you’ve got to do is eat two bananas and then chug a bottle or can of Sprite.

So, in this challenge, burping is okay, but the bananas and Sprite mix in your stomach, and you might feel like you need to empty your stomach pretty quickly. Luckily, most folks doing this challenge do not film that part and talk about how it made them feel.

The Sprite and Banana challenge is quite a thing on TikTok. Some people even write posts explaining the logic behind it, and there are lots of videos on places like YouTube and TikTok with people giving it a go. Just because it is popular does not mean it is a smart idea, though. People have been doing silly stuff like chugging Sprite online for a long time, and it is not something new to TikTok.

Some FAQs

What is the deal with the Sprite challenge?

It is simple try to drink a small bottle of Sprite without burping. The videos usually end with big burps and bellyaches, making it funny. Sprite has not said anything about it yet.

Has anyone tried the Sprite challenge?

Yep, Amanda Holden gave it a shot, and she did not do so well. The challenge is all over TikTok, and people are finding it super tough to drink a whole can or bottle of Sprite without burping.

Is the banana Sprite challenge real?

It is like a changed-up version of the original Sprite challenge. It might seem harmless, but from what people on TikTok are showing, it could be a better idea. Some folks end up vomiting after trying it.